Building Projects For 10 Year Olds

Building Projects For 10 Year Olds – Building for kids is one of the most fun things to do as a parent and as a DIYer. Whether it’s for your munchkins or as part of being the best aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa/whatever, themed projects for kids are an opportunity to stretch your imagination, play a little, and not be afraid of the color. And there’s no better gift than something homemade!

This list features 50 DIY projects from awesome bloggers that build bosses (say, three times faster). Each includes instructions and material sources. Each of them is absolutely worth following, so check them out for more DIY goodness!

Building Projects For 10 Year Olds

Just a note: I am NOT into clickbait or anything. Buuuut the whole list of cool salsa projects just won’t go in one fell swoop. Or two. So to see the whole thing you’ll have to click part 2, then part 3. I promise, cross my heart, I hope I die (what the heck does that mean anyway?!) I’m not trying to drive traffic or anything weird like that . I just crashed my server multiple times trying to load the whole load of projects all at once. Then press the button. Because it would make me sad if you missed issues 18-50. (Spoiler: they’re that good.) Here’s a collection of cool LEGO building ideas that will inspire any LEGO® fan! This post is filled with over 100 brick building challenges and instructions. Build characters, animals, cars and more.

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We love LEGO® bricks for endless fun and inspiring imaginations! There are so many benefits to LEGO® building such as hand-eye coordination, logic, creativity and problem solving.

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Here’s how this post works. This post is a collection of LEGO building ideas, all in one place, but each has its own separate blog post. See each project in more detail by clicking on the links below.

Build a LEGO Lock & Key safe – Two ways to build a small LEGO box that opens with a key! Instructions in the post.

Build a Hot Air Balloon Powered LEGO Car: Build a car propelled forward by the air escaping from a balloon. Great science project! This demonstrates Newton’s third law of motion.

Steven Holl Architects

Build a LEGO catapult (to shoot those plastic LEGO balls or something like that). Instructions in the post.

Engineering with LEGO and Water: Build a river with running water and a working water wheel. Great for the warm months. (And cleans your LEGO at the same time – ha ha!)

LEGO car powered by a rubber band: Build a car powered by a rubber band that you can wind up. Instructions in the post.

LEGO Marble Run: This marble run is truly epic! The post shows kids how to build some really cool features on their own marble run, and there’s a video demonstration too.

Awesome Projects For Tween And Teen Boys (ages 10 And Up)

LEGO Spinning Tops: This will keep the kids busy for hours. Perfect to do with a group, as children will enjoy making their tops ‘fight’!

Discover simple machines with LEGO pulleys – this project will allow children to understand and feel the mechanical advantage pulleys provide.

Build wind-powered LEGO contraptions – that used to be a favorite activity! Use an electric fan to power your LEGO creations.

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Create a LEGO photo frame – use bricks to build a message on this fun frame! Simply start with a handcrafted wooden frame. The post has all the details!

Beginner Woodworking Projects: 19 Quick, Easy & Small Ideas

Build some LEGO night lights – they really light up! Use battery powered tea lights for a safe and fun option.

Build a LEGO candy dispenser – this machine really dispenses a handful of M&M’s! One of our most popular designs ever.

Here’s another way to build a LEGO Candy Machine: it dispenses Starbursts one at a time with a clever mechanism.

Build a LEGO card holder – to help children with card games. I love this idea from A Mom with a Lesson Plan.

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Make LEGO capes out of duct tape, perfect for replacing missing capes or adding accessories to any minifigure!

How to build a LEGO unicorn – so whimsical and fun! Instructions in the post and there’s a parts list too!

20 LEGO projects for beginners – lots of fun LEGO® building ideas! Build a drum kit, piano, llamas, vehicles and more.

17 LEGO projects for beginners – all of these projects use pieces from the LEGO® Classic Creative Building Set.

Wd Motor Diy Solar Climbing Vehicles Science Building Toy For 8 10 Year Old

20 Easy LEGO Projects – All of these projects use pieces from the LEGO® Classic Small and Medium Tanks, so this is a great way to get started with LEGO®! (Links to tubs in post.)

LEGO Tic Tac Toe from the Kids Activities Blog. Turn it into a kit to take with you by putting all the pieces in one bag!

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Build a board game with LEGOs: Design your own board game with a working spinner. This is the perfect project for a rainy day!

7 LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – These are fabulous ideas for an Easter egg hunt, especially if you want to keep it candy-free.

Buy Science Kits For Kids Age 8 12 Solar Robot Kit Learning Building Stem Toys Experiments Projects For Kids 6 8, Educational Solar Robot Toy For 8 9 10 Year Old Boys Girls Christmas Birthday Gifts

How to build LEGO snowflakes – there are so many ways to make them and the designs are so beautiful. Perfect building challenge for a group.

We have so many LEGO Christmas building ideas! You can find most of them here, as well as a printable version: LEGO Christmas Ideas

Three ways to make a LEGO Advent Calendar – it was SO fun and could become a tradition in our house!

This is our LEGO® table and we love it! Find all the details here: IKEA Storage LEGO Table.

Of The Most Famous Architects Who Ever Lived

Magnetic Minifigure Display – I love this idea! The mini figures are magnets, but can also be taken apart and played with at any time.

Also, be sure to check out our book LEGO® – Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Own. This book makes a perfect Christmas or birthday gift and is a great price for kids to bring as a gift to a birthday party. The book is filled with 50 new projects with parts lists and step-by-step instructions.

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