Best Puppy Training Methods For Rescue Puppies

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Want to start training your dog but not ready to pay a large cash deposit for a dog trainer? Fortunately, there are plenty of free dog training videos on the web that can help you get started on dog training quickly!

Best Puppy Training Methods For Rescue Puppies

Whether you’re excited to teach your new puppy some new tricks, want to try dog ​​sports that aren’t available in your area, or need help with your dog’s serious behavior issues, online dog training resources can help .

Hacks To Get Your Dog (or Puppy) To Listen To You

NOTE: Some of the paid videos we recommend below have affiliate links, which means My K9 may receive a commission if you choose to purchase a paid course (don’t worry, we’re mostly talking about free stuff). We don’t let this influence our recommendations, but we think you should know.

From puppy training to teaching your dog to stay put, there are tons of free dog training videos. Let’s take a look at some of the best free dog training videos on the internet!

Trainer Qualifications: Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, medical doctor and behaviorist who founded the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He is arguably the father of modern dog training and, frankly, there is no more qualified dog trainer.

All of Dr. Dunbar’s videos are hosted on his own website, Dunbar Academy, so we can’t embed any of his videos here, but below is a TED talk he gave on dog behavior. Yes, this guy knows his stuff!

Most Popular Dog Training Methods

What We Liked: Dr. Dunbar is candid and charming without being too flashy. You can easily pair online videos with their podcasts (iWoof) and free eBooks.

If you want to go deeper than his free videos, Dr. Dunbar offers the Top Dog Academy option as a $20 per month subscription package that gives you even more access to Dr. Dunbar’s near-limitless knowledge.

Constructive criticism: Some people found Dr. Dunbar’s voice a bit dry and complained that they might be woken up by his British accent. Some of their methods are not state-of-the-art, but they are still strongly supported by research.

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Great for: Everything before your puppy causes behavior problems. Dr. Dunbar is a true puppy genius, but his behavior modification skills can’t be overlooked either.

Train Your Puppy To Be Home Alone — The Puppy Academy

Avoid: Dr. Dunbar is good for almost everything. If Dr. Dunbar sells it, I’ll buy it.

Trainer Qualifications: Emily Larlham doesn’t appear to have any professional credentials, but like Tab Shamsi (below), she seems well educated and has great videos. She focuses on building a trusting relationship with your dog through gentle, science-backed training methods.

What we like: Emily (Kikopup) keeps her videos to the point and demonstrates them with various dogs. It does an excellent job with multi-dog training, which is hard to find great examples of elsewhere. His move training is really top notch.

Constructive criticism: Emily sometimes pauses her speech in a way that can be distracting.

Punishment, Puppies, And Science: Bringing Dog Training To Heel

Avoid: Severe behavioral problems, as most content is light-hearted. It’s not the best option for anyone who really likes flashy, high-energy video.

Trainer Qualifications: JoAnne Basinger is a graduate of the Jean Donaldson Dog Trainers Academy, a prestigious professional trainer school. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and is an experienced marine mammal trainer. In other words, this woman knows her stuff!

What we like: JoAnne’s videos are short and to the point. It does a good job of showing several different options for each skill in a short amount of time. JoAnne is clearly skilled and well educated.

Constructive criticism: Unfortunately, JoAnne’s Howcast videos seem to be very limited. There are only 24 videos on the site, and Howcast doesn’t appear to be making more. This means you might not find what you’re looking for from JoAnne.

Aggressive Dog Training Tips: Methods That Work

Trainer Qualifications: Full Disclosure: This is my channel! I am a certified canine behavior consultant (see here for the rigor of this certification).

I learned how to train dogs as a volunteer with a rescue organization that specializes in rescuing and retraining “unadoptable dogs.” Since then, I’ve trained thousands of shelter dogs and helped hundreds of families with difficult dogs.

