South Carolina Renewable Energy

South Carolina Renewable Energy – Santee Cooper is South Carolina’s leader in renewable electricity generation and has been providing customers with “green energy” since 2001. Today we have 800 MW of capacity online or under contract (excluding hydro).

We have successfully done this by using low-cost renewable upgrades and partnering with others to reduce costs.

South Carolina Renewable Energy

Renewable generation is part of our long-term commitment – renewable energy; Meeting our customers’ needs with energy efficiency and greenhouse gas-free electricity.

South Carolina Activities

Our renewable energy collection capacity portfolio spans the state from Anderson and Horry counties to Bluffton. Some electricity we produce ourselves – some landfill biogas; Solar and wind energy – known as green energy. Green Energy has Green-E Energy certification, which means it meets strict and specific consumer requirements. We source our wood and agricultural biomass energy from independent energy producers in South Carolina.

Our new program, Santee Cooper Solar, helps customers go solar, whether it’s installing rooftop systems or signing up for SolarShare, the state’s first community solar program. Solar Share allows Sante Cooper customers to purchase products from Colleton Solar Farm’s portfolio.

Santee Cooper Renewable energy comes from South Carolina’s resources, driving our state forward.

Biomass is a broad category of renewable energy sources derived from organic matter. Common types of biomass are forest and other wood waste; Includes yard waste and animal waste. Santee Cooper Biofuel has several contracts with independent power producers to produce wood chips and waste gas.

Big Story: Legislature Poised To Study How Utilities Meet Energy Needs

As landfill waste decomposes, it produces methane gas that can be converted into energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Santee Cooper is the only energy supplier to convert landfill methane gas into clean, locally produced electricity through six 28MW green power plants.

As the name suggests, wood biomass uses wood from trees or shrubs to generate electricity. It is often converted into renewable energy by burning it directly, mostly alone or with coal. Wood biomass is often considered “carbon neutral” because it has lower net greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuels. Typically, woody biomass products are the by-products of various forestry operations (eg, harvesting and thinning). Through purchase power agreements, Santee Cooper has 74MW of wood biomass capacity.

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Santee Cooper introduced solar power to the South Carolina grid in 2006 by installing a 16-kilowatt demonstration project at Coastal Carolina University in Conway. In the year In 2008, we introduced the state’s first utility rooftop solar program to customers. In the year In 2011, we opened Grand Strand Solar Station, our first utility-scale solar facility. Today, more than 710 megawatts of solar power is online or under contract with Sante Cooper, our largest integrated system customer from Central Electric Cooperative.

Santi Cooper is Chesterfield; Additional solar power comes from Myrtle Beach facilities in Bucksville, Orangeburg, Colton, Aiken and Bluffton. We have more than twenty green energy solar schools in the state. It’s also a South Carolina Electric Cooperative project to install 2 kilowatt solar panels and help students learn about and pursue renewable energy. Made from its own solar panels.

California Is Plenty Green But Iowa Has The Cleanest Power

Through Solar Share, the state’s first community solar program, customers can sign up for shares of Colleton Solar Farms products and receive rebates and monthly energy credits. Our Solar Home and Solar Business programs offer discounts and resources to help customers install rooftop systems on their home or business.

Santi Cooper began to study the feasibility of wind energy in 2005 and worked with other partners on several research projects. Although the cost of onshore wind generation is nearly double that of conventional generation, studies show that the best potential for wind generation in South Carolina is offshore.

We are exploring applications for small offshore wind farms. In November 2010, it became the first utility in South Carolina history to install a wind turbine and connect it to the grid. A 2.4 kW system is located in North Myrtle Beach.

Do you have a rental or street light that needs to be reported? Click here to report a rental/street light outage. If you experience a power outage at your home or business, click the Power Outage button in the report below. Contains important solar and renewable energy news from May 2018 in South Carolina and across America. Contact Southern, the Southeast’s leading solar company. Learn how you can save money by keeping your home or business clean and energy-efficient with solar power.

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Essential Workers And Renewable Energy: Key Themes During Community Hearing On Transit Equity

May News Solar power in South Carolina Post & Courier: The sun is shining on South Carolina’s leading energy economy

South Stream on North Carolina; In Clarkton, Soluga III Solar Farm developed a utility-scale installation. The project will use thousands of PV solar panels on 80 hectares to generate clean, renewable electricity.

In the year In 2017, new solar projects were installed across America as more and more home and business owners looked to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy costs. This means a great opportunity for states like South Carolina to use new energy technologies to grow the state’s economy.

The Target retail store in Florence, South Carolina is 48,968 square feet and features solar panels on the roof. 707 kW installed by South Stream.

Renewable Energy Project Consultation

US businesses are investing heavily in solar, with top corporate users adding 325 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity last year. And the impact of this corporate solar trend is huge: These solar panels generate enough electricity to power 402,000 American homes and displace 2.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. In 2017, Target earned 1 point for installing more than 40 megawatts of solar on the roofs of its South Carolina stores.

Southern Current plans to lease land from two private landowners for a new solar farm in Anderson County. One is a $7.6 million, 30-acre development near Piedmont. Another is a 30-acre, 2-megawatt, $2.8 million farm near Powdersville. With four farms in the planning stages. The six farms will ultimately provide Anderson County with more than $77,000 in new taxes.

Southern Current is proud to be one of the leading solar installers in Southeast Asia with expertise in residential solar for both homeowners and utilities. Schedule a solar consultation today for a free analysis of how much money you can save by installing solar panels. Don’t wait – summer electricity bills are coming soon!

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Renewable Energy Services

The following article contains important news related to solar and renewable energy in South Carolina from April 2018. Contact South Current, Southeast Asia’s leading solar company, to clean your home or business and save your energy with unlimited solar energy.

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April News Post & Courier Solar power in South Carolina: A South Carolina lake will play a role in the state’s solar future.

A view of Fairfield’s pumped storage project at Lake Monticello, pumping electricity back and forth between reservoirs. Image credit: High Flyer

There is an interesting development in energy storage called Pump Hydro. It takes place in Lake Monticello, South Carolina. As renewable energy sources such as wind and solar become more common, large-scale energy storage systems are becoming increasingly important to the utility industry. But state regulators are evaluating Lake Monticello’s potential to store unused solar energy, which would allow the lake to act as a solar battery, adding renewable energy when the wind blows and clouds block the sun.

Best Buy Unveils South Carolina Solar Field

Apple Budweiser GM Google Microsoft US renewable energy production is increasing, in part due to acquisitions by large corporations such as Target and Walmart. Since 2008, renewable energy has grown from 9% to 18% of the US energy mix. Much of the change is driven by tech companies’ desire to raise their public profile by promising to run these centers with resources like wind and solar.

Companies are pushing their suppliers to go green. Apple, which said last month that 100% of the electricity for its factories and data centers now comes from renewable sources, said its two suppliers have committed to 100% renewable energy.

In the year In late 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, knocking out power grids. Fast forward to today and many homeowners are still living without electricity. However, a handful of nonprofit solar entrepreneurs and battery manufacturers are working to rebuild America’s state infrastructure. They are designing rooftop solar panels connected to energy storage systems that are built for the long term.

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