Kitchen Grocery Storage

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Every cook worth their salt knows that a great home-cooked meal starts in the pantry. One of the most visited places in any home, the pantry houses essential ingredients for your favorite meals and is where you store everything from extra snacks to beverages. But because it’s such a popular neighborhood, it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep your pantry staples in order.

Kitchen Grocery Storage

If you keep it well stocked with spices and everyday staples and do what you can to ensure the essentials are well organized, your pantry will serve you well. We share kitchen storage ideas that will help you keep your food fresh longer and make the most of your space. Ahead, explore some of our best pantry storage ideas that will make your space neater and your life easier.

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Rather than putting stickers on each container, designate areas (for oils, condiments, snacks) with bookplates. “They keep everything organized and add vintage charm,” says Lorna Aragon,

The house editor. Using cheap crates – which allow air circulation – to store potatoes and onions extends shelf life; Use Your Best Bowls – We love Ohio Stoneware utility pots

To reduce visual clutter, Lorna also advises decanting non-perishable staples like rice and beans into canisters and sticking their boiling instructions on the bottom of the jars to avoid “how long should I cook this?” Moments.

Wicker bins, or bins made from any natural material, help keep your pantry organized by storing everything from canned goods to kids’ snacks. Clear labels describing exactly what’s inside each bin make it easy to find your dinner snack or the last ingredient for dinner.

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Assign shelves to a type of food or use, such as baking essentials, dry ingredients and snacks, and place canned goods in glass boxes for efficient pantry storage.

Make sure your baking ingredients are properly stored and organized in your pantry with containers that have airtight seals. As a bonus, they stack like a dream.

Use the different shelving heights in your pantry to your advantage by storing taller items, like bottles, at the bottom.

For a home with limited, open pantry space, go for a uniform look by placing items like cereal and baking essentials in clear storage containers.

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The Best Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Although color coding isn’t possible for your everyday pantry, arranging your favorite drinks full display in a butler’s pantry is an aesthetically pleasing option.

Designating a storage bin in your pantry (preferably on a low shelf) for your kids with a clearly written label is a great way to keep their favorite snacks where they can get them.

Use unused areas of your pantry for storage, such as the back of a door. Place your most used spices in magnetic or adhesive canisters for easy access.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ledge or shelf above your pantry door, this is a great storage opportunity for your less frequently used items, like specialty flours and oils.

Idesign Linus Spice Packet Organizer Bin For Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertops

Store spirits on a shelf or in a drawer high enough to allow the bottles to stand upright. Here, vertical shelves separate the types of alcohol, making it easy to find what you need.

What to do with those extra bags of groceries? Reuse them with this handy holder – it even makes a lovely addition to the decor.

Store the ingredients in airtight containers, away from heat and light sources. These etched glass storage jars are both functional and decorative.

Insects are unwanted little guests that can nevertheless crawl into the crevices of your pantry. Protect them with an age-old trick: put a dried chili or a bay leaf in each jar. The colorful plants are non-toxic and have natural insect repellent properties.

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Stored correctly, the spices will last up to a year. So keep them in airtight containers and away from light, away from heat. Use clipart tags to organize and identify each. Every product we offer is independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Without using smart storage ideas, your small kitchen can quickly feel cramped and your everyday items can seem endless, especially if counter and cabinet space is limited. The truth is, you’ll never feel like the kitchen is truly functional until you take the time to assess how you store everything from kitchen appliances and utensils to fragile glassware and dishes. . This can help you maximize every inch of space and ensure you don’t waste valuable space by storing everyday items incorrectly.

To combat cramped spaces, you need to use innovative kitchen storage ideas that will make you rethink the way you look at the room. Our ideas use common kitchen features to create unique solutions including pantry doors, cabinets, shelves, utility cupboards and wall spaces. Additionally, you may want to consider some design elements, such as a recycling station or a sink rack to give your kitchen some extra style and storage space.

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Some key investments can also go a long way in freeing up space, such as freestanding shelves, ideal for storing everyday kitchen items like spices, and drilled corbels for hanging utensils to free up valuable space in the drawers. You may want to consider completely redesigning your small kitchen layout and installing custom cabinetry that includes pull-out drawers and additional shelving. We tell you the best uses for custom additions and how you can maximize your existing space with the least effort. Ahead, we share small kitchen storage ideas to improve the high-traffic area of ​​your home and include some tips from our founder.

Mega Organized Pantries We’re Totally Panting Over

Make the most of your space by organizing your pantry staples. Be sure to check the expiration dates on your cereals and dry goods, so unnecessary items do not take up valuable space on your shelves.

As for your utensils, keeping them in a common place can help your kitchen look organized. This small kitchen storage idea will help your space look modern with the right design. This angled utensil tray stores easily in a drawer.

One of Martha’s favorite design features includes open shelving, as it helps reduce a cramped space while giving you the option to display your kitchen essentials.

If budget is an issue, consider upgrading your existing space with low-cost design elements. You can add dowels to your cabinets and shelves to create plate racks and add more storage space, for example.

Best Spice Jars In 2022

Get crafty with your food storage by using etching cream. Clear food containers are great for small spaces because they allow you to visually identify your dry goods quickly and easily, without having to rummage through small cabinets.

Remember to use even the smallest nuts to get the most out of your small kitchen. A tilting drawer next to your sink, for example, is a convenient way to store sponges and knick-knacks that would otherwise take up valuable counter space.

A simple knife rack may seem like a design feature, but in fact, it will allow you to use some of your most commonly used kitchen utensils without cluttering your drawers.

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Don’t let recycling take over your kitchen. Create a small, efficient recycling storage station with just a few items from your local craft or hardware store. Plus, it takes up wall space, not coveted floor real estate.

Pc Kitchen Rotating Storage Box

Keep your utility closets tidy to prevent your brooms, mops and dustpans from taking over. Wall hangers go a long way in keeping things in place.

In small kitchens, cabinet and drawer areas can be limited, so be smart and go vertical. Pierced corbels are perfect for hanging larger kitchen utensils that would otherwise clutter your drawer. Plus, glass-fronted cabinet doors are a great way to display your servingware.

Modifying your cabinet to serve as a customizable pantry space is a convenient all-in-one solution. Pull-out drawers and shelves let you store all your pantry items in one convenient place that’s a fraction of a full-size pantry.

If you have limited storage space in the kitchen, use your other rooms to help alleviate the clutter. Move barware and entertainment pieces into the living room with custom cabinetry.

Best Small Kitchen Storage & Design Ideas

Your various spices may take up more space than you think. To help these kitchen essentials blend in with the rest of your space, consider installing a cube spice rack for ease and organization.

It will be easy to save space with a custom pegboard added to your wall. Simply place the dowels in the desired location to support the shelves and keep everything from seasonings to silverware in place.

Streamline extra counter space by adding shelves that accent your entire kitchen wall. This will give you the space you need and a place to display your most treasured dishes.

Line the bottom of your kitchen island, bar cart or other kitchen space with baskets for easy storage and style.

The 2 Best Dry Food Storage Containers Of 2022

If you have storage that you prefer to cover, a sink skirt can help you effortlessly hide pieces without sacrificing space. Believe it or not, a well-organized pantry can

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