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Sleek, stylish and durable, the Cardinal is perfect for bustling family homes. The discreet design makes it a great addition to bedrooms, living spaces and other areas of the home that need an eye-catching focal point. With an exciting range of customization options and a ten-year warranty on mechanical parts that is unmatched in the world of TV cabinets, Cardinal is a solid and worthy investment for your home.

Traditional Tv Cabinets

To make the Cardinal feel just like you, we offer you a number of customization options that allow you to specify everything from the desired finish to the perfect dimensions. Our team will help you through every step of the process, which is as simple as:

Custom Tv Lift Cabinet

From now on, this process is solely in our hands. We will build your custom cabinet from scratch keeping in mind all your specifications and details. When we’re done, we’ll ship the cabinet directly to your door, whether you’re in Denver, Colorado, or Houston, Texas.

Each of our TV cabinets comes with a range of standard features that are included in the price. These features have been carefully selected for maximum enjoyment. We offer the widest range of standard features in the industry and are constantly reviewing to ensure that we’ve included everything you want in luxury every time you use your TV stand. Need to get a taste of luxury. In addition to standard features, we offer a range of optional upgrades to choose from:

USA Made Telescopic Furniture Lift with TV Lift We spent over a year researching TV lift systems before settling on our current USA made telescopic lift models. It is whisper quiet, smooth, durable and solid. It comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty. Each lift tv cabinet depends on where you want to place the piece of furniture in your home. You tell us whether it will be located at the foot of the bed, against the wall or freestanding.

TV Lift Access Panel All furniture systems are equipped with an access panel at the back of the cabinet with a lock and key. This allows very easy access to the inside of the furniture lift system for cable management, future upgrades, lift adjustments and basic maintenance if necessary. There’s also a 2-inch hole in the back and a cover through which the power cable can be routed.

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Wrapped HDMI Cables 2 pre-installed premium (version 1.4) mesh wrapped HDMI cables are included with every TV Lift system. It gives a very professional clean and discreet look. Each cable is labeled for easy installation and pre-installed from the TV to the component. If you have an AV unit that installs a separate universal remote, these cables will not be included.

Universal TV Mount A universal TV mount is included with every TV lift. Half of the TV mount comes pre-installed on the lift and the other half is packaged and ready to mount to your TV.

International Power Packs are available with the appropriate drivers and power cords for your country. If you are installing a TV lift in a 220V, 230V or 240V country, we have the right drivers and power cords for you. Just let us know at the time of purchase.

Easy-to-use height adjustment Once you have your TV in the desired position, simply turn the height adjustment knob and you’re done. If you ever replace your TV in the future, replacing it again is as easy as 1 2 3. It is the easiest to use height adjuster on the market.

Solid Wood Tv Cabinets

Power Strip Pre-Installed Surge Protector The power strip is pre-installed in the lift bay, so you can easily connect all A/V equipment in the cabinet.

The TV Lift Furniture product above is designed based on your requirements and/or suggestions that we can provide. Therefore, the dimensions of the outdoor furniture and the maximum dimensions of the TV are not provided. The first step is easy. We work together to understand your needs and after a few questions we will be able to quickly give you specifications, dimensions and an accurate quote for your project.

To start the discovery process, simply click the *GET STARTED* button above, answer a few questions and submit or call Cabinet Tronix at 866-876-6199 or 619-422-2784.

360 Manual Rotation When the TV is lifted, it can be manually rotated 180 degrees in each direction for 360-degree viewing. The swivel has an electronically engaged safety feature that prevents the TV from lowering until it is returned to its original starting position. Swivel cabinets are a great option for bedside cabinets, in the middle of the room, behind sofas and in corner cabinets. You can also use swivels for wall and window mounted TV cabinets, however, the rotation will be limited. $750

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The 5 Best Tv Stands (2022 Guide)

Sound Bar Bracket The sound bar bracket fits under the TV and allows the sound bar to move up and down with the TV. There are customization apps, including but not limited to furniture customization, so that the soundbar doesn’t have to travel up and down with the TV. If you are considering this option, please discuss with a CabinetTronics design consultant what is involved and what the sound bar size and space limitations are. $150 for the handle

Backplates Backplates help hide the back of the TV and cables when the TV is raised. The back plates attach to the rear support of the lifting system, which raises and lowers the TV. Backplates are a great option for units installed at the foot of the bed, behind sofas or room dividers. PLN 250 per set

Tronics cabinet furniture systems are wrapped in blankets and shipped to your home, office, hotel, etc. Our “white glove” service means that your finished furniture will leave our factory in perfect condition and will be thoroughly inspected by the shipping company on arrival. . The cost of this service is a bit high but works great for our customers.

If you prefer, you can order a box furniture system and have it shipped directly to your domestic or international locations.

Tv Cabinets Modigliani Arredoclassic

Please note that while all lift and cabinet features are pre-installed, the shipping company does not connect the TV or finalize the components.

CabinetTronics warrants the TV Lift Electronics to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. Warranty covers all parts, drive components, electronics, metal etc. If the TV lift is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, CabinetTronics will replace the TV lift or TV lift electronics (not furniture) free of charge. charge. . If the original product purchased is not available (due to improved design, etc.), the defective product will be replaced with a similar product of equal or lower value. The replacement part will then cover the remaining time of the original warranty.

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The Tronix TV Lift warranty does not cover: Any product on which the serial number has been erased, altered or removed. Damage, deterioration or deterioration resulting from accident, misuse, negligence, power surges, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature; unauthorized modification of the product; failure to follow the instructions included in the CabinetTronics product; Repairs or attempted repairs by a person not authorized by CabinetTronics. external cause of the product, such as fluctuation or failure of the power supply; Use of supplies or parts that do not meet CabinetTronics specifications. or for any other reason not related to product failure.

Shipping of replacement parts anywhere in the USA is free. Shipping costs for replacement parts shipped overseas will only be covered by CabinetTronics up to a value of $50, shipments over $50 will require payment prior to shipment.

Traditional Tv Wall Unit

Our systems are designed to be particularly simple and most components can be replaced simply by disconnecting the control box and plugging in a new one. Replacement of major TV lift components is extremely rare – our service logs show that only 2 out of 1000 complete TV lifts required replacement.

All Cabinet Tronix TV hidden cabinet systems are made to order. Size, configuration, finish, TV size capabilities, options and other special uses of the cabinet are based on discussion with a Tronix representative.

During this discussion, issues that will be discussed and asked will include: (Not all of the following need to be known to discuss the plan)

Only a few pieces of information are needed to determine the size, design layout and price. It’s always better to talk because that’s all.

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