Best Microcurrent Machines For Estheticians

Best Microcurrent Machines For Estheticians – It is a popular therapy that can be done by professionals or at home. The goal is to tighten the appearance of your skin, making it look younger without surgery. It is also completely painless.

Below, we break down the basics of the microcurrent facial, including how it works, who it’s best for, what side effects it can have, and how you can do it at home.

Best Microcurrent Machines For Estheticians

“Microcurrent facials are like a gym workout for your face,” Veronica Barton Schwartz, owner of Veronica Skin & Body Care Center in Malibu, California, tells Style.

Microcurrent Facials: Everything You Need To Know

This treatment uses specific low levels of electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, collagen and elastin, lifting it and making it look more refreshed.

By adding a series of microcurrents to your facial regimen, you can expect to achieve smoother, clearer, healthier, hydrated and younger-looking skin, says Barton Schwartz.

“Younger customers can avoid using a home microcurrent machine for maintenance,” he added. “If someone is over 50 and is seeing signs of aging, they want something stronger (with) a professional microcurrent treatment.”

The recommended frequency for professional treatments is once every four to eight weeks, says Baron Schwartz, depending on age and skin condition. Home treatment can be done several times a week for 5 to 15 minutes a day.

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“A professional microcurrent facial procedure starts like a regular facial,” says Barton Schwartz. The treatment, which lasts an hour in total, begins with cleansing and exfoliation. Next, a water-based connective gel is applied to the face. Then the microcurrent facial begins.

“Estheticians should be trained to look at your face to know which part of the face needs to be worked on the longest,” he said. They will go over those areas sometimes with metal rods.

You can get a microcurrent facial done professionally, or there are machines you can buy to use at home. fake image

“You shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain, just cold metal rods lift sections of your face and hold still for a few seconds and repeat before moving on to the next section,” says Barton Schwartz. .

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While some people will feel absolutely nothing, others may feel a slight tingling sensation. “I personally feel the warmth on my face, but it feels uplifting and good for me,” he added.

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“I always turn the microcurrent machine on low and increase the power as the client becomes more comfortable with the process and the session continues,” explained Barton Schwartz. “Most of my clients want an increase in energy after their first session because they like the way it feels, but it’s not necessary for the best results.”

While microcurrent has a long history of being safe, you may feel a little different after your treatment, Barton Schwartz said. “Some people may feel a little tired and sleepy. The effects can last about 20 minutes after your treatment”, he clarified.

If you’re looking for ways to maintain your skin between professional appointments or just want to enjoy a treatment in the comfort of your own home, consider investing in a microcurrent machine.

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Barton Schwartz also recommends it to his clients for maintenance. It is a portable handheld device that you only use for 5 minutes a day.

Julie Pennell is a regular contributor and author of the novels “The Young Wives Club” and “Louisiana Lucky”. She currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two young children. You can connect with her at If you’ve ever treated yourself to a luxury facial, you know there are a variety of high-tech upgrades to choose from when you book. However, in recent years, those plugins have become more accessible. Services once exclusively available to professionals, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning, can now be customized with at-home skincare formulas and devices.

One such expert-level treatment is microcurrent therapy, which uses low-level currents of mild electrical pulses to tone, lift and strengthen the skin. “This treatment is designed to ‘exercise’ the facial muscles,” explains celebrity esthetician Sara Akram, who offers a variety of microcurrent treatments at her boutique in Alexandria, Virginia. Although microcurrent is literally “fertilizing” your skin in the best possible way, don’t worry, the non-invasive method is completely safe. “There are no known risks of using microcurrent on the skin,” affirms Akram. “It has been clinically proven to be a safe treatment.”

Here, we break down what you need to know about microcurrent, including how to get the most out of the home treatment and which devices offer the best results.

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Think of a microcurrent device as a personal trainer for your face. By sending electrical pulses to the skin, microcurrent works to tone the facial muscles. With continued use, like body exercise, microcurrent results are cumulative, helping to create a firmer, more sculpted appearance. Because it also stimulates collagen production, microcurrent helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You will also notice an instant glow.

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All home microcurrent devices are different (translation: always read the instructions!) Akram suggests starting by prepping the skin. “A clean face is the way to go,” she says. Then, he recommends applying a generous amount of conductive gel, which often comes with microcurrent tools. “Applying a primer before using your device ensures a smooth glide and prevents it from bumping,” says Akram. From there, work your way down, up the neck and jawline, radiating up and out from the center of the face, “like lifting the skin up,” Akram adds.

Repeat these movements at least four or five times in each section. (Be sure to avoid the front of your neck in the Adam’s apple area with your microcurrent device so you don’t accidentally irritate your thyroid.) Once you’re done, cleanse again and follow your favorite skincare routine. complete

While you can use most home microcurrent devices several times a week, if not every day, Akram notes that it’s important not to overdo it. “You can tire the muscles and make them sore,” he warns. Many devices, including Akram’s favorite, the ZIIP (which you can buy below) will beep to let you know it’s time to continue. Be consistent with self-treatment, and feel free to supplement your at-home routine with a professional microcurrent facial. “Using microcurrent at home between services really keeps everything high and toned,” agrees Akram.

Best Professional Grade Microcurrent Devices For At Home Use

Ready to try it for yourself? Read on to discover the best microcurrent devices on the market for wrinkle melting and contour sculpting.

ReFa’s latest microcurrent roller can be used from the neck up and from the chest down to sculpt, tone and define the arms, waist, butt and legs. Unlike most devices (which usually require charging), ReFa uses a solar panel to convert light into a gentle microcurrent, and it’s also waterproof. We also love faceted rollers; Thanks to its unique design, each glide feels like the gentle pinch and manipulation of an experienced esthetician’s skilled hands.

Solawave packs a lot of power into its small size, fitting neatly into even the smallest makeup bag. It combines microcurrent technology with anti-aging red LED lights to firm skin and reveal radiance, as well as gentle vibrations and heating to help remove inflammation and absorb skincare. Plus, the precise tip makes it easy to get into the hardest-to-reach spots, including the under-eye area.

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If you’ve ever booked a workout on FaceGym, there’s a chance you’ve already witnessed the magic of this device. It uses electromagnetic stimulation (EMS), which works similarly to microcurrent, but penetrates deeper into the skin to powerfully stimulate muscles. When you feel the muscle stimulation with many powerful microcurrent devices, you will see the power of a net lift through many involuntary facial contractions, leading to both short- and long-term results.

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The makers of this lovely device liken it to yoga for the face: gentle, can be practiced in just a few minutes, and can reveal impressive results when done every day. While the FOREO Bear has five different settings for increasing intensity levels, it also features an anti-shock system that automatically detects your skin’s resistance levels and adjusts them so you have Always a relaxing treat. (Psst: Not ready for this more powerful product? The brand also sells the adorable Bear Mini to address the early signs of aging.)

Whether you want to eliminate fine lines, tighten sagging, or help restore a youthful glow to your skin, this device can handle it all. Along with coming with a handy travel bag, the ReSculpt has three different heads (two for microcurrent treatment, one for red LED) for better definition and texture. You’ll also receive a pair of protective eyewear, so if a droopy brow is one of your favorite motifs, you can get up close and personal with your resculpt without worry.

For those looking to combat the signs of aging, especially in the delicate eye area, check out this device from the list. The French brand has long specialized in eye care (their eye patches are some of our favorites!), so you can trust that the LED light (orange for orange) will both

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