Best Airpods Max Cases

Best Airpods Max Cases – A while ago, I published my AirPods Max review. I covered everything I could think of at the time and since I’ve been using my AirPods Max for over a month, I cover everything I said. If you’ve read the review, then you know that one of the important points I brought up has to do with the included AirPods Max case.

For those who don’t have AirPods Max, it looks harsh. But anyone who has worn a pair knows I’m right.

Best Airpods Max Cases

That’s why I’m writing this article! Today, we are looking at the best AirPods Max cases. I didn’t want to include too many because there are so many ways to make a headphone case.

Best Airpods Max Accessories For 2022

They will all vary in price, material and design, however, so I’m sure every reader will be able to find one that suits their needs.

Before I get into the story ideas, though, I wanted to take a moment to explain my thought process behind this list. Feel free to use the table of contents to jump straight to the case if you like!

As always, I do not endorse any of these products in any way. The links in this post are also not affiliate links. This is my honest and unbiased opinion on the products listed in this article.

As mentioned earlier, I previously called the included AirPods Max case garbage. And today I stand by it. If you’re not familiar with that story, though, let me tell you why it’s bad.

Saharacase Hybrid Flex Case For Apple Airpods Max Transparent Black Hp00005

From a visual perspective, I think Apple’s AirPods Max case looks great. It is simple and unique and matches the design of AirPods Max very well.

First, Apple decided to make the AirPods Max case the only way to “close” your AirPods Max. When you put them in the case, the headphones go into power saving mode. If they are not there, they will continue to fall as if they are sitting on your head.

Why Apple didn’t include an off switch or have them engage a power-saving mode every time they leave your head is anyone’s guess.

Second, the AirPods Max case offers no protection. It only covers the muffs of your AirPods Max, which are the strongest part of the headphones. On the other hand, the mesh headband remains open.

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Airpods Lineup Comparison: Which Should You Buy?

This means you can never go wrong with your AirPods Max. They can’t fit in your bag, they can’t be left around pets or children, they can’t be taken out in the rain.

Including them in the case does not add meaningful protection. Even the muffs covered by the Smart Case are only covered with a thin layer of feathers. So he argues that this provides no protection.

In other words, the only purpose of the smart case is to cover your AirPods Max when you’re not wearing them. It is complete rubbish.

That’s why you should look into third-party AirPods Max cases. I don’t even call this an opinion. It is a necessary thing. Unless your AirPods are in the office or studio, you’ll need a case.

Apple Airpods Max Headphones Review: Excellent But Expensive

Fortunately, third-party AirPods Max cases can put your AirPods Max in power-saving mode, just like the original Smart Case. So there’s no need to stick to the included case or avoid buying a third-party option.

After having the AirPods Max for a month now, I’ve come up with a few features that I recommend you look for when looking for an AirPods Max case. It includes:

OK! Now that we have the background material out of the way, we can get into the best AirPods Max cases available right now. As mentioned earlier, I will include a range of prices, styles and products so you can find one that fits your needs.

However, this list will not be exhaustive! There are tons of other great cases out there. In order not to put unnecessary options here, I stopped at only these nine. If you don’t find one you want on this list, feel free to root on Amazon!

Airpods Max Review: Price, Sound Quality, Comfort, Features, Worth It

First up on our list of the best AirPods Max cases is the one I use every day: the Semirlane Smart Case.

This case has several things that make it the perfect AirPods Max case for me and, I suspect, many of you.

It is very cheap. It costs only $18 on Amazon. That’s less than Apple’s new Lightning cable – the price is right!

This design case is very simple. Nothing fancy or fancy. If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t even know the AirPods Max were in it. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. That is true.

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Airpods Max: 15 Things Nobody Told You About Apple’s New Headphones

The SAMYERLEN Smart Case also has all the features I mentioned earlier. Soft interior, hard exterior, waterproof enough to take in water, puts your AirPods Max in low-power mode.

The only thing missing from this story is a party. Like I said before, I wish I had thought about this before buying this case. It doesn’t ruin it, and I still highly recommend it. It has a small, tight loop that you can clip to a carabiner. It helps a little, but I still want to catch up.

Other than that it has been great! Great quality for the price, does exactly what it needs to and nothing more. If you don’t want to overdo things, this is the catch!

Coming in second on our list of the best AirPods Max cases is one that you see recommended everywhere. I can see why, because it’s as cheap and big as the AirPods Max case.

Airpods Max Case: A Bizarre But Occasionally Useful Accessory

Waterfield Shield Case is an inspired and classy case. Basically made from leather, although there are vegan options available. In both options, the exterior is soft and flexible, and the interior is filled with other soft materials that carry your AirPods Max.

Between the outside and the inside is a thick foam. This provides some protection, though not as much as a hardshell case. It comes in several colors, too (chocolate, black, blue, red, and green), though I think they’re all a bit too bright.

The selling point that Waterfield Design emphasizes with this case is the butterfly magnet. There are two small flaps inside the case with magnets at each end. You can press these two flaps together so that each stick has a magnet.

You can place the pinned version of these flaps between the AirPods Max muffs whenever they are folded flat to prevent them from rubbing together. The magnet also puts your AirPods Max in low-power mode.

Woolnut Leather Case For Airpods Max Review

However, the reason why these flaps can be detached is to make room for the smart case. If you want to continue using the original Smart Case with this case, you can! Simply remove these flaps to sleep again. Then put your AirPods Max in the Waterfield case while they’re in the Smart case.

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Overall, this is a good story. It was created by a team of passionate San Francisco designers who have creative ideas. It offers more protection than a smart case and will impress your friends.

Another issue with the Waterfield AirPods Max case is the price. It’s $99 for the leather version and $89 for the vegan options. No one ever said luxury came cheap, I guess!

Next, we have the UAG Ration Case. I think this is a reasonable case compared to the Waterfield Shield case, although it doesn’t feel as premium.

Saharacase Liquid Silicone Cover Case For Apple Airpods Max Black Hp00001

The case comes in Black and Olive. Like the previous case, UAG’s Ration Case lets you keep your Smart Case and your AirPods Max. It has a place to fit everything.

The exterior is a hard case with a pleasing shape, which makes it easy to handle. The interior is filled with egg carton foam, which hugs your AirPods Max without being too showy. The other half of the case also has a pocket, which is great for holding your charging cable.

It comes with adjustable inner components that you can use to secure your AirPods Max or, if it’s something different. For example, there is a folding piece inside the case that you can use to stabilize your AirPods Max headband.

As is the case with Waterfield designs, there is also a butterfly flap. This is what allows you to use it with your smart case while still having low-power mode on or without the smart case.

Airpods Max: A Parent’s Point Of View

Available at $79. It’s not the most unique or fashionable choice, but I love how sophisticated it looks. If only there were more characters!

Fourth on our list of the best AirPods Max cases is one that offers a premium experience without the premium price tag. Spigen Clasden Pouch.

This case is unique in that both the exterior and interior are “hard”, meaning there is nothing soft about the case. It’s not really hard plastic, but there are no cushions or felt liners.


Best Apple Airpods Max Accessories

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