Stressless Magic Office Chair

Stressless Magic Office Chair – Stressless Magic Paloma Chocolate Leather is a deeply dyed, lightly modified leather that retains its natural pattern due to the grain of Paloma Cognac Leather. A top layer of Paloma Cognac modified leather smooths out some of the structure and is widely preferred by most customers with a wide range of color options. Simply apply a thin layer of lacquer to protect the surface. This gives it a very organic, smooth and soft feel. Stressless Magic Paloma Chocolate Leather remains resistant to indirect light and spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage from penetrating deeper into the leather.

All Stressless Ekornes® leathers are sourced from cattle tanneries around the world. The leather is dyed dark during the manufacturing process. Variations include a base paint color and various paint colors (where you can see the two-tone effect). Inspections are carried out in accordance with international quality and judgment standards. Manufactured in accordance with existing laws and guidelines for human use, Ekornes® continuously cooperates with international bodies regarding the safety, content and use of chemicals and other substances related to health and the environment on the skin. It shows examples of stress-free lounge chairs, chairs and sofas in different lighting conditions so you can see how the colors change depending on the lighting. Some colors look quite different under natural light compared to artificial fluorescent lighting. You can use the search bar to find examples of different skin colors.

Stressless Magic Office Chair

Details Stressless Kensington Paloma Leather Colors: Khaki Paloma Leather Pearl Gray Paloma Leather Stone Paloma Leather Light Gray Paloma Leather Oxford Blue Paloma Leather Black Paloma Leather Sand Paloma Leather Tan Paloma Leather Pearl Paloma Leather New Wine Red Paloma Leather New Forest Paloma Leather Chocol Leather Paloma Paloma Leather Mocha Paloma Leather Cognac Paloma Leather Brandy Paloma Leather Clementine Paloma Leather Cherry Paloma Leather Chili Red Paloma Leather Lilac Paloma Leather Indigo Paloma Leather Rock Paloma Leather Taupe Paloma Leather Cerise Pink Paloma Leather Camel Paloma Leather Green Paloma Leather Brown Paloma

Stressless Wing Signature Recliner

About Stressless Leather – Ekornes buys upholstery leather from leading tanneries around the world. The leather selection process is overseen by official Ekornes Stressless inspectors using the industry’s most stringent international quality control standards. All Stressless leathers are dyed with aniline. Color variations are normal and to be expected. Remember that leather absorbs moisture and breathes. This causes some color changes to occur over time, accelerated by exposure to sunlight.

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Visit our San Diego showroom for the latest offers. We have hundreds of Stressless chairs in stock for immediate shipment. No factory delays. Call us now. We have a wide variety of stress free recliners, Herman Miller seats, human touch massage chairs, perfect chair recliners, fjord recliners, stress free office chairs and more. Fast shipping from warehouse. Fall under the spell of the Stressless Magic Signature Recliner from the comfort pioneer. 40 years of design expertise combined with the latest developments in furniture manufacturing technology result in pure magic! Using the patented Stressless Glide and Plus system, Magic responds to even the slightest movement of your body. Combined with an adjustable headrest, the Stressless Magic offers superior support and unprecedented comfort. The first ergonomically designed recliner is still the best today. Available in small, medium and large.

You can choose from a variety of leather and wood finishes to make this daybed truly yours.

Stress-free furniture fits perfectly in every room and every taste. Choose from stress-free classic chaise lounges, ottomans and sofas, home office and dining chairs, fully customizable home theater seating and coordinating accessories. For more than 40 years, Stressless furniture has been recognized in stylish circles around the world for its form, function, beauty and comfort. All furniture is made by experienced craftsmen using only the highest quality wood, leather, fabrics and finishes. A uniquely Norwegian brand, Stressless furniture is guided by the philosophy that “comfort is paramount when it comes to furniture” and is designed and manufactured where the Sykkylven Fjord meets the Sunnmøre Alps in central Norway.

Stressless Magic Office Chair From $3,795.00 By Stressless

Prices valid for model shown. Product shown in photo size M. Our inventory changes daily and we also accept custom orders. Check stock or contact us to place your order today.

PalomaPaloma is a slightly modified leather that combines dyes and pigments to smooth out some of the leather’s structure (grain patterns). However, the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly on some furniture and slight color nuances may also appear on the leather. A thin layer of lacquer gives Paloma some protection and makes it easier to clean, but Paloma lacks the durable quality and protection of batik or kori. Paloma is very popular because of its soft, natural and pleasant appearance.

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Batik Batik is a modified, dyed and embossed upholstery leather that has had most of its natural markings removed. Batik can have a two-tone effect to liven up the surface. Batik is a fade-resistant material, but it ages with use and exposure to light. A protective layer of lacquer facilitates cleaning. Simple cleaning, good durability and reasonable price make batik a good choice.

Korikori is a modified, colored and textured wallpaper skin. Kori is slightly thicker than batik and has larger pebbles. Most of his physical signs are removed. Some colors also have a two-tone effect that makes the surface more vibrant. A protective layer of lacquer facilitates cleaning. Corris is a smart choice if you want durable leather.

Stressless Magic Home Office Chair

Noblesse Noblesse is one of the best skins in the Stressless collection. Full body semi-aniline leather dyed with light surface treatment. This provides a degree of protection while maintaining the natural softness and shine that characterizes premium upholstery leather. Natural materials such as noblesse retain their original grain and structure and you may find different grain patterns in different parts of the furniture. The light surface treatment makes Noblesse very delicate, but one of the softest and most luxurious Stressless leathers. It easily absorbs moisture and is particularly sensitive to friction, heat, sunlight, dirt and sweat. Regular maintenance is important to maintain the original beauty of the skin.

We believe in being honest with good values ​​every day. We believe in striving for 100% customer satisfaction. You may pay a little more for quality, but after 30+ years, many customers say they can’t get enough of their previous purchases…that’s the real value.

At Valley Ridge, we want furniture shopping to be fun and profitable. We don’t like high-pressure situations when we shop, and we can’t imagine you do. Expect honest advice. We are happy to help.

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Stressless® Consul (m) Signature Chair With Footstool

The Stressless Magic office chair is made of perforated foam that molds directly to the frame. Our new Comfort-Zones™ technology recesses allow your body to sink deeper into the seat for increased personal comfort. The additional padding of soft space foam ensures optimal comfort. Super soft polyester fibers hug your body for an alluring look.

Ekornes guarantees the internal mechanism of the recliner for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase of the product. The 10-year warranty covers the Plus™ system and the internal metal frame, including the metal springs and slide system. Damage to leather, woodwork or failure or damage resulting from use of the product not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as failure or damage resulting from repairs carried out by persons not authorized by the manufacturer, are not covered. .

A 5-year warranty covers the chair base and ottoman, including swivel rings, gas lifters, extensions and all foam and interior padding for the chair and ottoman. Please note that some deformation or denting of the liner is considered normal and part of the getting used to process.

The one-year warranty covers the leather or upholstery, including stitching and zip assembly, provided the product is cared for and maintained in accordance with Ekornes approved instructions for the maintenance of leather furniture.

Stressless® Magic (l) Classic Power Leg&back

The Ekornes warranty includes the cost of parts and shipping. Ekornes is not responsible for any other costs incurred in repairing the product, including but not limited to service/repair charges. Fall under the spell of the Stressless Magic Home Office Chair from the comfort innovator. 40 years of design expertise and the latest news

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