Vanguard Renewable Energy Fund

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BOSTON – Vanguard Renewables, the US leader in converting organics into renewable energy, today announced that a fund managed by BlackRock Real Estate has acquired the company from Vision Ridge Partners. BlackRock Real Assets will work with Vanguard Renewables’ management team to build on the company’s market-leading performance and drive its next phase of growth, with plans to deploy more than 100 anaerobic digesters nationwide to produce renewable natural gas by 2026.

Vanguard Renewable Energy Fund

Since its founding in 2014 by John Hanselman and Kevin Chase, Vanguard Renewables has been changing the way we think about food waste in the United States and turn it into renewable energy that benefits the planet. The company reduces greenhouse gas emissions from food waste and cow manure through two distinct business lines: Vanguard Organics and Vanguard Ag. at Pioneer Organic Farms

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The anaerobic digestion process converts inedible food and beverage waste and cow manure into renewable natural gas and low-carbon liquid fertilizer. Vanguard Ag was developed in partnership with Dominion Energy in 2019 to convert manure into renewable natural gas. This multi-year partnership is critical to Vanguard Ag’s growth and Dominion Energy’s commitment to ESG goals through major investments in renewable natural gas projects.

“We are pleased to invest in Vanguard Renewables, a leading US producer of renewable natural gas from agricultural and organic food waste, accepting long-term contracts,” said Mark Florian, director of diversity infrastructure at BlackRock Real Estate. “Renewable natural gas is an attractive and growing market for decarbonization solutions for waste providers and natural gas consumers. We look forward to working with Vanguard Renewables’ experienced management team to support the company’s strong growth momentum.”

Neil H. Smith, CEO of Vanguard Renewables, added, “Today marks the start of the next exciting chapter for Vanguard Renewables as we expand our on-farm energy supply.

The plans are national. We thank Vision Ridge for its support over the past eight years and look forward to a new partnership with BlackRock Realty, one of the world’s most progressive and environmentally conscious investors, and continue to develop solutions to protect our planet. . “

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“Since our investment in Vanguard Renewables in 2014, we have worked closely with Neil, John, Kevin and the entire team, enabling the company to grow from humble beginnings to a national leader in the development of organic renewable energy.” Ridge Partners George Polk commented. “We are proud to help Vanguard Renewables become a unique RNG platform, pioneering a path to decarbonization in the US with high returns for Vision Ridge investors, and we are pleased to transfer ownership to BlackRock Realty investors.”

John Hanselman, founder and chief strategy officer of Vanguard Renewables, concluded, “I am very proud to have helped this company from scratch to become a national leader in renewable energy from organic waste. Vanguard Renewables’ mission has always been to help America turn waste into renewables. For the production of renewable energy and the future of resources for regenerative agricultural practices”.

Onpeak Capital LLC is the exclusive financial advisor to Vanguard Renewables. Evercore served as exclusive financial advisor and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett served as legal advisor to BlackRock Real Assets. Ropes & Gray LLP acted as legal counsel to Vision Ridge Partners.

Wellesley, Massachusetts-based Vanguard Renewables is a national leader in developing programs that recycle food and dairy waste into renewable energy. The company owns and operates anaerobic varieties on farms in the Northeast and currently only uses manure for Dominion Energy in the South and West. The expansion plan includes more than 100 anaerobic digestion units by 2026. Vanguard Renewables is committed to advancing decarbonization by reducing on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and food waste and supporting regenerative agriculture on cooperative farms through anaerobic digestion. To learn more about the company, its energy partners and Farm Powered strategic alliances, visit

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In today’s dynamic and complex global investment market, BlackRock Real Estate aims to help clients acquire real assets that can help them achieve their investment goals by providing clear, results-based investment risk and investment strategies. come back

BlackRock Real Assets’ dedicated team of industry and sector professionals provides global reach through deep local expertise. They have decades of relevant experience, deep industrial and geographic roots in their respective industries, and have built a strong network of partners over time. BlackRock’s culture of risk management, knowledge sharing and investment discipline sets BlackRock Real Estate apart and at the core of everything they do. With more than 400 professionals in 30 offices and more than $70 billion in client liabilities under management as of June 30, 2022, BlackRock Real Estate partners with clients to provide solutions tailored to individual portfolio needs, such as income, growth, liquidity or balance sheet results. for real property.

