Build Your Own Garage Shelving

Build Your Own Garage Shelving

Build Your Own Garage Shelving – Here are three ways to build your own garage shelves. These garage storage projects have been built countless times by people all over the world.

Question: Is it cheaper to buy or build garage shelves? Construction is cheap, and there are many other reasons to build your own garage storage shelves, including your tote size, durability, and design flexibility.

Build Your Own Garage Shelving

So you are ready to build garage shelves. But who are they? There are many garage storage ideas out there, here are three of the best. They are all great projects that can be adjusted in size, around garage doors, and fit your storage needs. Fill it with bins, totes, small organizers, add wall storage, and you’re done!

Best Diy Garage Shelves (attached To Walls)

If you have a wooden garage wall, look no further, you won’t find an easier or cheaper DIY garage storage solution than this one. And it will be heavy because it is built with a wall.

Workbench Idea: This same plan can be used to build workbenches, simply build to the height of the work you want, and add a board or other shelves on top.

Question: How deep should garage shelves be? 24″ deep is the idea for totes, but 16″ is a way to narrow down the gaps.

Question: How much plywood should be used for garage shelves? For a depth of 24″, use 1/2″. At 16″ deep, you can use 3/8″. This type of shelf is fully supported in the front and back with 2x4s.

Diy Dining Room Open Shelving

I am so excited for these plans! … This project was quick and easy — I put it together one night after the kids were in bed.

They wanted simple storage shelves that didn’t break the bank. This was perfect! … The price was only $58.68 and I bought an extra 8 foot 2×4, so it would have been a little cheaper!

Important note: If you have a shelving unit in your garage, this is THE must build project and will result in a lifetime of shelving in the garage that will hold everything. All tutorials are here, please share if you make one.

But what happens if you have concrete garage walls? Or are you renting and can’t afford permanent shelving? Or you just want storage shelves that are super quick and easy to build.

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Garage Makeover With Diy Shelving

This method, free-standing garage shelves, is easy to build, faster than assembling integrated shelves. Just make the leg sets, and fix the 2x4s in between.

The advantages of this type of shelves are the undamaged space of the shelves, economical design, easy to build, and you can build almost any size. So you can create a unique storage system, quickly and easily!

This was an easy project to complete in an afternoon that doesn’t require any woodworking skills.

I LOVE how this turned out! They are as strong as a ladder (we tried them… :)) and they hold everything I need, and a little bit. It’s a definite improvement in my messy, cluttered, dusty place… 🙂

Garage Storage Austin

This is my first construction project. I can’t thank you enough for this site. I already have several other projects I want to build around the house because of this site. Thank you very much!

Thanks to Ana’s 2×4 storage plan and our neighbor’s discarded kitchen cabinets we now have clean and convenient storage in our garage. It has a work bench and a designated area. Estimated price: 40-50 dollars.

If you want a lot of storage space in a small space, take the time to design the right garage design. The standard shelving system has thin shelves for more space, but uses adhesive on the wall structure for strength and durability.

How do I organize my garage space? Get rid of the big, big things first. They then hang commonly used items such as shovels, extension cords, brooms, rakes, bungee cords, hats and tools on the hooks. Write each hook. Now change everything else in the save boxes that are listed. Small items should be placed in small bags. When finished, all items will be stored and nothing should be stored under the garage.

Diy Storage Shelves With 2x4s And Plywood

How do I store large items in my garage? Build the garage shelves deep, but leave the bottom shelves. Heavy items can be stacked on the floor, light items can be stored on shelves.

How tall are the shelves in the garage? You can go all the way down to the ceiling, but when you’re 6 feet tall, it’s very difficult to reach the shelf. So put items that are rarely used, or light items such as sleeping bags, on the upper shelves.

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How much space do you need between storage shelves? For household items, 12″ is a good length.

I live in Alaska, where it’s hard to find good seats. So I started building it myself. I’ve been sharing my plans since 2009.  I’m glad you’re here. Let’s build something! This is the fastest and easiest way to build garage shelves. For about $10 a foot to build four shelves, up to 8 feet tall and 2 feet deep, you can add a ton of storage and organization to your home at a fraction of the cost. Build with just a few tools.

Smart Garage Storage Ideas To Get You Organized

Do you need more storage space in your garage, basement, or utility room? You know, putting all those toys and camping gear away?

You’ve found it – our favorite storage plan – built thousands of times. Anyone can build one with a few basic electrical supplies and 2x4s and plywood.

So you start with your wall. It should be a wall that you can charge in metal or fixed to the wall. If you don’t have that kind of wall, maybe check out these plans.

Mark all the studs on the wall and attach 2×4’s in the desired length of the shelf to the wall studs, wherever you want the shelf.

Diy Design Fanatic: Diy Storage~ How To Store Your Stuff

You can also cut 2x4s (eg use 8-foot 2x4s instead of 16-footers) – just make sure you attach them fully to the wall.

Use screws 3″ or longer (depending on the wall design).  Use a level to make sure you attach the 2×4 to the wall.  I recommend wood screws to make the screws easier.

TIP: Consider making your shelves 8, 12, 16 or 20 feet long to accommodate plywood and wood.

Once you have the first one, you can simply measure it to attach the rest of your shelves.

Amazing Garage Storage Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Can I make longer shelves to fit the tote or whatever you are storing in these shelves?

TIP: You can cut two 2×4 boards and use them as spacers to get the height between the 2×4 boards.

Next, cut the legs of the 2x4s to the length of your upper shelf, and screw them to the second 2×4 with 3″ or shorter screws.

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You will need a leg on each side, and then the middle legs depending on your height. 2x4s can be about 8 feet long, so we added one leg of these 16-foot long shelves.

Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas To Save You Space

Now loosen the screws attaching the second 2×4 to the first, and remove the entire front of the shelves.

This is not necessary, because the plywood on top will tie the second leg to the first, but it can help the assembly. We cut the 2x4s to 3″ less than our plywood pieces, Kreg Jigged holes on one side, and bolted them to the first shelves.  If you don’t have a Kreg Jig, get one, but until then, you can run the screws. into the corner in the first row of 2×4 boards.

TIP: To get the most out of your plywood, plan your shelves to be 12″, 16″ or 24″ wide. You can then cut your plywood into four 12″ wide strips, three 16″ wide strips or two 16″ wide strips. 24″ wide without loss. This means that 2×4 cleats will be 9″, 13″, or 21″ long, respectively.

We placed the shutters closer to the center and ends, and where we knew we would have a plywood seam, to avoid places where the legs would strain and be hard to beat.

The Best Garage Organization Companies Of 2023

TIP: If your floor is sloping or uneven,  as many basements and garages are, you may want to remove the floor joists to level your shelves. We wash with a metal washer to remove a little wood from the garage floor, allowing water to run around the legs, hopefully protecting the 2×4 floor from rotting (and reducing the need to use wood).

We cut the plywood to 15-3/4″ to fit the shelves easily and account for the size of the saw blade, and lay the plywood on the shelf.  We use 1/2″ plywood for the 16″ shelves – maybe up to 5/8″ ” or 3/4″ if you keep 24″ shelves or have heavy loads going to these shelves.

TIP: If you don’t have a table or truck to transport plywood sheets, just organize your own home.

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