Build Your Own Dollhouse Furniture

Build Your Own Dollhouse Furniture

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Two artists dive into the tiny world of dollhouse miniatures, which includes kits to make furniture sets, kitchen accessories and decorate entire rooms.

Build Your Own Dollhouse Furniture

Miniature art is having a moment, and it’s not hard to see why. Equal parts sentimental and innovative, the miniatures trend pays homage to traditional craft traditions—such as dollhouse decoration and miniature portraits—while challenging conventional art media. “There’s an intrinsic desire to pick up and play with miniature objects and fit into these little worlds,” says artist Aleia Murawski, who, along with artist Sam Copeland, creates fascinating miniature art scenes that attract the likes of Nike and Opening Ceremony. “It’s also a pleasure to feel a little outside or above these scenes.”

How To Design The Cutest Chic, Modern Diy Dollhouse

And like any art form, learning how to work with miniatures requires patience, skill and raw talent. “It usually takes us a few days to a few weeks to create one scene,” says Murawski. “Right now we are building a tiny neighborhood and all the houses are made from recycled pizza boxes. Working in miniatures allows me to process, organize and synthesize concepts of the larger world. I love being able to create or reconstruct stories about my lived experience (or sometimes an imagined past or future ) by a snail.”

Of course, miniature art also offers plenty of voyeuristic appeal. “By using a small scale, I can make the viewer a voyeur,” explains miniature artist Tracey Snelling. “They are able to look into the many windows and lives of the characters that inhabit the work.”

Feeling inspired by the miniature art trend? Click through to see the kits – built-in rooms and included accessories – to help you create your own little scene at home.

Lovers of mid-century modern furniture, rejoice: We’ve found the perfect mini kit for you. This small Eames-inspired armchair and ottoman set consists of sculpted wood and faux leather that looks like the real deal.

Dollhouse 4 Boxes Unpainted Wooden Furniture Set 1/24 Miniature Accessories 611550298955

The only thing nicer than a Scandinavian-style bathroom set is a little thing to play with. This adorable miniature freestanding tub, cabinet and shelf features a sleek modern design that minimalists will love.

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If Memphis Group-inspired spaces are more your speed, then consider this eye-catching mini dining set. Complete with yellow plastic molded chairs, red candlesticks and a blue faux ceramic bowl, this colorful little dining set is as bold as it is charming.

Are you looking for a modern miniature furniture set that spans several different rooms? This intricately crafted set includes a four-poster bed, upholstered sofa, beech chest of drawers, bedside table, dining table, chairs and lacquered bathtub.

If you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, then check out this amazing Magnolia-inspired mini farmhouse. Composed of natural wood, this painted dollhouse is part of the Gaines Home and Lifestyle Collection and creates the perfect backdrop for rustic miniature scenes.

Modern Dollhouse Furniture And Decor Sources

If working from home has inspired your own interior, equip your next small display with this set. (We happen to think it’s a miniature replica similar to the Martha one.) The clean-lined miniature desk comes with a small office chair and computer monitor.

Why buy a mid-century mini sofa when you can get an entire room instead? This walnut and birch furniture set includes a three-seater sofa, coordinating club chair and kidney-shaped coffee table to complete the small scene.

On a miniature bed, a little bedding can go a long way. This set includes a pallet king size bed and a handmade mattress, a quilt, a pillow and a set of sheets, so you’ll have everything you need to create a small bedroom.

Do you dream of creating a miniature scene with small kitchen appliances and dishes? This delightful little kitchen set boasts a sink, oven and mini fridge stocked with juices, spices and soda cans.

Kids Doll Houses & Playhouse

Consider this small Rolls Royce caravan set from miniature kits. Along with a pink trailer decked out with a kitchen, crockery, rug and sink, this premium mini caravan set comes with a barbecue, bistro table and luggage, so you can recreate a scene inspired by a real holiday. Plans aren’t the easiest to work out and I’m a perfectionist so it’s taking a while but here we are!

I will also be sharing where all the dollhouse items are, so be sure to check out the post if you are interested in dollhouse and furniture resources.

Finally, this would be a great quarantine project, but it’s also a great Christmas project to start right now! Dollhouse furniture can get expensive, so I highly recommend making what you can and buying a few here and there before Christmas to make it easier to budget for.

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***Disclaimer, many of the stores I have shopped at are closed due to quarantine because they are small business owners. I’ll be sure to update this post with their store details once they’re back in store!

Discover: Modern Diy Dollhouses Made From Recycled Supplies

(Please note, this is not a beginner project. These plans were created with the assumption that the individual making them understands the basic basics of woodworking. For more detailed woodworking instructions, we recommend watching YouTube videos or searching for Ana White’s steps on Pinterest. Let us know if you have any questions!)

We also plan to add a door to the front that will lock at some point. This will allow me to close it when guests with smaller children are finished so nothing gets ruined, and it will also be cleaner over time. I’ll be sure to blog them when we make them!

This dollhouse is a great smaller option if you want to have one made and it doesn’t take up much room in the house. I also like the handle so it can be carried from room to room.

The items I made were wall hangings in the kitchen and living room, artwork on the mantelpiece, and beds in the parents’ room. Next time I plan to make a hanging mobile for the girls room.

Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture Kitchen Set With Accessories, Furniture

If there are items in the dollhouse that you don’t see listed above, I suggest you go to my Instagram page and check out the “dollhouse” highlights where I show everything in detail. Additionally, my favorite dollhouse stores are listed and linked here:

Lots of dollhouse items can be found in the small shop direct link videos on my featured DOLLHOUSE instagram button @amylouhawthorne. It appears on the top right hand side, so you may need to swipe over the colored buttons.

If you are interested in the home shelves we use to store girls toys, you can find those plans here.

If you want to link to this blog post in the future, be sure to pin this image above or any image from this post so you can refer back to it in the future! We love a good dollhouse in our family. When we come across an old homemade dollhouse while thrifting, I have a hard time not giving it home. I love all the little handmade appointments and love that went into building such an amazing toy. My husband Johnny and I decided we would like to give the same special gift to our little girl this year. It took quite a bit of planning (and maybe a bit of fumbling), but I’m so happy with the end result!

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My Dream Dollhouse Makeover

Step 1: Start with a 4’x4′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood. Measure down the center and cut in half. You should now have two 2’x4′ pieces of wood.

Step 2: Measure and cut one of the boards to 2’x2′. Now you have the beginning of the back.

Step 3-4: To find the top, measure the center of one of your 2’x2′ pieces and mark. Center the square and mark the sheet at a 40-degree angle on both sides.

Step 7: To build the box, take another 2’x4′ sheet of plywood and cut it into four 6″x24″ strips. Cut two of these pieces to 6″x13 1/8″.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Step 8: Screw the box together so that the short pieces (sides) are on the inside of the longer pieces (top and bottom).

Step 9: Measure from the bottom of the box to 6 3/8″. Brand on front and back. This is where your shelf will sit. Repeat on the other side.

Step 10-11: Cut another piece of wood to 6″x23″ and screw where you just marked. You should now have a finished box with a shelf and back piece.

Step 12: For the roof, using the last piece of 2’x4′ lumber, cut two 8″x24″ wide strips. Mark each piece at 19″ and tilt the saw at a 45 degree angle and cut so the tops meet. Screw the top pieces into the top of the back piece. Step 13: Paint or stain both pieces of the dollhouse. Once dry, screw the back on

How Long Do Kids Play With Dollhouses

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