Welding Projects For The Shop

Welding Projects For The Shop

Welding Projects For The Shop – Welding is one of our favorite blue collar side hustles and can be a pretty rewarding gig. Whether you’ve already become a certified welder, or want to become one, it’s a great step to making a solid living.

You can even take hobby welding classes to help you gain skills if you just want to have fun at home and not make it a real career.

Welding Projects For The Shop

This article will focus on interesting DIY welding projects that you can do to make money from home, as well as how to get started. This is a perfect opportunity for introverts looking for work.

Industrial Style Bookcase: The Metalwork

Imagine waking up and going to the garage to do what you’re passionate about and getting paid to do it.

So let’s get into the details so you can start making some extra cash or even a full-time income doing what you love. The ideas below can also be some great welding project ideas for high school students.

First and foremost. if you work a full-time welding job, you need to make sure they are okay when you do a side job. Some jobs may make you sign something that states you can’t take any side gigs in the same field. So check with your employer and make sure you are able to take on the extra work.

You should be aware of the legalities and responsibilities you will have as a home welder. If you had to make repairs on a truck or metal component and someone is injured because of it while it is in operation, you may be liable. There’s a lot to think about, and a lot will depend on how you work.

Cool Welding Projects And Ideas For Welding

Are you a freelancer? Do you have a legitimate small business? Will the company using you be responsible for these issues? If you are a small business, you may want to get some insurance.

What you decide to do to make money will depend on your experience level and of course the type of welding you like to do.

There are a lot of metal crafters out there making really good money and having fun doing it. Many metalsmiths create custom work or sell their art on their own websites. Some create small metalwork projects, while other freelance artists can create huge sculptures.

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No matter what type of welding art you create, you can make a lot of money with just a few pieces. If you have creativity and welding skills, this is a great opportunity for you.

Heavy Fabrication Project

So not only is this demo welding no longer a “man’s job”, but the opportunities to live a great life as a welder are a real thing for everyone.

The money of a welding artist is almost limitless. When you sell your work as art, you set your own prices. Many welders who create sculptures can see their pieces cost over $20,000.

Some welders prefer not to weld and may outsource this part of their work. Check out how much farriers make to see if you can consider this for a job as well.

If the shop doesn’t have enough manpower, they can outsource the work to independent welders. Whether you work with sheet metal, MIG welder, scrap metal or any other welding trade, there is an opportunity for you.

Welding Projects On The Cheap

The best way to get into this type of work is to go to your local welding or machine shops and see if they can use your services.

But it’s important to remember that out of that rate you have to pay for tools, insurance, licensing, taxes, and more. So make sure you charge a rate that can offer a living wage and cover your expenses.

Etsy is a huge opportunity for welders, especially for smaller manufacturing projects where shipping can be cheaper.

If you are currently working as a welder and have some welding hobby projects, why not try selling them on the side?

Beef Up Your Garage With This Diy Welding Cart

There are so many vendors who are very good at metal art, proving that the concept works. If you can find a niche for metal products, you can start a great online business that can bring in a lot of income. You can also build your own websites on a platform like Shopify if you decide you want to do it yourself.

Below are some Etsy welders that are doing great with the sale to give you some inspiration. Use these ideas to bring your own welding crafting ideas and on your way to living a more inspired life as a freelance artist.

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MetalRelic has some of the coolest metal art we’ve seen. From roses to guitars and everything in between, his shop is full of surprises. He has over 1,600 sales as of this writing with a 5 star rating, so he clearly has a lot of love and makes solid products that people love.

This shop offers less complicated work for those who may not have advanced skills. Their focus is primarily on creating handrails and with over 6,000 sales and 5 star ratings, they’ve clearly hit the nail on the head. I’m not sure I would have thought of doing handrails, so this is just proof that if you have an idea, try it. You might be surprised what people will spend money on.

Best Welding Projects To Build At Home

Now that you have a few options and you can see the success others have had on Etsy, let’s dive into the cool things you can create with metal that people will buy.

As shown above, metal art is a super-cool way to create a side hustle. You can specialize in a particular niche or create a variety of options. Custom names and animal accents are incredibly common in metal art.

From animal shapes to metal wind spinners, there is no shortage of metal yard art that people will buy. Use your creativity and notice what people in your community have in their homes. If you are in the country, weather vanes or farm animals may be more popular. If you are in the suburbs, you may find wind turbines or artwork may be more popular.

Not crazy? Well, not really. More people cook their own BBQ than you might even imagine, and those who have done it say it’s not as difficult as you might think. Something simple like this barbecue pot will work. You can sell them online or at a local auction. If you can put a creative or artistic spin on it, you might sell more than you think.

Windmill I Made From Scrap Metal Back In Metals Shop Using A Mig Welder, Good Times

If you live in a community that likes to shoot, you can make good metal shooting targets. The whole product can be welded, which makes it a little easier than some other projects, but you have to add those hinges to make them turn. Drawing them can give you a fun and stylish edge.

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Imagine you are creating a metal chessboard. If your skills aren’t super advanced, you can use nuts and bolts to create the chess pieces. If you are an advanced welder, you can create every chess piece. You can use a flat metal board or be creative to create something that no one has ever seen before. This chess board from Etsy is a stunning example.

This is a very popular idea as people use gates indoors and outdoors. Wrought iron gates can be simple or complex in their details, so it’s a good option for welders of all ages. You can make small gates that enclose the garden or larger gates that can be used as an entrance to the yard.

Metal ramps can be used for many things. You can create metal ramps for dogs so that when they get older, they can climb the furniture more easily. Wheelchair ramps can help disabled people enter homes or buildings. You can also build car ramps that can be sold to consumers or businesses. All of this can be quite profitable.

Great, Giftable Welding Projects To Fill Out Your Holiday List — Baker’s Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc

Most homes with fireplaces use a screen to keep children away from the fireplace. With people who care about appearance, making a beautiful metal fireplace screen can be an easy money maker. Another option is to create log nets for the inside of the fireplace. or you can sell a matching set.

Perfect for retro lovers. It can be used for eating or even as a decorative table. It takes a bit more skill to make it collapsible, but you can make it with legs that don’t collapse either. You can also make them with no legs at all and sell them as a “desk pocket tray” that they can use while sitting.

Super popular. Fire pits are more popular than ever, and metal fire pits make a gorgeous accent to any backyard. You can create beautiful artistic samples or make customized ones for customers. There is no shortage of fire pits on Etsy.

For people who love to grow plants, flowers and even vegetables in a garden trellis

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