Acrylic Cricut Projects

Acrylic Cricut Projects – Acrylic Ornaments and keychains are very popular right now, and for good reason. They are very easy to do with your Cricut and can be customized in many ways.

I love the many ways to personalize an ornament. You can buy these acrylic blanks and put almost anything you want on them. Let me show you how!

Acrylic Cricut Projects

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Round Acrylic Keychain Patterns

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If you’d rather watch a step-by-step video on how to do it, check out the video here (highly recommended!):

There are 6 different brush strokes you can use depending on the space you use.

Acrylic Engraving Using A Cricut Maker!

If you’re using text, remember to set letter spacing and source your text as a single word. Otherwise, Cricut will cut out each letter individually.

If you’re using a brushstroke, mirror this layer on the “Make it” screen because it goes behind the gap.

Then apply the brush stroke to one side of the space and text to the opposite side of the space. Did you know that acrylic engraving is possible with the new engraving tip Cricut Maker? It’s quick and easy and makes great decor!

Have you tried engraving with your Cricut Maker? With the release of the engraving tip, making a cool illuminated acrylic sign is quick and inexpensive!

Free Svg: Baby Milestone Acrylic Rounds » The Denver Housewife

I made a fun engraved teacher sign a while ago but I really wanted to try making a lighted acrylic sign. I thought Christmas was the best time to try it, as I love all kinds of illuminated DIY Christmas decor.

To be honest, this project was by no means perfect. Sometimes projects don’t go as planned, but that’s okay! This happens to all of us, and I had to learn to accept and embrace this reality.

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It was cutting the acrylic to fit on the light base i was having trouble with. I’ll get into that later…

Yes! With Cricut Maker you can engrave 1mm and 2mm thicker. If it is thicker it will not fit under the cylinder, I tried it! Unfortunately, you can’t cut acrylic with the Cricut Maker, but acrylic carving works perfectly!

How To Color Engraving: Make Acrylic Or Metal Projects Pop!

The nice thing about using your Cricut Maker is that you can design anything and engrave it on an acrylic sheet. And it carves pretty quickly. It doesn’t do a lot of transitions like cutting thick materials.

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If you want to use this Christmas image I used, you can find my project here. Or you can add the picture you want.

Size it to fit your acrylic. Mine is about 7.5 inches wide and 9 inches tall. Click Make.

Engraving Acrylic With Cricut Maker

On the crafting screen, you need to move the image so that it is centered on the acrylic sheet above your mat.

I centered my acrylic sheet on the matte between 2″ lines and 10″ lines and 1″ inch down. Note: My engraving didn’t come out exactly centered. This is hard to tell if you’re not a Type A like me, but some machines cut a bit off one side from the preview screen.

Remove one of the plastic backing sheets from the acrylic. Leave the support on one side and place that side down on a solid mat. Leave the plastic on so it’s not completely sticky from the acrylic mat! Tape all 4 sides.

Move the white rollers on the Cricut Maker to the edges. (Make sure to watch the video from the top or side to see all these steps in action!). Load the engraving tip #41 and the mat when CDS prompts you.

How To Make Acrylic Keychains 12 Free Designs!

So this is the part that didn’t go so well… womp, womp… I had to cut two pieces from the bottom because I wanted this 8×10 sheet to fit in a 3-inch slit in a lighted base.

I tried using a glass cutter first but it didn’t work. It indented a bit so when I finally cut it off I’m not sure if that was part of my problem.

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Then I bought a plexiglass jigsaw blade and planned to use it. I’ve read to tape around the piece you’re going to cut to prevent splitting. Then I measured!

The slit of the base was 1/2 inch deep, so I measured a 3-inch-wide section centered under my 1/2-inch-long acrylic sheet.

How To Make Acrylic Keychains With Your Cricut

And here it goes!! I think I did a few things wrong. First, I’m not sure if it’s causing the previous indents to burst prematurely. Secondly, it is difficult to cut the bottom part when the other side is not fixed. Maybe it would work better if both sides were safe.

So, it’s a little cracked! It’s not enough that the glue doesn’t fix it. I took my sticky glue and glued the broken part and it stays just fine on the base. Granted you can see the bottom cutout, but really only a month away and it’s not that bad.

I just found 3×3 acrylic sheets on Amazon, so I’ll be doing my next engraving acrylic project with these.

You can always paint the back, like I did on this acrylic sign I made with maker knives.

How To Use The Cricut Maker Engraving Tool

If you want to save this idea for later, move your mouse to the top left corner of the image below and PIN it right away!

Is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Engraved acrylic creates the most captivating night lights when illuminated with LED lights. You’re all telling me you love my previous acrylic nightlights I made with Cricut Maker, so I’ve created four new nature-themed designs made especially for Cricut engraving! I’ll show you exactly how to prepare, customize and perfectly align your engraving for beautiful results every time.

Watch the full step-by-step video showing you exactly how to create your own carved acrylic nightlight with VIP pass to Maker Academy Weekend 2022!

Cricut carving requires some special tools and some patience, but these nightlights are so beautiful I know you’ll love the results. For this particular project, you’ll want a Cricut Maker line machine, a Cricut engraving tip, and a piece of acrylic thin enough (2mm or less) to fit under the cylinders.

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Cricut: How To Make An Acrylic Table Number Sign

I love these engraved acrylic nightlights and how easy they are to make with the right materials, tools and techniques. I will also teach you how to put the acrylic in the right place. When you’re done engraving, just place it on the base and it’s ready to enjoy!

I let you choose from four designs, including hummingbird, butterfly, floating turtle, and seahorse. You can either choose your favorite or make the entire collection like I will! Check out this beautiful hummingbird:

I’ll also show you how to use a font in your Cricut Design Space project to personalize your night lights with names or dates during the engraving process. I’m going to show you the best free Cricut fonts you can use, as well as my favorite Cricut fonts available for an additional fee. This is a great way to make a truly unique gift this year.

If this is your first engraving project, be sure to also check out my Acrylic Engraving with Cricut Maker guide before starting your first project.

Engraving Acrylic With A Cricut Maker » Creates With Love

Here is a supply list of what you need to make engraved acrylic night lights! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you click on a link and then make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, but it will not cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

A detailed, step-by-step assembly video of the entire process on how to create a carved acrylic night light was unveiled at Maker Academy Weekend 2022, held online November 3-6, 2022. each includes a printable manual, transcript, audio files, design files and VIP pass-through support below:

These engraved acrylic night lights are adorable and you can too! Your Cricut Maker machine does all the hard work, thanks to the great SVG files I’ve made for your Cricut projects.

Here is the butterfly design with green LED light – SO beautiful! Cricut carving is a very fun way to make a great gift.

Acrylic Keychain Making Kit, Clear Acrylic Keychain Blanks And Colorful Tassel Tags For Diy Projects (set Of 30) Fruugo Au

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