Puppy Obedience Training Classes

Puppy Obedience Training Classes – Hello. Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog. I’m Nea DeMuri, dog trainer and behavior consultant at Furbaby Pet Care.

Since starting Furbaby Pet Care, I often get questions about how my group and private training classes are structured. We have a page ready for you on our website. But in this post I will also break down my classes on how to choose the best class or classes for your dog.

Puppy Obedience Training Classes

In alternate months. Allow only two per dog. Young people over 13 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

The New Science Of Dog Training

I will be running some walking classes in September to help clients work on real life loose leash walking!

I am currently available on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but this will change in September 2021. You can find / create your account by clicking here.

I start with a meet and greet assessment where I take a history, assess behavior and learn about your goals and concerns. From there I can put together a training plan that we will work through, with lots of notes and resources for you to use during the sessions.

In general, I recommend at least five training sessions for behavioral problems; by if he is just learning basic commands like sit / down / come etc. We can work in your yard or neighborhood, parks, and pet friendly stores like Early’s or Rona.

Meaford Dog Training Academy

I start working with dogs from birth! It is very beneficial to start working with your puppy with a trainer from day one, but for their safety, I will work with you to train the puppy in your home until the puppy is fully vaccinated. Please remember that when you bring your puppy to Furbaby Pet Care, you will need to have your puppy fully vaccinated, including Bordetella.

I can also start teaching young people as toddlers to prepare them for basic training and safety with their new puppy. So if anyone in your family is under 16, they must be accompanied by an adult.

You can use your customer portal called Gingr on the Furbaby Pet Care website to book services. You will find most of my services under “training” or “group classes”, but you will also find some services like “Daycare Training Break” and “Enrichment Break” under Daycare and Boarding options.

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Please bring plenty of snacks and a toy or two that your puppy likes and your usual walking gear.

Dog Behaviour Training: Dogs In The Park

Your dog must be fully vaccinated (including Bordetella) before bringing your dog to the facility. You can send your notes in advance to reservations@ or simply bring them to your appointment. Our team at Furbaby Pet Care will upload the documents to your profile.

This is a very important question and we ask you to make sure you have a good understanding of vaccines. You will need to:

We check your vaccination dates and may have to reject any dogs whose vaccinations are not up to date, so please check with your vet to ensure your pooch’s vaccinations are up to date. Remember, although your vet does not consider the Bordetella vaccination “mandatory”, we do make it mandatory due to the number of dogs that enter our campus. Because bordetella can spread quickly, we take every precaution to keep all of our furry visitors safe and healthy.

Please note that we do not offer refunds if you need to cancel a session. However, we do provide credit for future services.

Port Moody Dog Training And Pet Obedience Classes

Once you have created an account, you can book an appointment by calling the Furbaby campus at 306-912-7783 or emailing a booking request to training@ or by booking an appointment through our online booking system .

Dogs are most often given to shelters between the ages of 7 months and 2 years. This stage of a dog’s life can be very difficult for everyone involved and that is why I developed this training course. When owners and their dogs receive training and support at this stage, dogs are less likely to be surrendered.

I also offer a “human participants only” option for training. This is an option for people who want to learn about the puppy training process but are unable to bring a puppy for various reasons. Human participants can only sit and watch, but they will also be invited to participate from time to time.

Remember that these classes are designed to prepare your puppy for success in his life with people and other dogs. There are so many aspects involved in raising a puppy to become a stable adult dog, and it doesn’t take much to be overwhelmed. Help from one of our certified puppy experts will set you up for success so you and your puppy can thrive.

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“Kate was patient, insightful and an incredible source of knowledge. It was great to see her excitement when he saw her, but more importantly, she taught me so much! ” – Daniella and Luka

“Noble Woof’s teaching style reaches so many different types of learning. I only wish I had found them earlier! Forever grateful.” -Katrina & Takaia

Living with fearful and aggressive behavior in our dogs can be damaging to relationships and even dangerous. Our certified experts can help! We specialize in developing aggression treatment programs for leash reactivity, cane aggression, as well as human-directed aggression.

“From the first session to today, it’s night and day. She is much more confident, looks to us for guidance and generally seems like a free dog.” – Ryan & Millie

Puppy Manners: Focus On Obedience Commands, Walking Skills

Separation anxiety is one of the most heartbreaking behaviors for both humans and dogs, but it is treatable! Our certified trainers are here to support you and your dog!

“I cried, I said I couldn’t devote myself to so much work, I was angry… All the emotions. Noble Woof patiently guided me and now I have a dog quietly waiting for me to come home. I am forever grateful.” – Rebecca & PattySmart Dog Training offers a full range of courses and seminars with a high percentage of instructors for you and your dog. In-person classes are held at our main facility at 1415 McTavish Road in North Sainsbury and starting in September at the Victoria SPCA on Burnside and Napier Lane We also offer online courses via two-way video conferencing.

Training your dog requires knowledge and practice away from the classroom. That’s why we offer instructional videos as part of our core training programs. Forgot what you did? Take a look at home and repeat there to help you and your dog achieve the success you want.

Our class sizes are limited to ensure the highest quality teaching. If you decide to cancel your place in the class, we require 72 hours notice before the start of the first class for a full refund, 48 hours for a 50% refund. If we can fill your place before the class starts, we will give you a full refund. If you cancel once the class has started, we will not refund, but we will do our best to send you to the remedial class without your dog.

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Not all dogs are successful in a group classroom environment and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges once your class has already started.

If your dog meets any of the above criteria, or if you are not sure, please contact our office (info@) before registering for your group class so we can help you find the best fit for your dog.

We are happy to offer online classes and private one-on-one training for puppies (or people!) who may not be the best fit for group classes.

Online courses offer the same curriculum and high student-to-instructor ratio as our in-person courses. Puppies learn at home in a familiar environment. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our online classes and clients who choose to learn online report that their pups can focus more easily on them and the training exercises.

In Sync Dog Training |

Online courses are also ideal for families who find it difficult to leave the house in the evening or for people who live further away from our training premises. It is often easier for the whole family to attend training if they can do it from home.

If your puppy is too excited to learn in the classroom or is quite shy, this does not necessarily prevent him from attending our socialization sessions. Many puppies can take training courses online and then attend socialization sessions in person.

Some puppies are not suitable for group socialization and do best in quieter one-on-one encounters with other dogs. In this case, we can help you establish proper socialization for your puppy through private training.

Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges once the class has started. To avoid disappointment if you are signing up for an in-person group class, make sure your dog will be suitable for the classroom environment.

Cowichan Dog Obedience And Training Club

Not all dogs are successful in a group classroom environment and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges once your class has already started. Note that there is no socialization component in this class; there will be dogs