Build Your Own Tool Kit

Build Your Own Tool Kit – We’re working on a killer Honda Talon 3X build for an upcoming release. As we tore it apart and put the parts back together, we determined exactly what tools we needed to do the job. Feel free to use our Honda Talon Toolkit list; however, please note that if you change or add anything from stock, double check which fasteners are used for that part so you can build your kit correctly.

The $350 Assault On the Go Tool Roll is another attached UTV tool kit option that works with most machines and has all the tools on this list. Get it at

Build Your Own Tool Kit

10mm: Body hanger, oil filler, oil line, brake line, battery box, steering, muffler, engine, starter motor, throttle body, skid plate, shifter

Battat] Builder Tool Box

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Carson Optigami Build Your Own Cardboard Microscope Kit, Microscopes & Magnification: Educational Innovations, Inc

At first glance, this might seem like a silly topic to write about. Buying tools is easy, duh! But I can’t tell you how many friends I know who love cars and want to work on them, but are paralyzed by the thought of the thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment they have to buy just to do the same project. . wanted To the point where they think it’s impossible to buy their dream project because they don’t have an elevator, compressed air, and a garage with 220V. While these things are nice to have, you don’t need to start with a professional-level tune-up to work and enjoy your car. Here’s an easy way to get started with a basic toolkit.

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Note: This applies to weekend wrenches, not professionals. A weekend wrench may have a good quality (but not professional quality) tool kit that is best used from time to time. Professionals must always use the best quality tools because their ability to do their jobs efficiently, safely and on time depends on them. For this reason, stay away from even the cheapest quality tools, as they can cause breakage and damage or worsen the repair situation, such as round fastener heads. Stick to popular brands as much as possible.

If you really don’t have a tool, go pick up one of the several hundred piece Craftsman, Husky, or Cobalt starter hand tool kits online or at your favorite big box store. They should have a box wrench, hex wrench, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sockets, and metric and imperial sockets. They usually come with a lifetime warranty and you usually have to take them to a shop. you can go in and replace. Any parts if you break it. They often have a simple inflatable plastic case to keep things organized. You can get them for a big discount around the holidays. With this kit you can replace the main bolts you can do most of the tasks.

If possible, take other important tools such as pliers (slip joints, channel locks, seats and needle noses) and cutters (clamps, side cutters, wire cutters and strippers).

Build Your Own Prehistoric Toolkit

Get and read the repair manual for the vehicle you want to work on, as it often tells you what type of tools are needed for a particular job. This makes it easier to decide which tools to get first. Especially if you’re OCD like me and want to plan your fix list in a year or two. 🙂

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Get a good toolbox that fits your current needs. If you live in an apartment, a sturdy hand box with several drawers is a good starting point. If you want to carry your entire 400-piece tool kit and then some, there’s a portable wheeled tool box with a retractable handle that doubles as a carry-on. The only requirement I made was that the box had to have a locking handle and latch that was capable of holding a fully loaded box and wouldn’t easily spill all of its contents if you accidentally bumped it with your foot. was

If you have an enclosed garage (even 1 car), get a good round tool chest. Even the small ones make it much easier to install and store tools than the previously mentioned small ones. If you plan to build a large collection, try to get the largest roll toolbox possible. Take a roll box, which can be the foundation for other boxes placed on top of it. Make sure your rolling box has ball-bearing slides, locking drawers with stops, and heavy-duty castors. When you fill up the bottom box, if money and space allow, buy the next top box. I bought my lower and upper boxes about 6 years apart.

Such boxes can be very expensive. Get the best quality box at first, but be clear about your needs. It is better to buy a used box. Not everyone needs a pro-level Snap-On, Matco or MAC case. Most big box stores carry mid-range solid units. Harbor shipping boxes are great for the price.

Personalized Tool Box For Kids

One thing to look out for in online reviews is tool breakdowns. Look for reviews of common things people do to improve the functionality of expensive tools. For example, I remember reading reviews of an old $10 ported angle grinder that had a five-star rating for two reasons: it was cheap enough to keep buying if it died, and I could open the gearbox and oil it. There were users surrounded by. reduces heat, noise. , and significantly extended its life. YouTube also has a lot of hacking tool reviews and videos.

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There is nothing wrong with buying used tools. Used tool and tool storage offers all the functionality of new tools at deep discounts. If it is in good condition, it is better to buy a tool with patina. A good idea is to buy the best repair tool. This usually appears in the form of power tools with damaged wires or missing batteries.

A quality bench drill or jig that needs a little rust, paint, and oiling will probably last you longer.

Metal files with missing handles can be repaired or used as is. Any incomplete set (sockets, hex bits, drill bits) is useful even if you organize it so you know what you have. Get socket holders or socket rails to group different sets of sockets together. I have a drawer full of random switches and sockets that are still useful.

Build A

Whenever possible, get used to quality instruments rather than cheap new ones. Old American and European instruments are built to last a lifetime. That said, if you’re not a professional and need a tool for infrequent jobs, a cheap tool can work well in a pinch. Instruments in new markets such as China and India are quickly adapting to quality and can be good value. As mentioned above, big box brands like Cobalt and Husky already have lifetime warranties on many hand tools. Even Harbor Freight switches, sockets, breakers are pretty solid these days.

Tools that should not be considered tools are safety items such as jacks, stands and any protective equipment for the face, eyes, hearing, breathing, etc. It can save your life as well as irreplaceable parts of your body. You have been warned.

Inexpensive tools that aren’t really essential, but usually cause more problems than they solve, are screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, and thread taps.

As we mentioned above, look for deals around the holidays to get deals on new gear. Pick up bulk kits at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, or online hardware retailers that offer free shipping like Jegs, Summit, Walmart, and Amazon. Shop Classics for used tools

Play22 Kids Tool Workbench 78 Set

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