Build Your Own International Truck

Build Your Own International Truck

Build Your Own International Truck – Everything else is judged by the introduction of the heavy truck. Equipped with the revolutionary International® S13 Integrated Powertrain, operators of the new International® LT® Series can see up to a 15%* increase in fuel economy over the first-generation International® A26. This is one of the reasons we consider this truck/powertrain combination to be the most business-friendly, profit-expanding, driver-supportive, overtime-generating Class 8 truck to ever roll on the highway.

*Comparison of fuel economy of a 2017 GHG International® A26 engine in a 2017 International® LT® Series truck and fuel economy of a 2024 International® LT® Series truck with air package. Package and chassis enablers. Actual customer results may vary due to various factors including but not limited to truck specifications, vehicle weight, forecast features, environmental conditions, etc.

Build Your Own International Truck

The team behind the International S13 Integrated Powertrain was able to shift, rethink, reinvent what was possible, and reinvent what an integrated powertrain could be. The result is an engine, transmission and aftertreatment system designed to be simple, easy to service and deliver stellar performance with superior operating economy.

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No two businesses are the same. While their vehicle needs can vary widely, their commitment to revenue generation is universal. That’s why every LT Series delivers the performance, uptime and serviceability your business demands, no matter which one you choose.

International S13 Integrated Powertrain The International S13 Integrated Powertrain brings together three distinct entities – the S13 engine, T14 transmission and dual-stage aftertreatment system – designed from the ground up to work together as one for optimal performance and efficiency.

Classic interior trim includes neutral color inserts on the doors and dashboard, black interior door handles.

Diamond trim upgrades include Mineral Gray Teak woodgrain accents and bright door handles, providing a more upscale interior.

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Diamond Elite trim changes the wood accent to Satin Mahogany and adds diamond pattern stitching to the door panel inserts.

With intuitive controls, enhanced visibility, a quiet cab, critical information at your fingertips, and dozens of other smart features, the LT Series puts the driver in control for a comfortable and long ride.

Available in multiple cab configurations, including a day cab, the LT Series offers the strength and maneuverability to pull heavy loads through tough city streets.

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LT Series strength, maneuverability and interior accommodation, perfect for navigating crowded harbors in style and comfort.

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The redesigned grille of the new LT series with S13 Integrated features a sleek and refined design that brings a new modern look.

Achieving their high performance goals meant our engineers needed to look for improvements in a variety of areas, from powertrain to aerodynamics. By spending a long time in the wind tunnel and through computer simulations, they were able to significantly improve the airflow of the LT Series with S13 Integrated.

Defrost performance is best in class. Vent placement provides excellent air flow throughout the cabin. A more powerful HVAC system provides more heat in the winter and more AC in the summer. Optional automatic temperature control maintains your set temperature.

Driver controls are positioned according to frequency of use, with frequently used controls located closest to the driver. Standard USB-adjacent storage allows for easy charging of personal electronic devices. Four cup and bottle holders quench any thirst.

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The standard premium cluster includes large, easy-to-read text, collision mitigation information, drive-configurable digital gauges, driver alerts, real-time fuel economy data and more.

A sloping hood and large side windows provide industry-leading visibility. The door mirrors are large and mounted far forward, improving visibility with the vehicle.

Not every trip requires the same amount of space. In fact, some trucks are driven by one driver on the way out and two drivers on the way back. With the new, flip-down bunk, those who want extra headroom can pull up the extra bunk and enjoy the wide open space.

Optional Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ and Bendix Wingman collision mitigation systems can greatly enhance operator safety. By combining adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, high speed warning and adaptive cruise control, these state-of-the-art systems help the driver avoid or reduce the severity of a collision. Wabco OnGuard ACTIVE is also available.

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When connected to the vehicle’s Control Area Network (CAN), the optional Bendix®BlindSpotter® BlindSpotter radar provides 150° range coverage capable of detecting objects 20 feet ahead and 20 feet behind. The coverage area extends up to 10 feet to the right of the vehicle. BlindSpotter minimizes false alerts by operating in two modes: highway speed and low speed.

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This website uses cookies to help continuously improve the user experience and all interaction data we store about our visitors is anonymous. The automotive landscape in 1964 was very different from today. Muscle cars began to cement their place in the American heartland, and sedans and wagons were the choice of families who needed something to carry people and their stuff. Unlike today, SUVs and pickup trucks were not mainstream family vehicles. They are purpose-built to do a job, do it well, and allow their owners to have some fun in the process. In fact, since 70% of new vehicles purchased in America today are SUVs or mid-size trucks; The spirit of the SUV is so deeply embedded in the hearts of today’s car enthusiasts that very few vehicles manage to retain that original magic. International Scouting is one that still makes the cut.

For those looking for the true, vintage soul of an SUV, the International Scout is a shining example of a time when SUVs did more than run to the grocery store. Although it saw several changes over the years, the original International Scout 80 (sold from 1961 – 1965) remained a highly capable work truck on the road and over rough terrain. Built as a competitor to the Jeep CJ 4×4 (a descendant of Willie’s Jeep commissioned for World War II), the Scout 80 featured a removable top, removable side windows, and an interior less spartan than the Chief Justice’s. Same era. People loved them, and in just over four years, International sold more than 100,000 Scout 80 SUVs. The modern SUV was officially born.

The team at Velocity had a wonderful opportunity to give this 1964 International Scout their classic yet modern touch. To bring this modern classic into the 21st century, the craftsmen at Velocity have their work cut out for them and the end result is nothing short of incredible. Simply put, there is no International Scout in the world today with this level of modern day drivability, performance and luxury appointments. This project showcases Velocity as a leader in bringing together ancient attitudes and modern engineering talent like no other.

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This Scout is one of the first in the country with the incredible new, Gen V LT1 engine. You read that right. Velocity’s horsepower experts installed the high-revving, free-breathing, small-block V-8 that originated in the C7 Corvette into a vehicle that was once powered by an anemic, 4-cylinder engine. The sound of this engine is music to any enthusiast’s ears and trust us, it brings authority to this International Scout build. The 4L60E transmission flows power through a built-in performance that delivers quick shifts and fantastic reliability for long hauls. Powertrains live in our shop, but quality and drivability are world class.

Power is nothing without a way to get it to the ground and this custom International Scout delivers. The legendarily stiff Atlas transfer case, twin Dana 44 axles, and Nitto Grappler tires on Black Rhino wheels put down the high-revving fury of the LT1 engine with ease. Chassis upgrades include a custom-engineered 4-link design that folds in Redflow coil-over shocks and hydro-boost brakes. Power steering gives this restored International Scout a modern feel on the road. Part of what sets Velocity apart from other restoration shops is its ability to provide modern upgrades like this without sacrificing drivability, and this custom Scout build works with well-built precision that places it in a class of its own.

The custom metalwork on this restored International Scout 80 is a testament to the detailed interior fabrication capable of speed. Their incredible team of metalworkers custom fabricated a powder-coated 4-point sport roll cage to match the matte black accents on the exterior. Underneath the handcrafted, Velocity-unique bumper skin are integrated LED cube lights that accent the rugged exterior, our metalsmiths custom-built a new base support and firewall, and custom steering components. They even removed part of the original B-pillar and customized new supports so that the client can enjoy a seat that slides and reclines. Even the dash is custom made and certainly sets the tone for an impressive interior

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