Build Your Own Vanity Mirror

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The whole point of having a vanity mirror is so you can get good lighting when applying your makeup and that is important and definitely worth some attention. Finding a good mirror at a decent price can be a real challenge but as always the DIY option is available. If these projects don’t inspire you to make your own vanity mirror with lights, I don’t know what will.

Build Your Own Vanity Mirror

The mirror is usually the most important accessory of the makeup vanity, the one that cannot be lost. So how do you choose it? With so many different options and styles, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Here are a few things to help you narrow down your options:

How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror

Knowing exactly where to place the mirror helps to decide some important things about it such as size, mounting style, shape and so on. If, for example, you want a mirror for your bathroom vanity where space is scarce, it might be a good idea to get a wall-mounted model. On the other hand, a bedroom vanity can give you a little more freedom and more space to work so you can opt for something else.

It is also important to think about how you will use the glasses each time. If you are going to sit down, the mirror should sit at a comfortable height and not too far away from you. It should also sit at a good angle so you don’t have to twist and turn to use it. Take some time to find the perfect spot for it and consider all mounting options.

Size always matters. A vanity mirror should not be too small because that defeats the whole purpose of having it in the first place. It shouldn’t be too big either because it can get in the way. Its size should be related to the space available around it and the size of the vanity itself. Of course, size is also linked to the type of glasses you want to get. A wall-mounted one with a double extension arm is usually not as large as a freestanding mirror.

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Yes, natural light is the best but you can’t always rely on it. It would be nice to place the vanity in front of a large window but it is usually out of the question if the vanity is in the bathroom for example. Fortunately, many vanity mirrors feature some type of built-in lighting. The best light for glasses is that which is distributed evenly and does not blind the eyes. If the light is only coming from above that will produce shadows and not give you a good picture of what you really look like.

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This is a great feature designed to allow you to be precise when applying makeup and doing other things in front of the mirror. Magnifying glasses are also very helpful if you wear glasses as you will need to remove them when applying your makeup. One thing to consider is that you need to sit close to the mirror to get a clear magnified image.

There are different levels of magnification to consider. The most common are 3x and 5x which are usually sufficient for most users with good eyesight. If you need something a little more powerful, you can also find 10x and even 15x magnification mirrors. Note that you will need to get very close to the mirror to avoid distortion and that this promotes stronger magnification.

Many makeup mirrors have two sides. One is the regular mirror and on the other side you have a magnified mirror. You can switch between them whenever you need depending on the task. This applies to almost all types of glasses, including those with built-in lights.

Also note that the quality of the glass can bring additional benefits. For example, some high end makeup mirrors use optical lenses that improve the quality of magnification and offer a distortion-free image that is crystal clear. Of course, better quality means higher prices.

Bathroom Mirrors To Complete Your Stylish Vanity Setup

Since the mirror part is less interesting, we’re going to focus more on the frames and the different ways you can add lights to a vanity mirror. This project from insightgirl explains how this simple frame is made before the glass is glued in place. It may seem complicated because there are lights and power sources but it really isn’t.

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The frame can also be part of the mirror itself, just painted a different color. Use paint to mark a border around the glass, cover the center of the paper and then spray paint the rest. This rose gold nuance looks very chic and attractive. Once this part is complete and the paint is dry, all that’s left is attaching the lights. Check out the instructables to learn more about this part.

A vanity mirror is almost useless without a table or better yet a desk with some built-in storage for all the makeup products and accessories. That said, check out this stylish setup. It includes a sleek desk with a minimalist design and a large mirror with lights around the frame. If you want to know how the glass is made, check out the DIY project on instructables.

If you prefer your vanity mirror to have an actual frame, not just a painted one, go ahead and build something. You can make a wooden frame for your mirror that will actually have a practical use as well. Drill holes in it for the lights and carefully hide all the wires behind the frame. This way your new vanity mirror will look neat and stylish and will have lights all around. See thesorrygirls for more details.

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This DIY vanity mirror looks amazing so if you are interested in how you can make something similar for yourself feel free to check out mrkate for all the details. The supplies needed for the project include a frameless mirror, three vanity light strips, a bunch of light bulbs, plywood and some basic tools like a table saw, sandpaper, screws, a measuring tape and some paint.

Not only the mirror you can build yourself from scratch but also the vanity that holds it. One such complex project is featured in the instructable and is very interesting because the mirror and the lights are attached to the table itself, more specifically to a central piece that folds to reveal the mirror and it can be hidden when not needed.

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The glass and the lights can be separated. For example, you can make a round lighting frame that can fit around an existing mirror. This is a great project that requires some unexpected supplies like a metal wreath form, metallic tape, picture hangers and rope lights. Check out the video tutorial on youtube.

Another idea is to use an old mirror and give it a makeover. Ideally, the frame is wide enough to accommodate the lights. You need to drill some holes in the frame for the lights and to find a way to properly organize all the wires and hide them behind the glass. Check out this beautiful rustic mirror project from designasylumblog if you need some inspiration.

Clara Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

Giving an existing mirror a makeover and adding lights to its frame is definitely a great idea. One such change was featured on imgur. The supplies used throughout this project include electrical wire, shrink tubing, dimmer switches, glue, wall plugs, 12 round light bulbs, cable covers, 12 light bulb sockets and of course the framed mirror. It’s just a way of doing things.

You might not think you really need a vanity mirror right now but looking at these projects makes you want to build something like this for yourself. So here’s another tutorial from imgur that describes how you can also do something very similar.

A simple design and a perfect size of 22.8” x 18.1” make it the perfect companion for a stylish vanity of your choice. It has 15 LED bulbs arranged around three sides and the brightness level can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. You can also choose between warm light, daylight and cool light tones at the touch of a button. The base is removable and the mirror can also be hung on the wall if desired. Additionally, there is also a USB charge port integrated into the frame.

The Fenchilin vanity mirror is also based on a simple Hollywood-inspired design, featuring 12 LED bulbs evenly spaced along the sides. It measures 19.68” x 15.74” overall and allows you to adjust the brightness and the light color based on your needs. Simple touch controls let you choose between warm yellow, warm

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