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Vision Ridge Partners is a leading investor in sustainable real estate assets focused on achieving greater financial returns through positive environmental impact. Founded by Ruben Munger and co-founded by partners Justin Gehrke and George Polk, Vision Ridge managed approximately $2.5 billion as of December 31, 2021 through three funds and related co-investments. Vision Ridge has offices in Colorado and New York. For more information, visit In business, competitors can eat your lunch by stealing customers and destroying demand for your product. In general, the colloquialism means to skillfully surpass, surpass, or surpass a competitor. Many of us own parts of our oil and gas (O&G) portfolios, including the Vanguard Energy ETF (NYSEARCA: VDE ). The profitability of the oil and gas industry may have attracted others since the beginning of the year. Both groups sensibly assess the current and future impact of renewable energy on oil and gas demand. As investors, we don’t want the market to eat our lunches, screw up our plans, or limit our retirement lifestyles.

I believe that the current oil and gas growth cycle is just beginning, and most investors should at least have broad exposure to continued oil and gas growth. For a comprehensive discussion of current oil and gas market conditions, see my recent FTI analysis. Energy bulls want to own VDE to gain broad exposure to the energy sector, where they can make additional targeted investments. Even investors who don’t invest in oil and gas may want to consider the Vanguard Energy ETF’s low fees and safe returns.

Dominion Energy And Vanguard Renewables Are Turning Cow Manure Into Power

What about renewable energy? Is it safe to invest in the oil and gas industry now, or will renewables offset demand soon? This discussion will begin with an overview of VDE, including a look at its holdings and Alpha Quant ratings. Next, the impact of renewable energy on oil and gas demand will be analyzed from multiple perspectives, both today and in the future. First, we’ll look at the results of a rigorous analysis of break-even costs by Lazard, an American financial consulting firm. We will then review some recent US EIA energy filings and put planned US offshore wind projects into context. Finally, we will look at the large multinational oil company BP.

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The Vanguard Energy ETF is a broad-based bet on oil and gas futures in global energy markets. VDE intends to use full replication techniques to track the performance of the MSCI US Market Energy Index.

Note % Weight Industry Quantitative Rating XOM 21.8% Exploration and production 4.99 CVX 16.8% Exploration and production 4.98 COP 7.0% Exploration and production 4.90 EOG 3.9% Exploration and production 3.33 OXY 3.4% Exploration and Production 3.49% MPC and Gas Refining 4.9% 3.2 Exploration and Production 3.38 SLB 3.1% Oilfield Services 3.46 VLO 2.7% Oil and Gas Refining and Marketing 4.98 PSX 2.4% Oil and gas refining and marketing 4.95 WMB 2.3% Oil and gas storage and transportation DVN 3.292%. 4.99 KMI 2.1% Oil and gas storage and transportation 3.41 LNG 1.9% oil and gas storage and transportation 3.13 HAL 1.7% oilfield services 3.45 OKE 1.5% oil and gas storage and transportation 3.08 BKR 1.5% oil field exploration and 1.15% HES 3.15. Development & Production 3.23 FANG 1.3% Exploration & Production 4.90 CTRA 1.2% Exploration & Production MRO 1.1% E&P 4.96 APA 0.8% E&P 3.43 TRGP 0.8% Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation 3, 13 OVV 0.7% E&P 0.7% E&P 3.43 E. Click to enlarge

VDE owns 100% of oil and gas, including various sectors of the industry. All 25 stocks have quantitative ratings above 3.0 or Hold ratings, while many are close to 5.0, indicating strong buys. Exploration and production account for about 70% of shares, while oilfield services, processing and marketing, and storage and transportation account for about 10%.

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VDE differentiates itself from other large oil and gas ETFs with a very good momentum, expense and dividend score. The Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) may look better than VDE, but I prefer VDE because of its larger holdings and lower concentration. VDE has 112 holdings with 67% of assets in the top 10 holdings, while XLE.

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