Build Your Own Wardrobe Closet

Build Your Own Wardrobe Closet – Buy the PDF and cut list to order from disorder to weekend! Melamine panels make it easy. Build your own white closet setup with these step-by-step plans.

Introduction Walk through a closet in any home center and you’ll see tons of closet organizers—everything from wire shelving to real wood closets with all kinds of fancy accessories. And while these systems are designed to work in any type of closet, you can build a completely custom white closet organizer (and probably save a few bucks) by building one yourself. Here’s how we built our own using melamine panels and some tips on building your own.

Build Your Own Wardrobe Closet

At most home centers, a 4 x 8-ft. Melamine shelves. These full melamine sheets are by far the most economical choice, but we bought 15-3/4-in. x 97-inch replacement panels. These small melamine sheets or panels come with banding on one or both edges and are available with or without pre-drilled shelf pin holes. Although we spend about three times what we spend on full melamine sheets, we’ve saved hours of drilling and edge banding, as well as the stress of shipping, handling and cutting. Some home centers carry small sheets of melamine, but you may have to special order them or buy them online. Plan to cut 1/2 inch from each end to remove frayed edges.

Custom Wardrobe Closets

Although real wood is strong and beautiful, building a wall shelf with it is expensive and time-consuming. Melamine products are an attractive and inexpensive alternative to wood or wood. These boards, panels and melamine sheets are made from wallboard with a factory applied melamine finish similar to plastic board. A 4 x 8-foot sheet of melamine is about half the price of cabinet-grade plywood and is available in a variety of colors. However, be warned. Most home centers only stock melamine sheets in white, which is what we used for our white cabinetry project.

If you’re a woodworker, you can build a wall cabinet like ours in a day. If not, expect to spend the entire weekend. You will find everything you need to build at most home centers. The melamine for our project cost about $250. But if you plan to add fancy accessories like we did, your final cost could be much higher. We spent about $250 on parts and fasteners.

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Our closet was 9 feet. ceiling, so we 8-ft. Includes cabinets and melamine shelves. If your ceiling is low, adjust the height of the cabinet as needed.

If you’re thinking of installing the same accessories we used for our white cabinetry project, be sure to purchase them before building the cabinets. Our wire baskets require a 24-in. opening, while the shoe rack rails require a 29-1/2-in. The width of the shoe racks (fitted with rails) and the opening to open the rack pin.

Built A Pallet Wardrobe Or Pallet Closet

You can cut melamine sheets with a circular saw and a regular saw blade, but the rough faces are prone to chipping. To alleviate this problem, use a 60-tooth, carbide-tipped blade and use masking tape on the top of your work surface wherever you cut.

One of the challenges of using a hand-held circular saw is getting a perfectly straight and square cut. For our project, we’ll use long, narrow pieces like hanging strips, a self-square crosshatch, and a long jig for cutting panels. These jigs help reduce chipping. The jig shown here is a narrow piece of 3/4-in. Plywood glued to a 1/4-inch wide piece. plywood, and has a rectangular enclosure at the bottom. Learn how to make similar gimmicks.

The finished faces of the melamine sheets look great, but the raw edges are not visible. If you trim the raw edges so that they are not visible after the wall closet organizer is installed, you may be able to build your organizer without having to apply any edge banding. If this is not possible, you need to apply a metal-edge fastener, which is available at any home center. Be sure to buy an edge cutter.

For our wall shelf organizer, we assembled each of the three cabinet boxes by first drilling pilot holes through the counters and then driving 1-3/4-in. Coarse-thread screws. These screws are designed to be self-drilling, but the chipboard in melamine has the tendency to break easily and breathe, so drilling pilot holes is worth the effort.

Diy Built In Dresser With Cubbies For A Walk In Closet

The home center where we bought our melamine panels sells small bags – labeled ‘melamine screws’ – wrapped in white plastic caps to hide the screw heads. You just press them in with your finger, then give each one a light tap with a hammer.

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After the boxes are bolted to the wall, drill holes and use dowels and nuts to attach the sides of the cabinets. This closes the gaps between the boxes and strengthens the whole set. Make sure the front edges of the cabinets are flush with each other before joining. If they are not there, loosen the walls of the walls and adjust them as necessary.

Each cabinet box weighs 100 pounds when assembled. To make hanging them easier, nail a 1×4 or 2×4 ledger board to the back wall of the closet near the floor. Make sure it is perfectly straight and level. Mark the note areas with masking tape. Then get someone to help you lift each box onto the pegboard, which will hold it in place until you hang it on the wall. Drive in a 3-in. Washer-head screws go into the hanging plates and into the wall studs on all three boxes.

For our wall closet organizer, instead of doing built in shelf drawers, we decided to purchase Rev-AShelf wire baskets complete with extension slides and incorporate some melamine shelf units. This company makes many different closet accessories, including installed shoe racks and valet rods. Other companies make similar accessories. Search for ‘closet accessories’ or ‘closet hardware’ online and you will find a huge variety. We also installed oval cabinets with brackets that fit into the cabinet’s shelf-pin holes, making for super easy height adjustments.

My 30 Piece Spring 2021 French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Want a closet organizer but don’t want to measure and cut all the pieces yourself? Your local home center sells turnkey closets that you assemble and install. You may pay a little extra for the convenience. A big downside is that you can’t customize your wardrobe as much as you want.

Stop supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Who loves a wire shelf?! i am not! My wire rack was constantly falling apart and I was always afraid of it ripping off the wall (even though it was secured in the construction). I can’t wait to replace the wire shelving with custom closets! Here’s how I made my own custom DIY wardrobe out of pile wood.

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I shared a detailed post on how I designed my closet and came up with the overall layout. When renovating a small space, like a closet, I feel it’s best to completely design the space before starting the renovation. This will ensure that you are using the space to its fullest.

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The Reasons Why You Should Not Diy Your Custom Closet System

I removed the wire rack, hardware and any anchors that were used. Many holes are left behind!

After all the shelves are removed, remove the baseboards and save them for re-installation later. I did this by hammering the buffer between the drywall and the baseboard with a knife. Using a trim puller, I lifted the baseboard off the wall.

I patched the hole left behind with spackle. After the spackle dried, I smoothed and primed it and painted the wall.

I did my best to estimate the amount of plywood I would need to make the closet. I wanted to order pickup online to reduce the number of trips I had to make to the store. When I went to pick up my order, the plywood was properly installed and ready to be placed in the back of my truck. It would have been a lot of work to install all that plywood myself…I think I ordered like 20 pieces of pine wood!

How To Build An Easy Diy Closet Organizer

As for the type of plywood I chose, I went with 3/4 inch paint grade plywood. Paint grade plywood is slightly cheaper than scrap grade. It has some flaws, but looks good when painted.

Along with the package, I bought some 2×4’s (to use for the base), wood glue, and construction screws. Later I decided to buy more items that I wanted… I couldn’t wait to get them

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