Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis

Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis – 1) ArthurAshe Stadium Tickets Why are Ashe tickets the best tickets overall? Short answer: most options with full access to all courts.

Unless you have a specific player and match you want to attend, Arthur Ashe tickets are the overall safest bet to buy in advance.

Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis

Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis

Ashes are usually slightly more expensive to purchase than Grounds Passes (except in 2022 there is a $60 option for the upper concourse area). However, it gives reserved seats (very useful if it rains) and still allows you to enter any stadium. To me, each Ashe ticket is at least $10 more than a General Grounds Pass.

Coco Gauff Becomes Youngest American To Reach U.s. Open Quarterfinals In 13 Years

This strategy goes anywhere knowing that you have your place in Ashe when you want to see your favorite star players play. Featured players who are fan favorites almost always play there exclusively and often late at night.

The trick is that if you decide to get the cheapest Arthur Ashe tickets on the upper promenade, you don’t have to stand in the nose section all day! However, I recommend getting up and checking out the US Open field outside! US Space Website Free Tour Map First, walk around the outfield and be sure to go inside Armstrong, Grandstand, and Court 17. At least one of them has an exciting game. Another idea is to watch a match that looks like it will go to a 5th set and then go there to finish it off. If you’re bored, look around at some of the highlights below, and you can always come back to Ash later!

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2) Grounds Pass – General Admission (~$70-$100) If Ashe tickets are too expensive, your next best option is to check Grounds Pass prices

You can see all other stadiums and more than 20 outdoor fields except Ashe. Sometimes if Ashe is out of stock, this is the next best option and usually a bit cheaper. Field passes are a great way to beat Labor Day weekend or just catch the US Open for the first time.

Five Things To Watch: Day 2 At The 2021 Us Open

3) Louis Armstrong Stadium Tickets (<$150) At Armstrong, fans can sit up close on the second largest court at the US Open.

Years before Ashe was built, Armstrong was the premier stadium. After the latest update in 2018, the stadium offers better ventilation and shade for the upper section.

Buying an Armstrong ticket gives you reserved seats nearby and is a good option if you like a more intimate view of the players in a slightly smaller setting. It also works if the date you want to go is sold out (Labor Day weekend).

Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis

Armstrong usually has at least 2-3 good matches (top 20 players). Plus, you’ll be closer to the thrill without spending more than $150. If you want the same quality chair in Ash, it will cost >$500.

Us Open Tennis Joins Paul Mccartney For Mid Week Best Sellers

It also lets you into the grandstand (3rd field) right next door, where you can find some shade and have a bite to eat in the mini-football in the middle.

4) The Bull Ring Grandstand ($85+) If the prices are reasonable and you can find a good seat, I would consider tickets on the west side or along the baseline in the grandstand. There were some great popcorn games on Labor Day weekend last year. Any places on rows A to G for sections 1 to 12 will be of good value. Bonus tip – be first in line Almost all small playgrounds offer a first-come, first-served system. This means that if you get in line early (gates open at 11. The East Gate is less crowded) you can move quickly and get a front row seat!

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Tag: ashe vs. price in the field, ashe vs. court tickets open seat comparison court card vs armstrong vs ash ticket price open tennis seats tickets open open ticket prices from nyc after passing the first 8 days of open search and show us real photos, maps the seat shadow and impressions with the best things to see. Our secret shoppers help us try all the food and shops along with their honest reviews.

Disclosure: We are not employed by the US Open, USTA, JP Morgan, Amex or any paid sponsors – so all opinions expressed below are strictly my own. I only endorse benefits that I like and would use myself.

Advanced Edition: Iga Swiatek, Ons Jabeur Cement Status As Game’s Current Best At Us Open

Every time a fan buys a ticket from our link, we get a small percentage of the sale. You help them run independently and every year you donate a portion of your profits to charity.

USA Tennis is funded by every ticket you buy, along with humanitarian aid and hurricane relief – we’ve even returned money from ticket costs to responsibly support worthy causes.

Arriving at 9:30 each morning, I discover some little-known perks that US Open organizers and their superiors don’t know about.

Best Tickets For Us Open Tennis

VIP email subscribers (VIPs are anyone who regularly opens and clicks on links) have priority access to previews. Last month we revealed an amazing new feature for 2022 called the ‘Chase Pass’ which offers just 100 wristbands per day for exclusive access and reserved seats.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart

Chase also offers a $10 dining card. They expire after the first 2 days. This is the last one. Since I have an extra unused meal card, I will give it away to a VIP fan this week. After subscribing, fans can also enter a contest to win replacement tickets to the US Open!

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During Fan Week, DNCE Chase’s sound check offers a personal concert experience. We were among the first to sign up and tell others about it. The concert was sold out in a few hours!

Tickets are on sale for the 8/26 DNCE and Joe Jonas – Chase Sound Check concert. The 4 lucky winners should be emailed via Ticketmaster last week!

Get all the free US Open tips, tricks and perks. Register today before you miss out!

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