Stylish Blackout Curtains

Stylish Blackout Curtains – Avoid light while you sleep for a better night’s rest — these expert-recommended blackout curtains are a great place to start. pottery; Amazon

Daylight Saving Time is almost here – this year it will be on Sunday, November 6 – which means we will sleep for an hour and, at this stage, gain sunlight in the morning and lose some in the evening. If the changing seasons mean the sun will rise before you, solar blinds can be a worthwhile investment: experts tell us they look like regular blinds but have a curtain that prevents light from entering your room. They can also help regulate your overall sleep quality – studies have found that changing your exposure to light before you wake up can reduce your sleep quality, disrupt your circadian rhythm (the internal process that regulates sleep) and make you feel tired earlier. day.

Stylish Blackout Curtains

In addition to filtering light, there are many other benefits to curtains – as long as you choose the right one for your home. We spoke to experts about what to consider when buying blackout curtains and how to get the most out of them. We also highlighted their selection to buy blackout curtains.

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The word “blackout” often refers to a double-layered, tightly woven fabric designed to block light, says Beth Brown, interior designer and owner of Beth Brown Interiors in Atlanta. There’s also a built-in blackout that completely blocks light, achieved by “a coating applied to the fabric [that] blocks the tiny pores in the weave,” Brown says. “This material is thick and provides thermal benefits, suppresses noise and creates greater privacy.”

Besides keeping the morning sun out of your eyes, our experts explain the additional benefits of blackout curtains:

We talked to our experts about the benefits of blackout curtains and how to buy them, and we’ve highlighted their recommendations below for the best blackout curtains to buy at all price points and styles. The blackout curtains below are all highly rated, available in a variety of sizes to fit your window and feature multiple pull options to suit your preferences.

Available in three different sizes from 80 inches to 104 inches long, these pole pocket curtains can be a simple yet effective option, Brown explains. “This selection meets all your needs for well-designed curtains at an affordable price,” she said. Curtains are offered individually or in sets of two and you can purchase separate ring clips for ease of use.

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Best Blackout Curtains In 2022, According To Experts

These blackout curtains are made of 100 percent polyester and triple-weave fabric, according to the brand. They have two panels, and your choice of 1.5 inch grommets or stick pockets. “This is an affordable option that ships quickly and comes in a variety of colors and styles,” Brown said. “With the type of fabric, they do a good job of blocking outside noise and insulating rooms for energy use.”

According to Amazon, these blackout curtains are machine washable, come with Velcro for fastening and are manufactured in a standard Oeko-TEX factory. In addition, with their reasonable price point and style, Brown notes that they are an ideal choice for rooms that change frequently – such as children’s rooms – or for those who rent.

For buyers looking to get more use out of their shades and blinds, both O’Brien and Brown recommend The Shade Shop as a great resource for customizing the exact type of blinds in your home.

“With over eight tent patterns and over 650 fabric items, you can create a tent,” says Brown. No matter what style you have in mind. However, due to their customization features and overall quality, both experts add that The Shade Store will cost more than your average home goods or big box retailer.

Frost Grey Blackout Curtains/52 X 84 Inch/set Of 2 Panels Thermal Insulated Gray Room Darkening Curtains For Bedroom

O’Brien recommends Pottery Barn curtains because their patterns and colors “work well with most people’s homes.” Sold as individual panels, Emery Linen Blackout curtains are made from a combination of linen and cotton and feature a curtain ring or clip. You can choose between two widths – 50 inches and 100 inches – and three heights: 84 inches, 96 inches and 108 inches.

These cotton drapes feature golden stud trim and stud pockets. They are available in single or double sets and come in three colors: Nude Blush, Black and Ivory.

Susan Peters, owner and interior designer of 9108 Designs, emphasized PBteen’s combination of quality and design details. “Don’t let the ‘young’ part fool you – this veil is suitable for all ages,” she added. “Ceramic cabinets across the board make wonderful hidden curtains.”

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In your bedroom, these thermal curtains can block up to 99 percent of light, according to the brand. I’ve previously featured these curtains as my favorite bedroom accessories during the cold New York winters when I’m looking for total darkness, and Brown agreed that they would be a great choice for the bedroom. Available in 24 fade-resistant colors and 10 sizes, the brand says it comes with two panels per set to accommodate a variety of windows and styles.

Merek Punch Curtain, Blackout Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains, Double Layer With Embroidered Voile, For Living Room Bedroom 400×270cm(157×106inch) B 1 Panels

Blackout curtains are the best for kids’ rooms: Clay Kids’ Blog

Experts we spoke with agreed that Pottery Barn Kids offers great options for nursery or nursery curtains. “They put black curtains on top by selling a lot of different, stylish curtains in different colors,” said Peters.

One of his favorites is this cotton weave curtain with a high treatment that is in one so you can choose from pole pockets, straps, clip rings or drapery rings depending on the look you want. While ruffles add a fun detail, they’re still available in simple designs if you’re looking for a gender-neutral option.

If you’re looking for specific blinds that can be offered as a blackout option, or if you just want to keep the blinds you have in your home, placing a blind under your regular blinds can be an effective (and often more economical) way to achieve a blackout effect, according to Peters. “You can buy any curtain that matches your style and pair it with blackout curtains or sunshades,” he said. Our experts recommend that this black liner, which comes with two panels and water-repellent rings, is washable and blocks up to 99 percent of light, according to the brand.

Rose Home Fashion Thermal White 100% Blackout Curtains

The best blackout curtains for your bedroom depend on several factors, including drapery style, size and price point.

“It is important that you think about how these curtains will be used and where they will be in the home to check what makes sense for your long-term needs,” said Brown.

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If you are looking for patterns, ruffles or other elements of style, we recommend that you look in the section for children and teenagers, even if you are not buying a room for children.

“Curtains for adults tend to be simple — options for kids tend to offer something for them,” says Brown. Buying curtains from children’s sites can also save you a little money, as they are often much cheaper than adult models, he adds.

Best Blackout Curtains To Stay Cool And Comfortable

Whichever model you choose, you should read the fine print before your final purchase to avoid disappointment. “Make sure you see the word ‘extinguish’ in the definition as opposed to ‘darkening the room’ or ‘filtering the light,'” says Peters. “These two options may not block the light in your room.”

While there are many drapery styles and curtain sizes to choose from, experts agree that it all comes down to personal preference and the shape and size of your window.

The experts we spoke to explained that the style of the curtains – or how the curtain hangs on the curtain – is one of the most important things to consider when buying curtains. Blackout curtains usually come in a variety of drapery styles:

Using draperies with rings is very practical, and if you want draperies with stripes, you’re going to be opening and closing them every day,” O’Brien said. He added that rings tend to slide down the tree easily, while plastic bags and grommets “are tough, it’s hard to open and close and doesn’t look polished.” Ultimately, however, this decision is based on personal preference.

Best Blackout Curtains To Buy In 2021

O’Brien also noted that wide curtain rods are heavier than regular curtains, so investing in a good quality curtain is important. “Don’t buy the smallest, most expensive rod—you don’t want it to bend or break,” he said, adding that buyers should look for rods that are 1 inch thick and can hold more fabric. And there

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