Vintage Audio Cabinet

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Stereos from the 1960s had so much potential that we weren’t about to let a little water damage and outdated electronics ruin it for the landfill. Using simple woodworking techniques, we’ve updated this console and added a touch of high style. Then we filled it with 21st century sound creation.

Vintage Audio Cabinet

When I found this vintage stereo console it was in rough shape. The foot had broken the bottom of the particle. So first I had to attach a new plywood base, fill chips and gaps, hide water damage, and tackle other cosmetic jobs.

Latitude RunĀ® Monongahela 1 Drawer Audio Cabinet & Reviews

The center had to be covered in place. I chose a four-sided book design with serialized, figured sapele veneered leaves.

The speaker was dull, so I replaced it with classic black ($18 per yard, and designed a new plate to go on top.

Sapele was chosen for the new legs as it matched the finish of the fronts. Sapele looks like mahogany and is similar to work with, but it usually has bold banding, which I love. I found some pre-milled 6/4 sapela at a local lumberyard.

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Vintage Record And Stereo Cabinet With Turntable And Receiver In Retro Home With Gold Carpet Stock Photo

A rare and important find! A vintage stereo cabinet from the nineteenth century (1970-1990) is the perfect storage solution for audiophiles. Every time we look for stereo cabinets, we can’t seem to find them anywhere. These babies are so practical that their original owners rarely let them go. Here’s your chance to discover the perfect media cabinet for your turntables, components or even your record, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray storage. Smoked glass doors allow for remote pass-through, providing ample drapery for a sleek, minimalist look. Several shelves provide ample storage, a shelf to allow easy access to turntables (gaming systems, etc.), and vertical dividers help organize vinyl records. Interior decoration is not the only strength of use. Place a TV on top to get the most out of this workhorse. There is a chord output from the back.

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St. Pete Records and Furnish Me Vintage are now under one roof! Shop all vintage vinyl and new releases from classic and modern labels. We even have tapes and CDs.

We carry mid-century modern luxury furniture along with Danish, Hollywood Regency and Chinoiserie. Our furniture is characterized by quality and timeless modern design.

Furnish Me Vintage is always looking for mid-century modern furniture, art, lighting and records. We are looking for designer, Danish, teak, rosewood and anything interesting. Is it broken? It doesn’t matter, we can fix it. If you are selling, please send us pictures and information. Loudspeakers do a lot of constant mechanical work, and as a result, many older speakers have had to be repaired or repaired. For this guide, we assume that you are not interested in a restoration project, but are looking for vintage speakers that are ready to go. This means having some understanding of restoration and repair, as many vintage speakers will have had this work done. This guide will explain everything you need to find the perfect vintage speaker.

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The most important thing to know before proceeding is that the rear speakers are not powered. Today, we distinguish modern wireless speakers with the word “passive”. You need an external amplifier.

For us, “vintage” is about 25 years old. However, this guide is useful when looking at any old speaker.

Small in size, unimpressive to look at, and widely considered to be the best mini speakers out there, these mini speakers can attract thousands of people when their original models are in good condition. You pay over $3,000 for a clean pair.

At that point I owned and worked on a 4301 duplex studio monitor for a happy ten years until it was stolen. Midrange imaging is impressive in the right spaces, the sound is detailed and accurate but never harsh, and the 4301 can pack some serious air for its small size. A classic JBL design that is often overlooked. Expect to pay over $1,000.

Vintage Hi Fi Stereo Amplifier Tuner And Speakers In Wooden Cabinets, Front Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 15167824

These simple two-way speakers in a slightly larger bookshelf format had the right components to deliver more soundstage than their price and size. So they hit it off. The little advent towers were my dad’s first speakers, so I grew up with them, eventually inherited them, and destroyed them with an 11 o’clock punk record and pointed them half-piped in through my bedroom window.

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The condition of the cabinet obviously affects the aesthetic sense and many speakers are clad in beautiful wood, metal and in some cases luxurious leather (for example the Italian Sonos Faber). But the position of the cabinet is very important for sound production, because the cabinet must be as passive as possible for the drivers to do their job effectively.

Any speaker with cabinet construction issues should be avoided. It can be difficult to determine if there is a problem with the speaker cabinet. Sometimes it’s obvious to the eye, but sometimes it’s a small vibration or other hidden weakness that sets the board apart. If your vendor can’t promise solid, passive cabinets, ask questions and be cautious.

Buying a Marantz receiver? Here’s how to buy new bookshelf speakers from JBL.

Why Vintage Audio?: Exit To Vintage Street

A crossover is an electronic (usually passive) network that divides the audio signal into different frequency bands and sends those signals to the appropriate drivers in the speakers.

Sometimes electrical components need to be replaced, especially capacitors. However, surprisingly, crossovers often work well after 50 years or more. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, because every speaker is different, and so is the history of its use.

But if your dealer won’t tell you a crossover is good, ask and be careful. Also, if replacing electrical components, make sure the replacement is as close to the original specification as possible so the sound is close to the original.

However, note that most sellers do not consider the crossover situation. No repairs are needed and repairs are neither difficult nor expensive, so it might be fine. (These are easy to make if you are good at soldering).

Retro Vintage Style Cabinet With Mini Bar, Radio, 8 Track And Record Player

The drive frame is a stamped or cast metal structure that holds everything in place. Often called a “basket”. It’s usually fine on most speakers, but steel can rust. Rust on the frame does not interfere with the performance of the voice coil, but rust can indicate high humidity in the cabinet, which does not bode well for the condition of any components in the unit (unless detected). that the rusted frame was taken from another cabinet).

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Tweeters are slightly different than other drivers, but the basics are the same. Because the power is the least in the tweeter, less structural strength is required. Frames can sometimes be made of plastic and very small.

A voice coil is a mechanism with a powerful, often very heavy magnet, usually in a small cone end wrapped around a copper wire. Your amplifier sends a voltage to the magnet which causes the coil of wire (and the entire cone) to move. That movement of the cone creates the sound waves we hear.

When the coil wires start touching the magnet, the voice coil stops working properly. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being heat from prolonged overload (we call it “blown voice coils”). To check the voice coil, gently press the cone (five fingers of one hand) and then return the spring to the neutral position. You want the cone to bounce inward and replicate the natural motion of the voice. There should be no scraping or rough feeling on the fingertips. If you hear something and feel friction, the voice coil is blown.

Grundig Stereo Console

You can’t do this test on tweeters because you are more likely to put a line in the tweeter. We mostly use our ears and the damage is very clear, especially when comparing good and bad tweeters side by side.

It is possible to restore the voice coil, but if you can, it would be better to replace the entire driver. With tweeters, it is normal to replace the entire unit.

The speaker cone, usually paper in vintage speakers but sometimes aluminum, hemp, Kevlar or clamshell foam, is attached to the frame around the large front wheels of the speaker.

Spider – broken part with an accordion

Vintage Hi Fi Stereo Amplifier Tuner And Speakers In Wooden Cabinets Perspective Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 15167828

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