Breastfeeding Glider Chair

Breastfeeding Glider Chair

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Our selection of the best highchairs to support and add comfort to your baby’s feeding

Breastfeeding Glider Chair

Having a new baby is a magical experience, but all the joys and special moments also come with hard work and lots of time spent on your feet. That’s why having a comfortable place to sit every day while nursing or bottle feeding can make such a difference, especially in the early months. A comfortable pillow is also very important for a good night’s sleep.

Tips For Choosing A Nursery Glider Or Rocking Chair

Fortunately, there are many baby chairs on the market designed for just this purpose. There are rocking nurses that sit automatically and nurses with an extra footrest to stretch your legs a little. Special chairs are specially designed to support you and add comfort while feeding your little one, which may include lumbar support, armrests or recline.

Below, we’ve gathered some information on what it looks like and put together a recommended list of the best breast pads you can buy right now.

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Comfort – You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in a nursing chair, at least for the first few months, so finding a chair that’s not only comfortable but also supports your back is ideal. Make sure the pillow is well padded and doesn’t lose its shape easily. The padded armrests are also a plus as they keep your baby comfortable while nursing or soothing them.

Nursing Chairs For Feeding & Bonding With Baby

Gentle and Silent Rocking Motion – When it’s a long night and you’re nursing your baby to sleep, the last thing you need is a squeaky or fun chair to disturb them! Making sure you find a nursing chair with a smooth and silent gliding motion will take the stress out of those late nights.

Ease of Cleaning – Baby can make all the messes and spills especially on the nursing seat. That’s why removable cushions, easy-to-wipe or machine-washable fabrics take the stress away.

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Armrest Pockets – When you get into your chair, the last thing you want to do is get out of it because you need to grab something. With a pocket seat on hand, you can keep essentials such as wipes, muslins, TV remotes or tablets close to you without disturbing your baby.

Extra Rocking Chair – Having a footrest to rest your feet on during long nursing sessions can make all the difference, especially when it mimics the rocking motion of a chair. This app will help you and your child relax.

Nursing Chairs: 9 Top Picks For Comfort & Style

Longevity – If you want your chair to last longer and get the most out of your investment, consider other ways to use it in the future.

Colors: gray or white with sand cushion | Size: Seat – H100cm x W65.5 x D72cm, Stool – H34 x W49 x D38.5cm | Weight: Seat – 15.1 kg, Stool – 5.95 kg Awards: Silver – Kindergarten Accessory, Awards 2022

With its white wood frame and soft neutral cushions, this nursing chair will look at home in many interiors. The gentle rocking of both the chair and the stool will help you and your baby relax during much-needed bonding time.

The package includes a matching footbed, 2 deep support cushions and 7 adjustable recline positions. We love the two handy pockets on either side of the armrests, which make it easy to slide essentials like a spare dummy or emergency muslin into the storage space.

Nursing Chair And Footstool

The backrest is easily changed and adjusted thanks to the available side handle, which allows you to fix the chair to a fixed angle or position at any time. A great mechanism if you have your hands full!

Colors: Many fabrics in birch, oak, white or dark wood | Size: H100cm x W68cm x D82cm | Weight: 10.3 kg

It may not be marketed as a dedicated nursing chair, but many of our parent testers swear by the Ikea Poang for its comfort and a little bounce.

Designed to conform to your body shape and support your neck and back, Ikea’s gorgeous chair is available in a variety of wood finishes and a wide range of fabric options, including full leather. There’s even a rocking version and a footrest to match.

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Gymax Glider And Ottoman Cushion Set Wooden Baby Nursery Rocking Chair Brown

Previous buyers have rated the chair’s comfort as “really comfortable, easy to put together,” while another, who has owned it for 18 years, added, “I can’t live without it.”

Colors: pearl gray or rose pink Size: Seat – H98cm x W64.5cm x D84cm, Stool – H37cm x W50cm x D38cm | Weight: seat – 11.6 kg, seat – 3.9 kg

The Dursley rocking chair has a modern edge, not only does it provide great support when feeding with a soft suede cushion, but it also comes in a range of colors including gray and hot pink. This cushion can also be easily removed in the event of a spill or accident.

The sturdy wooden white frame supports the well-padded cushions and provides the comfort and security needed for long eating sessions. The padded armrests also have pockets on either side for quick access to essentials like your favorite dummy or emergency wipes! But if necessary, it can be simply removed. Nursery Rocking Chairs Glider, Rocker Chair With Ottoman Set, Comfy Nursing Armchair For Mom, Living Room,side Pocket, Lumbar Pillow, Leathaire, Light Gray

Note that unlike some other models, this seat cannot be reclined or changed in position or angle.

Colors: gray and white or dark gray | Size: Seat – H100cm x W55cm x D68cm, Stool – H33cm x W37cm x D46cm | Weight: 18 kg

With cushions filled with high-density foam, the Costway nursing chair perfectly sculpts your body and helps your baby rest fully in your arms. Microfiber fabric feels soft and comfortable after long periods of rest or eating.

You can feel and count on the strength of the wooden frame, which is long-lasting and provides good support.

Babyhood Vogue Glider Chair & Ottoman

An impressive slow swivel function helps this nursing chair glide smoothly and quietly. A padded ottoman is also a great addition to add extra comfort to the rest of your body, while also providing a slow rocking motion as you slide.

There are also removable and removable armrest pockets, meaning you can keep your essentials close at hand or grab them as a storage bag when you’re done.

Colors: Duck Egg, Silver, Pink, Cloud Velvet, Blush Velvet, Grey, Sand, Navy, Mustard Velvet, Navy Velvet | Size: H81cm x W73cm x D79.5cm | Weight: 24.5 kg

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This elegant chair will be the centerpiece of any modern nursery or living space thanks to its modern look that blends easily with other furniture. This also makes it ideal for post-baby use as it won’t look out of place in other areas of the home.

Kub Haywood Glider Nursing Chair And Footstool, White

Aside from looking the part, its ergonomic shape helps provide plenty of support. Mamas & Papas, for example, said it positioned the arms at the most efficient and comfortable height for dining, while the solid oak legs provide a smooth rocking motion. The durable fabric and reversible cushion can also be removed for quick cleaning.

Note that the chair doesn’t come with a matching base, but you can order both for a slightly more expensive £709.

Colors: Natural or White | Size: Seat – H103cm x W68cm x D72cm, Stool – H38cm x W50cm x D40cm

The Sereno Nursing Glider Chair has 7 reclining positions to help you be as comfortable as possible, with a two-way locking system that locks the chair into place safely and effortlessly. Its motion is a gentle glide similar to the other glider chairs on this list. There is a simple side pocket on either side of the seat that can hold anything from tissues, muslins, knickers, bottles or even personal gadgets.

Reclining Glider Chair And Stool

The cloth is a durable cord that can be sponged to remove any spills or leaks that may occur during everyday use. The edges of the seat are deliberately rounded and smooth to ensure maximum safety even for pregnant women and young children.

The overall look of the chair is elegant and luxurious with cream tones along with a natural wood frame. The rear has a traditional spindle design that provides just the right amount of support when viewing the part. It also has a matching insole for added comfort and style, and it also has a soft glide feature.

The Pottery Barn Kids Nursing Chair makes bonding easy

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