Bookcase Beaded Curtain

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E has a saying, “The best people in the world own beads.” This is partly because we love beaded curtains, but mostly because we love our customers. We find that our clients can be exceptionally creative when it comes to creating spectacular views not only in their homes but also for their clients.

Bookcase Beaded Curtain

We have been designing and producing beaded curtains since the early 1990s. manufacturing importing importing exporting Custom made. We are right; Curtains are the ultimate in everything from metallic to acrylic styles. We have many of our styles. Warehouses with nothing but beads.

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With so many uses for beaded curtains and the huge selection offered here; You may be wondering what types of curtains are best for your application. These are the items we have available. The descriptions will help you choose the right style for your space and needs. The links to the right will take you to each of the different types of beaded curtains.

Real Metal Bead Curtains – Real Metal Bead Curtains for Residential, Used for commercial and retail applications. Because they are inherently non-flammable, Many casinos and special event venues favor chain curtains to create the sophisticated appearance of moving architecture. You can even see the curtains of your local Whole Foods chain stores. Our real metal bead curtains are available in a variety of beads and are fully customizable. We have different link chains and BallChain curtains. You can order them in ready-made sizes on the website or contact us to make a custom size to fit your space. Here is a video showing examples of our custom made metal cord and acrylic beaded curtains.

Bamboo and Wood Beaded Curtains – The most popular wood beaded curtains for home use. These curtains are generally 3 feet wide and 6 to 7 feet long. You can see them; So unless you choose one of our Wood Curtains with multiple threads, they are not always the best choice for adding privacy. We usually see curtains used in doorways, but they look amazing when hung from the ceiling and used as room dividers. They can be attached side by side to cover larger areas. We’ve shot a few videos to give you an idea of ​​what wood beading can look like in your home. Watch the video here.

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Acrylic Beaded Curtains – Our largest selection of curtains is Acrylic Curtains. Our beads are the clearest, clearest you will find. The sharpest and the darkest. Period They are available in dozens of bead styles and range from 6 feet to 24 feet in length. Our event organizers; They are used to create very large scenes for TV and movie studios and more. Wedding designers use them in thousands of ways, from Wedding Arch and Mandap Design to creating table chandeliers to table backdrops. You can even hang acrylic curtains from the ceiling to create a rectangular box using 4 of them. at home windows, doors Pillows behind the bed. Acrylic curtains are used as a type of hanging over bathroom doors. A sweet feature of acrylic curtains is that you can cut the threads shorter if you want to use scissors. Our beads are “wire molded” so the beads won’t fall to the ground. Acrylic curtains can be custom made for you here in our Arizona production studio to make them last longer. double or triple the number of beads; For you to mix bead types into a curtain and add a flexible metal head train or top the fabric. Watch this video to learn how to draw a beaded curtain.

Beadedstring Bamboo Wood Beaded Curtain 90 Strands 80

PVC Beaded Curtains: PVC is a thick but flexible plastic-like material cut into shapes. The shapes are connected to each other using silver jump rings. The wonderful thing about PVC is that the “pearl” can be very large without adding a ton of weight to the curtain. You can add or remove length using jump rings. We have the perfect colors and patterns of PVC beads for a subtle flavor of hot pink and green to match Wild at Heart. We have a wide range of PVC shades and chandeliers available. We have many famous designers to specially install our PVC beads, creating large designs that would otherwise be simple and impossible due to the light weight of these beads. See the magic of PVC in action!

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Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtains: Plain bamboo and painted bamboo beaded curtains have thousands of bamboo tubes hanging on a wire or fiber cord. It is a popular choice for home doors. There are also many customers who prefer bamboo curtains to hide the contents of a closet or pantry where the doors have been removed. Because of the large number of lines, They won’t provide 100% coverage of what’s behind them, though. For example, It is not recommended to use this as a dressing room door. You may be showing more than one gallery than you want. We’ve made a handy video to show you the type of coverage you’ll get with a simple bamboo shade or a painted bamboo shade. Watch this video to decide if a bamboo painted curtain is right for you.

Flexible Top Beaded Curtains – Flexible top beaded curtains are most commonly used for our flexible single wall pop up applications. We have ready made Flexible Top beaded curtains mounted on metal tops. They can be attached directly to a wall; It can be attached to your existing tracking system or added to the frame. We make beaded curtains on flexible tops, so you can choose your own beads, specify your size, and we’ll do whatever you need. We can even make a FABRIC bead curtain for you! Do you need eyelets? We do too. If desired, you can add velcro to the top fabric curtains. Check out some amazingly flexible beaded curtain installations here.

Curtains with Jump Rings: All our PVC curtains come with jump rings, as do many of our more stylish acrylic curtains. As mentioned above in PVC information, the beauty of jump rings is that these jump rings allow you to add or subtract.

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To keep the beads from getting tangled, our tip is to hang the curtains in one place until they are all hung.

After your event: Follow these steps to ensure your curtains can be easily reused over and over again. This will save you a lot of time planning your next event.

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Our beaded curtains look great no matter what type of bead they are. Beads are already added to this rod. Just follow the simple instructions below (basically grab 2 nails and stick them together) and you’ll have your bead curtain in no time.

Curtain Tips for Hanging Beaded Curtains Without Ties: – To prevent your beaded curtains from tangling; We strongly recommend not combing the threads around your curtain threads. Draw the curtain first. After hanging the curtain, remove the strings.

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Top Tip to Store Beaded Curtains Without a Mess – If you are using our Beaded Curtains as a temporary installation, follow these instructions to store them well. Tie off your beaded curtains before pulling the strings. Take all the cables about 2 feet from the top and tie some kind of thick ribbon around all the wires. Then move several feet across the curtain and tie the threads again in the same way as above. This will allow you to lower the curtain and put it in the storage bag. We use a variety of items, from long bags to large kitchen trash bags to under-bed storage for our beaded curtains. Store large kitchen trash bags and wrap the bag tightly around the beads to keep the beads in place. Try to keep your beads from sliding and not moving from side to side to avoid scratching the beads. This way you get a longer service life. The good thing about acrylic bead curtains is that you can also polish them with Furniture Spray like Liquid Gold and rag.

Surface tip for attaching curtain rods: You’re dealing with a lot of beadwork, so sometimes some mess is unavoidable. or, Maybe you have a “helper” who gets in the way.

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