Wood Pallet Desk

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I got the idea for this computer desk after seeing a few other projects related to surfaces. We needed a desk for our house, and I wanted a desk that would fit like an old closet. So I created it using only wood from 5 whole pallets and a box of assorted wood screws.

Wood Pallet Desk

I would say the only difficulty I had with this was separating the surfaces and keeping the planks split as best I could.

Pallet Wood Desk

After that I sent each one through my planner to clean them up a bit. I wasn’t too worried about the wood splitting from the screwing, it added to the “old mattress” look I was trying to preserve. The table top, back panel and two side legs are completely separate, and the entire unit simply snaps together. It is very easy for me to disassemble and move by myself. It has two drawers, two small holes and some shelf storage above. I had a few pieces left over so I quickly put together a decent little mouse pad.

I think it turned out pretty well. It still looks like just a bunch of surfaces stuck together, but it’s very sturdy and functional. Plus it looks “rustic” enough that my girlfriend let me keep it at home! haha Learn how to make a pallet table at home with simple instructions. If you need some cool wooden desks to set up a home office or work space, computer desk, kids desk and desk. Just follow these 40 easy pallet table ideas, which include PDF plans, step-by-step instructions, and reveal all the tricks on how to build durable, functional, and stylish wooden pallet tables at home on the cheap. Pallets can be used without cuts and without any modifications or alterations to build special pallet table designs. At the same time, they can be disassembled into a stack of individual planks to build whatever table design you’re so obsessed with.

Explore this collection of 40 pallet table ideas based on top-notch genius and creative hacks and you’ll be impressed at first glance. From simple toddler desks to L-shaped corner desks to multi-purpose, multi-user desks, here you’ll learn how to make all kinds of home desk designs from pallets.

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Building a pallet table can be as simple and quick as finishing a pallet with a metal hairpin or wooden legs. But it can be complicated to build a custom model with lots of features, storage options, and even custom design dimensions. Workable pallet shapes and pre-cut deck boards will help you save time while making pallet construction an absolute breeze. From easy to intermediate to advanced, there are DIY pallet table plans and ideas for all skill levels. Just take a quick tour of all the mattress tables to get an expert in making all kinds of tables.

Simple Wood Pallet Table Plans And Ideas To Diy

Do you have some free palettes? You can easily build any type of pallet furniture that is on your to-do list. This project will share details on how to build a sturdy corner computer desk from pallets. Most of the design is built from uncut surfaces and the dimensions of the table designs are too strong to live long. Moreover, the cabbies in the surfaces are as they are and hence allow the user to store different things in them. Learn more by viewing the provided design sample, made for inspiration. Instructions

You can organize an entire home office or workspace with pallets. Take a look at the details of this large wooden table made from recycled pallets for free. This makes the perfect desk to add to your home office and will cost you next to nothing. Build the table frame, then continue adding the torn boards or plywood to the frame to create a thin surface. The 4×4 legs will swing to support this extra large office desk design. The best color table built for multiple users willing to work simultaneously. funkyjunkinteriors

You’ll love the old historic appeal of this wooden pallet table, a creative remake of an old sewing machine table. This desk is used to organize an entire workspace and is really something that lasts longer. You need at least 4 surfaces, an old sewing machine, a cabinet with drawers, plywood, table legs and spray paint, etc. The best desk to add to your home office will rock for both finishing and writing purposes as well as computer and laptop work. Instructions

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Learn how to make a desk out of pallets by building this antique wooden desk big enough for 2 people to use at the same time. You need pallets, a galvanized steel saw, angle brackets, plexiglass, 1x2s, liquid nails, clamps, an old rag or cloth, old paint or stain, and custom woodworking tools to build this extra large saw table. It will make a great addition to your home workspace, and all antique furniture lovers will fall in love with it. You basically have to build a work surface out of pallets that you can place the galvanized saw legs on. Simple stylings

Steampunk Pallet Desk (with Server) Part 1

You will love this another modern curved surface table design. The design is built for multitasking and provides tons of storage options and features that will impress you. You’ll need wood cross beams, 2x4s, pallets, a Craig motor system, stain, and custom hardware to build this eye-catching wooden table design. Build the table frame with 2x4s, and cross beams will come in handy to support the large design structure and large work table. Sand the entire table smooth and finish with layers of your stain or paint for added visual appeal. Instructions

Building pallet tables is a hot topic. They have created tons of DIY pallet table designs that are gaining fame all over the internet. This large wooden table is one of them and draws attention with the ultimate rustic appeal. Simply unfold the surfaces and continue adding the slats flat on a wooden beam rail to build the large table top. Now, make the top stable on 2 wood saw legs for this spectacular wood deck design, built to impress and inspire. The finished desktop design is too big to work for 2 people at the same time. funkyjunkinteriors

If you have a large pallet stored in your home scrap store, you can easily replicate this exquisite wood deck design. The surface table provides a separate built-in compartment to hold your processor and comes at a decent height for easy handling of the computer. It will work great for both reading and writing purposes. Start construction by building the table frame, then finish by installing the solid wood top. Stain the finished design for dark chocolate appeal and weather protection as well. The finished design of the deck will be a gift that will win the heart of your favorite person. Instructions

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This pallet wood desktop creation is simply stunning in every aspect. The design, dimensions and prices are very impressive. The design comes with a large top with one side resting on wall brackets and the other on reclaimed wood legs. 2 people can easily work on this table at the same time. It will last longer than usual due to the robust dimensions of the design. The finished desktop is about 8 feet long and will cost you less than $50. You need 2 pallets, 2x3s, dowel nails, screwdriver, sandpaper and 2 table legs to build this large table. Lehmenlen

Diy Modern Office Desk Ideas To Build

Surfaces can be designed to build any type of furniture in customized dimensions. Here you will learn to build a large table, a home command center, from free pallets. Along with a raised work surface, the design comes with a built-in shelf and above it 3 compartments that store various media gadgets. The large screen rests on a central raised partition, and the entire table will swing out for easy handling of a laptop. Use the remaining wood stock to build a matching bench, as you can see. Instructions

Sitting kills, and that’s why standing desks came on the market to avoid sitting in a chair for too long. However, you can also build a standing desk from a few pallets for free. Duplicate the given design with the ease of creating a pallet tree and it will simply be completed in no time. The construction is intended for installing a wooden surface on a vertical surface slide. This will give you the beautiful design of a standing desk. For a glossy farmhouse appeal, paint the entire base of the table white and paint the top a dark chocolate wood shade. Dwells in happiness

Any unique desk model you have seen on the market can be duplicated

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