Wall Leaning Mirrors

Wall Leaning Mirrors – I believe an extra large beveled floor mirror can add elegance and bold design to any room in the home.

Having always been a big fan of using mirrors throughout my home, I knew I wanted to incorporate large mirrors wherever I could when designing the space for my next one.

Wall Leaning Mirrors

With high ceilings and a larger room than my previous house, I don’t have to worry about a large mirror appearing to keep everything in proper proportion and proportion.

How To Build: Large Floor/leaner Mirror

There are many reasons why mirrors are one of my favorite pieces of decor to use in any space.

One of the main reasons is that a large clear mirror can add height and light to a room, making it appear larger and brighter.

When placed correctly, angled floor mirrors can also give your guests (and you) a way to emphasize the design features of your space by giving them a second glance through the reflection in the mirror.

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Leaning Mirrors At Lowes.com

Tilted floor mirrors get their name because they sit on the floor and lean against the wall at an angle, rather than being fixed to the wall like a typical decorative mirror.

I like this height because I like a mirror that’s big enough so that if it’s tilted it’s 3/4 of the wall.

Most beveled floor mirrors do not require installation, although there are ways to secure them if needed or desired.

Choosing the right size beveled floor mirror is important because it can really make a difference in how a room looks and functions.

Umbra Hubba Arched Leaning Mirror, Brass, 20 In X 62 In

As I mentioned above, I find that mirrors that are 3/4 of the wall or as tall have the right proportions for the dramatic look of the space.

Below you can see some examples of different mirror sizes in a room with a standard 8-foot ceiling.

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An example is a 72″ mirror with an 8-foot ceiling, which would be 3/4 the height of the wall.

With ceilings that are 9 feet or so, I would go even higher to keep the same proportions, at least 84 inches or so.

Full Length Leaning Mirror With Shelves Oak

In my opinion, there is no worse place to use a mirror! This large tilting floor mirror can literally go anywhere you can safely sit without getting in the way.

I often like to use them at the end of a hallway because they trick your eyes into believing that normally narrow spaces are bigger and longer.

Another narrow space where they can make a room look bigger is in the entryway, and the design you choose is also a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home.

The dining area will benefit from extra large beveled floor mirrors that will reflect light and decorate the space you will enjoy for holidays and other gatherings with your loved ones.

Creative Ways To Use A Floor Length Mirror In Any Room

Your living room will be light and bright with an elegant floor mirror that sits beautifully against the wall to highlight any other design features you’ve incorporated into the room.

Of course, you can’t forget that every bedroom needs a full-length mirror so you can see yourself from head to toe before leaving the house – so why not use a large, slim mirror?

Below are 20 of the most beautiful floor mirrors I found online. All are 72 inches tall or taller and come in a variety of designs from traditional, modern, rustic and beyond! Each of them has a unique look and personality. Please note, they are listed in no particular order – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If you are interested in any of them, you should know that the link in the name will take you to one source and the image will take you to another. Just trying to help you because like you I love to compare stores and find great deals!

Looking for the perfect mirror? Check out my list! 10 Best Websites to Find Mirrors for Your Home Online

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Full Length Mirror, Openuye 70

I can’t wait to show off my skinny extra-large mirror as soon as my new home is ready! With so much to love about this mirror, I have big plans for how and where I will use it. Since my new home has high ceilings, I knew that choosing the right height for a large beveled wall mirror would make a big difference in adding the drama I was looking for to my design. I hope this inspires you to find your own mirror!

Now I want to hear from you – do you own a beveled wall mirror or are you planning to buy one? Where will you use it and what size will you choose? Let me know in the comments below! Last week, I shared my new jewelry setup. I got rid of my mirrored jewelry dresser and replaced it with a sleek jewelry drawer. I love the new arrangement and I’m so excited because it gives me more space in our bedroom… room for a slanted mirror.

I’ve always wanted a full length mirror in our bedroom because we don’t have the space in our house to see your clothes in full from head to toe. My jewelry dresser gives you an idea of ​​your hips going down, and the bathroom mirror raises your hips… so I have to imagine how the clothes will look simultaneously.

Now, I have my own mirror (from CB2, but no longer for sale) in our bedroom and I’m so excited about it! You will recognize this mirror as the same mirror I used in my brother’s master bedroom design. Everyone goes to this mirror and I can see why. Smooth black, some brass, size…all absolute perfection.

Long Hallway Mirror: Kingsbury Leaner Mirror|select Mirrors

But here’s the best part. When Ryan and Sarah were sent one mirror from CB2, the company accidentally sent them two mirrors! After calling the company to notify them they told them to keep it instead of sending it back. What’s the score! Since they didn’t want two mirrors that looked the same in their house, I asked if I could have an extra mirror for our room. They happily let me.

So we now have room for a full-length mirror in our bedroom. Yes, please!

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Finn and I put a mirror on the wall in the bedroom next to our master bathroom and we were instantly smitten. The mirror faces a small window, so a lot of light is reflected and brightens the room.

The only thing I don’t like about the mirror is that it’s on the pavement. Those first few days I was afraid one of us would run into it and it would fall to the ground. Although it was very heavy and it did not slide on its own, I was afraid that I might fall.

Best Floor Mirror

After a few days of extra caution about our bedroom additions, I decided I needed to find a way to mount this angled mirror to our wall.

After doing a little research, I decided that the best way to secure a tilting mirror to the wall is to use the same furniture straps that you use for baby-proofing furniture around your home. Often these straps are used behind furniture to fasten heavy objects to the wall. That way the furniture won’t fall if a child tries to climb on it. I found this furniture strap on Amazon and after reading the great reviews I put it in my shopping cart.

Since I don’t want my mirror to slide down or…fall off the top…I thought this strap would get the job done! You should use 2 fasteners for each item, then you secure one side to the wall and the other side directly to the furniture.

If I’m securing a wooden piece of furniture (or a wooden mirror), I only attach one side of the strap directly to the wood. However, my mirror is made of metal and the rear view looks like this…

Muausu Full Length Mirror

It has 2 slots where you can mount the mirror to the wall with hardware, but I didn’t want to secure the entire mirror to the wall because I like the “tilted view”. So I got creative with the straps.

I removed the “wall” side of the hardware so I continued

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