Build Your Own Grow Closet

Build Your Own Grow Closet

Build Your Own Grow Closet – Are you ready to build a grow room but don’t know where to start? We got you! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll teach you how to build your own grow room to match your plants. For beginners: how to choose a cannabis home grow kit?

Ideally, we’d love to have an entire room dedicated to our plants, but most of the time that’s not a viable option, so a grow tent is a great option as you can set it up anywhere in your house. However, there are several factors to consider before choosing a space: size, noise and power. Size is very easy to understand. The size of our 4×4 grow tent is 48”x48”x80”, so if you decide to buy a 4×4 tent, you need to make sure that your space is large enough to accommodate the tent.

Build Your Own Grow Closet

Next, consider the noise generated by the tent: LED lights and built-in fans will make noise, so if you set up the tent next to your bed or somewhere your neighbors or parents can hear, you could be asking for trouble. Last but not least, the power supply.

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Before setting up your tent, consider where your sockets are – this is key because your fan and your LED both draw a lot of electricity so it’s best not to use extension cords or power strips as these can be a fire hazard. Each piece of equipment should have its own outlet so you don’t overload your circuit breaker. Take the time to consider these factors before you buy – planning your space will save you time and money.

We’ve talked about How to set up a grow tent before, so this blog focuses on building the grow tent. We have lots of different sizes of tents available, from 2×2 to 4×4, from 5×5 to 10×10, so there is sure to be a size to fit your space. If you still have questions about the tent sizes, you can check the product pages for the grow tent – all the sizes are listed on the website. The rest of this post will focus on setting up a system in your tent.

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We want our lighting system to not only fit the size of the tent, but also be powerful enough to sustain a plant throughout its life. With the VS1000 LED, we can not only reproduce natural light, but also reproduce the characteristics of the sun’s light according to the different growth stages of your plants with a dimming button (50%/75%/100%). Each type of plant has its own special requirements and it’s up to you to help them adjust the light to ensure that your green friends grow up healthy.

Fortunately, installing LED lights is much easier than installing an entire tent. This YouTube video will show you the setup and installation of the VS2000 Full LED Grow Light. You only need to insert the 2 hangers into the 4 holes of the console and then hang the grow light from the tent pole using one of our rope hangers. The entire installation process will take you less than 10 minutes.

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As we all know plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis and your plants are grown in a closed room. In this situation, you need to install a built-in fan to ensure airflow to refresh the ceiling. There are many advantages to having an air conditioning system:

To install an air conditioning system, you need three devices: a built-in fan, ducts and a carbon filter. Built-in fans mimic natural airflow and increase the health of your plant as we mentioned. In addition, the built-in fan works very well with a carbon filter, which helps to remove odors.

While a carbon filter isn’t necessary, it’s a great addition if you’re concerned about the smell. If you’re worried about disturbing your neighbors or others in your house, a charcoal filter can really help reduce that excessive smell. And even if you’re not growing cannabis, a carbon filter can help keep your air clean in your house, so that’s something we recommend.

Finally, the last piece of the HVAC puzzle is ductwork. It’s an inexpensive way to connect different “air zones” where you draw and exchange air from. Ducts can be easily adjusted and can be cut with household scissors or wire cutters so that one tube of ducts can be used extensively.

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There are four ways to assemble the air conditioning system. This is based on whether you have a carbon filter and what kind of air pressure you want to create. You can view the following graphic for a visual representation of each configuration. The first diagram shows the fan and filter inside the tent, drawing air from the tent and expelling it outside.

The second diagram (bottom left) shows the filter outside the tent, where the fan pulls air out of the tent and pushes it through the filter. The final photo, bottom right, shows both the fan and the filter outside the tent. These setups create negative air pressure inside the tent (the air pressure inside the tent is lower than outside).

The image on the top right shows positive airflow (pushing air into the tent, making the air pressure inside the tent higher than outside the tent), by drawing air from the outside and pushing it into the tent. There is no “right” way to do it, just set up the system in a way that works for you. Just make sure to keep one of the vents at the bottom of the tent open so that the air pressure in the tent can be equalized.

Finally, here is a brief description of how to install the carbon filter and fan.

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If you are new to this area and don’t know where to start, check out our 4×2 Grow Tent Basic Kit, which is a great starter kit. Once you’re set up, send us a photo of your indoor grow room!

Check us out on Instagram or Facebook and share your photos with us! Subscribe to our newsletter for growing tips, growing stories, special offers and get 12% off your first order! 500 construction screws 2 1/2″ 1 gallon white paint (glossy) paint roller 1-2 tubes White silicone caulking gun Circular saw 16- 24′ Weather Stripping (1″ thick)

Choose a size. For flower-only rooms, we recommend a square box (3×3′ or 4’x4′). If you plan to include a vegetable room, a rectangular box works better (3×4′ or 4×5′). This method of cultivation will require a minimum height of 5′, the doctor recommends a height of 6-7′ if possible.

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Make your door as big as possible, you’ll thank yourself when you cut leaves. Use heavy duty T hinges.

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The doctor recommends using glossy white paint. Conventional wisdom suggests using matte paint as it reflects a bit more light. This benefit is offset by the fact that matte paint is porous and not a good choice for humid environments. The white silicone liner is used to seal the edges.

Air intake filters are so important that I have an entire article dedicated to them. After trying several brands, I have found that radiator filters are the most economical option. I use black plastic to make shutters that block light from entering through the white filter.

Grow rooms have many advantages for those who do not have ready access to clones. They allow you to keep the genetics alive through mother plants, multiply clones and give your new plants a head start while your main crop is coming to an end. If you plan to start from seed every time, or have a constant supply of clones, this is not necessary.

Light blocker: The flowering room (left) will have lights on 12/12, while the plant room (right) will have a longer light cycle on 6/18. To prevent light leakage, you can create a light shield using coroplast, a hot glue gun and a small fan. A light leak in your flower room can cause replanting and should be avoided at all costs.

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Create a maze for the ceiling to travel through. Two 90 degree angles are enough to prevent light from getting through.

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