What we like: In the free “Training Tuesdays” session, I start by recording most of the videos on Facebook Live. That means you can join me on Facebook at 7pm EST and interact with me as I shoot a class on a topic. This is very unique compared to other free video trainers!

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Constructive criticism: My videos aren’t as good as others, so watching some of my videos on a big screen can be frustrating. I promise I’m working on upgrading my equipment (and my editing skills). My courses are much longer than many others, which is not conducive to getting some information.

Ways To Take Care Of A Dog Or Puppy While You’re Busy Working 🥇

Best for: People who like to ask questions while studying, as the Facebook Live aspect provides an extra level of interaction. It’s also a good choice for dogs with behavioral issues like aggression and anxiety.

Trainer Qualifications: While Zak George seems to align with the methodology of many professional dog training establishments, this celebrity trainer does not appear to have any education or credentials that would set him apart in terms of knowledge.

What we like: Zak George’s videos are truly made for YouTube – his videos are broken down into easy-to-digest chunks of information. He is cheerful and charming, and his training is based on positive reinforcement. We love that it’s so popular – it really helps bring positive dog training to more people.

Constructive criticism: Some of Zak’s behavior modification videos highlight his lack of aggressive training – he doesn’t use proper safety precautions, and I wouldn’t recommend following his advice for handling aggressive dogs.

How To Housetrain Your Puppy: Steps To Take & Mistakes To Avoid

It could also be a bit “too YouTube” for my taste, with an overcaffeinated feel and dramatic shots. Sometimes it feels more like marketing and entertainment than real education. Their recent videos are also full of promotions for their dog food line.

Want to learn more about Zach George? Kayla provides a comprehensive analysis and review of Zak George’s dog training methods and practices. take a look!

Trainer Qualifications: Like Zak George, Tab Shamsi does not appear to have any professional background, specific education, or dog training credentials. However, he has a solid foundation and his training methods are in line with modern learning theories.

What we liked: Training Positive is more grounded and serious than Zak George, which makes it easier to watch in my opinion – it’s less frenetic. His training skills are solid and he does a great job of breaking down skills.

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The Best Online Dog Training Courses

Training Positive is the only YouTube trainer that I personally use to teach my dogs, and I use the other trainers on this list just to demonstrate to clients.

Constructive criticism: I can’t find much information online about Shamsi training certificates, which probably doesn’t matter if you’re focused on technique and obedience. However, I don’t like seeing behavior modification taught by uncertified trainers. Visually, it’s also probably not as exciting to watch as Zack George for anyone who prefers the YouTuber’s video style.

That’s right, My K9 has its own YouTube channel! We cover a lot of dog related content, from dog food reviews and DIY dog supplies to training basics, especially for reactive dogs.

Trainer Qualifications: The channel is run by K9 from Mine founder Meg Marrs, and while she doesn’t have any training credentials, she has years of experience volunteering in animal shelters and working with her own reactive dogs.

What Commands Do You Teach A Service Dog?

What we like: Not only does Meg offer training advice, she also reflects on how difficult it can be to have a dog with behavioral problems. Many viewers really appreciate her approach and recognize how difficult it can be to work with an unresponsive dog.

Constructive criticism: Meg is not a certified dog behavior consultant, so her training recommendations are based on what she has learned from working with other professionals as well as her own research and personal experience with her own reactive dogs. However, Meg will be the first to tell you that you need to work with a certified dog behavior consultant when dealing with aggressive dogs.

You may notice a conspicuous absence from this list of free dog training videos: Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan also offers paid courses, but their free videos are usually where people start learning.

While I was researching this article, I signed up for Doggy Dan’s free course. It starts off well — don’t advocate trying to get your dog to behave by scaring you about what you know. But just seconds later, he says he’s not eating his snacks either.

Adopting A Rescue Dog: How To Help Them Adjust To The First 3 Days

Sorry, it’s almost impossible to do much with dogs without scaring them or using food rewards. Of course, some dogs will work in return