Aftermarket Gpu Cooler

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AMD’s hardware partners will finally start releasing custom Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700 models with factory overclocks and fancy coolers—Asus has confirmed plans to release one. sample numbers in September—but if you don’t want to wait, the DIY route is an option. In that regard, Arctic Cooling has updated some of its aftermarket GPU cooler listings to indicate compatibility with the new Navi graphics cards.

Aftermarket Gpu Cooler

Fist in OC3D to spot updated listings. Below is a list of specific Arctic Cooler cooler models that are compatible with the RX 5700 XT and 5700:

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1080 Tested With Aftermarket Cooler

These same coolers are also compatible with some of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards. It varies by cooler, but a few of them are listed with support up to the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Pricing also varies by model, peaking at $69.99 for the Accelero Xtreme IV. It’s MSRP anyway—you can sometimes find them cheaper at places like Amazon and Newegg (and who knows if they’ll be on sale on Official Day).

Going the DIY route means potentially paying more in the long run, rather than just waiting for AMD’s hardware partners to release their own models. It all depends on how the custom templates are priced. If you simply can’t wait, you don’t have to wait.

All of these coolers are a bit old too. That said, I can attest that the Accelero Xtreme IV can significantly reduce temperatures and reduce noise. I installed and tested one on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and saw a significant drop in load temperatures (84C to 58C) and 10 dB reduction in noise. It’s an ugly cooler in my opinion, but it does what it claims to do.

Why Hasn’t Noctua Made A Gpu Cooler?

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Paul has been playing PC games and honing PC hardware since the Commodore 64. He doesn’t have any tattoos, but thought it would be cool to have one that says LOAD”*”, 8, 1 In his spare time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles with crocodiles (only one of which is true). The Accelero L2 PLUS features a 92mm PWM fan, 120 Watt cooling capacity, and a pre-coated MX-4 heatsink compound for excellent cooling performance. In a comparative test, the Accelero L2 Plus reduced the temperature of an overclocked AMD Radeon HD 7770 by 20 degrees.

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The Accelero L2 PLUS cools very efficiently thanks to its super-quiet 92mm PWM fan. Xtreme Hardware tested the Accelero L2 PLUS and it’s 29 dBA quieter than a standard cooler at full load.

Thanks to PWM control, the fan speed adjusts to the GPU’s temperature and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum that qualifies as a silent cooler. PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preferences.

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Accelero L2 PLUS comes with 31 RAM and VR heatsinks to keep your RAM and VR at optimum temperature. Thermal adhesive facilitates heat dissipation for RAM and VR, and provides a solid and long-lasting bond.

It has a flexible rack system and a variety of RAM and VR coolers in different sizes and shapes to accommodate a variety of graphics cards. Its CrossFire and SLI compatibility will come in handy when multiple VGA setups are needed.

GTX 1650, 1050(Ti), 750 (Ti), 650 (Ti), GTS 450, 240 (OEM), GT 740, 640, 630, 440, 340, 330, 320, 240, 220 (non-LP), 130 (OEM), 120 (OEM), 9800 GTX+, 9800 GTX, 9800 GT, 9600 GT, 9600 GSO 512, 9600 GSO, 9500 GT (non-LP), 9400 GT (non-LP), 8800 GTS 512 (G92) ), 8800 GTS (G92), 8800 GT, 8800 GS (9600GSO), 8600 GTS, 8600 GT GDDR3, 8600 GT DDR2, 8500 GT (non-LP), 7950 GT, 7900 GTX, 7900 GT, 7900 GS, 7800 GTX 512, 7800 GTX, 7800 GT, 7600 GT, 7200 GS (TC)

RX 460, R7 370, 360, 260(X), 250(X), 240, HD 8760, 8740, 7850, 7790, 7770 (GHz), 7750, 7730, 6850, 6770, 6750, 6670 (LP), 6570 , 5770, 5750, 5670, 5550, 4850, 4830, 4770, 4730, 4670, 4650, 4550, 4350 (LP), 3870, 3850, 3690, 3650, 3470, 3450, 2600 XT, 26200 Pro, 2600 Pro Pro, X1950 XTX, X1950 XT, X1950 Pro, X1950 GT, X1900 XTX, X1900 XT, X1900 GT, X1800 XT, X1800 XL, X1800 GTO, X1650 XT, X1650 Pro, X1600 XT, X1600 Pro, X1550, X1300 XT, X1300 Professional , X1300

A History Of Graphics Card Coolers

** Accelero Xtreme IV is only compatible with graphics cards that use standard size PCBs with a width of 98mm.

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Graphics cards of different sizes will not be compatible with this cooler. This includes: -Low-profile graphics cards -Graphic cards with expansion PCBs (such as: ASUS DirectCU II R9 290, GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5) The compatibility list is based solely on your reference board layout AMD Radeon and NVIDIA. Please check the height limit drawing before purchasing. In most cases, it is not possible to install a cooler when the graphics card is attached to the first PCI slot of the motherboard.

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What Is The Best Aftermarket Fan Replacement For Gpu?

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No More Aftermarket Air Coolers For Videocards?

We use cookies to enable you to get the most out of our website and to improve our communications with you. We review your preferences and process data for marketing and analysis only if you agree with us by clicking “Accept All” or if you make a specific choice by clicking go to “Set preferences”. More Information Looking to the Future: German hardware manufacturer Raijintek has announced a new version of their popular Morpheus aftermarket GPU cooler that promises to keep all but the RTX 4090 cooler than the RTX 4090. Original cooler. It also looks great if you like the industrial aesthetic of two exposed fans tethered to a block of black anodized aluminum.

Raijintek announced the Morpheus 8069 through Igor Labs this weekend after leaked photos of the cooler surfaced on the internet last weekend. But it did allow Igor Labs to run some tests on an early prototype a few months ago, so it’s no surprise.

The Morpheus 8069 takes the opposite approach to most motherboard counterpart coolers: instead of attaching more metal to the heatsink and using faster fans, it relies on thoughtful engineering and careful construction to achieve the same or better results with less material.

It weighs just 515 g (1.1 pounds) and measures up to 245 x 110 x 44 mm. For comparison, the RTX 3090 FE cooler it’s designed to replace weighs 2125 g (4.7 pounds) in PCB and is slightly longer at 313 x 124 x 52 mm. GPUs with 320W and 8069 TGP can dissipate up to 360W with two fans, not included.

Gpu Deep Cooling Odm Factory Custom Gpu Cooler Fan Suitable For Nvidia Gtx Series Gtx 1060 1660 Super

In the renders, it appears that the cooler has six heat pipes, but Raijintek promises that it has 12, each 6mm in diameter. They all meet at the die GPU before half of them branch through the PCB and half wrap around the die. Raijintek says they can be joined together into six tubes, but finds that splitting them into shorter lines has a huge advantage.

The 8069’s plus-shaped nickel-plated copper base extends to cover the memory modules of all modern GPUs, ensuring that they get maximum cooling. Included in the box are five copper heatsinks and three

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