Swinerton Renewable Energy Address

Swinerton Renewable Energy Address – David Witt, project engineer at Swinerton Renewable Energy, recently showed us the massive Mount Signal 2 site in Calexico, California. A 200-megawatt photovoltaic solar farm currently under construction is located on 200 acres of desert north of the US-Mexico border in California’s Imperial Valley. The size of the project alone is staggering and adds to the complexity of building a next-generation solar power plant. For example, Mount Signal 2 includes a single-axis NEXTracker tracking system that allows the 460,000 solar panel modules to position themselves based on weather conditions and the time of day. Once completed, Mount Signal 2 will power approximately 70,000 homes in Southern California.

As Whitt works in the field of renewable energy; That doesn’t mean one of the fastest-growing, most technology-driven industries can avoid some of the old workplace issues that have hindered smooth progress for generations. “One of the things I did early on was collect the logs that our executives were putting out,” Witt said.

Swinerton Renewable Energy Address

Because Whitt works in one of the second sectors of the industry, it seems like it will attract a workforce that is more comfortable with technology, but that is not the case. Their managers and field workers still worked with paper and pencil, which kept everyone busy. Finally, Witt was trying to decipher the calligraphy on a daily rain report. Then he had to go back to the Excel documents to make sure he got everything he needed each day. And they had all the information they needed.

Swinerton Renewable Energy

But that’s not all. “It takes a long time to put it together and make sure it’s ready,” he says.

Whit follows all his managers; They don’t just have to check and compile, they also have to write it back to their system. It’s easy to see how quickly times can add up.

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You look somewhere and say, “Is this good? You don’t have to bother them because you can say “Okay, okay.” You don’t have to watch them; No need to try to call on the radio or phone. I save a lot of time there. And stop what they’re doing. come here to talk in the office or go look for him off the field. David Witt, Project Engineer

But Witt is young and working in a new industry, so he knows there’s still a lot to be done in the construction industry: there are apps that address these pain points head-on. But in Witt’s case, that information comes with a caveat.

Cultivating Culture In Construction—and Why It Matters

“I think as a millennial generation, we’re constantly inundated with apps, so we often hear about a new app that’s going to change everything, and I think, ‘Yeah, sure. Others in the construction industry, especially project managers and project engineers; Who knows how Whit is feeling right now. The construction technology industry seems to be full of software options that make site management a breeze. From the astronomically expensive all-in-ones to the tiny ones, it’s all the same when it comes to apps: the end of all your reporting woes.

Whit knows that you can’t make field reports easy without hard work, and he knows this from experience. When I was looking for a technology solution, “One of my first reservations was, ‘Okay, is this going to be a new system? Will it be complicated? Is it worth it? Will I learn?” “He recognizes that construction technology often comes with a huge learning curve before it delivers on its promises.

What convinced Witt, who clearly recognized the high demands of Raken’s site management solution? Anyone who knows will give advice.

Another project engineer told me “this is definitely the way to go” and I decided to give Raken a try. “I agree, it’s really helpful. Those reservations are lifted for me,” Witt said.

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Leader Of Swinerton Renewable Energy Speaks On Construction, Solar Projects And Warfare Logistics

Of course, daily compliance has increased. It’s hard to remember the next day’s papers; If the kids forget, “Okay. “What did I do last Wednesday or what did I do for the last three days?” I have to think. It is difficult to remember and often not very clear. A lot of guys don’t if it’s not that day because it’s nothing. But now that it has become easier, I have seen the pioneers become more flexible. David Witt, Project Engineer

When Whitt applied Raken to the Mount Signal 2 field; Some improvements were immediately noticed. “Raken is great for a writer. I don’t have to worry about the shape of people’s handwriting,” he said, adding that he can now keep track of whose turn it is in the daily papers. I’m sure I’ve gathered all the information: the weather; counting people This is the place for me.”

Witt said the biggest time saver is gathering information. “We use Raken to track headcount and time, but each activity has someone responsible for that daily report, and we also use it to make sure someone is tracking it and reporting what they’re doing when there’s progress . , so I get an email every day showing how many reports I’ve received and how many people are on the site. Focus now.”

All the benefits Witt and his team get is that Raken is designed to be easy for the guys in the field to use. Because they are encouraged to use the app and open up the flow of information from the field to the office. “I’ve worked with managers of different age groups and everyone fits into Raken,” she says. “They like it because they don’t have to sit in the office and change me every day. I can confirm that this is all over . If I’m traveling with someone else, I can do it at home or in the car. A lot from here.” They come out fast.”

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Swinerton Named Enr Texas & Louisiana’s 2021 Contractor Of The Year

What Witt found was that implementing a solution designed to be user-friendly wasn’t too difficult for their executives and bosses to implement. Raken is so easy to remove that it is already being applied by contractors.

Raken helped it run more smoothly by eliminating the need to backtrack the entire Mount Signal 2 project. What is reciprocity? Witt explained, “I think one of the biggest moments I avoid is not being able to track information. I don’t have to chase down my prospects and find out where they are and where they are during the day. It’s all about remembering to do it, Whit says, because sometimes I draw hundreds of routes and it’s just one place. I know they’re there and I say, ‘That’s perfect,’ so I don’t have to bother them. I don’t have to follow them. I don’t have to I try to get on the radio or the phone. It saves a lot of time and I think the best time I can get them to stop what they’re doing is to come here, talk in the office or go out in the field and finding them is just finding them, ‘Are you ready?’

By choosing a tool that field supervisors and supervisees really love and want to use, Whitt saves time, as well as time for himself and his supervisors and supervisees.

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