Small Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Small Laundry Room Makeover Ideas – When we bought our house last fall, the laundry room was completely outdated with vinyl flooring and old upper cabinets and a utility closet.

Before we moved in, we tore up the floors throughout the house and installed luxury vinyl planks everywhere except the bathroom. This type of flooring is durable, waterproof and easy to install.

Small Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

When we planned this space, we had to decide whether we wanted to use the space to hold a utility sink or to store additional flow. Given that we rarely use the utility in our last home, we left with extra storage for cleaning supplies, lots of groceries/paper products, and kids’ messes and games.

Laundry Room Makeover: My 7 Wildest Laundry Fantasies Come To Life!

We already had a nice top-loading washer and dryer, so we had to buy some cabinets and trim.

Planning this space was a little more difficult than I honestly expected. I polled my Instagram community to ask for their insights and experiences with their current layout. As much as Pinterest-Perfect laundry room design is desirable, many have pointed out that it is not practical.

Open shelving in a storage room is a recipe for disaster. So I settled for an open shelf with a basket between the two upper cabinets.

My husband built an alcove behind the washer and dryer + folding table to hide the unsightly pipes/utility hookup.

Most Popular 75 Beautiful Small Laundry Room Ideas & Designs Design Ideas For March 2023

Then when my husband and kids came home from soccer covered in dirt, I was able to slide the extra retro laundry bag under the folding table.

One thing I think I never get enough of is retention. We chose to get a 90″ cabinet with 60″ double doors + open shelves above for extra storage space. Laundry Room: Where everything is cleaned. Room essentials don’t have to be huge to be fantastic. Proof is in this gallery of our favorite laundry room ideas.

If you’ve ever lived in a house or apartment without a laundry room, you know how valuable these spaces are, no matter how big they are. There’s nothing better than being able to wash your own clothes at your convenience. No more searching for coins to do laundry or lugging heavy baskets of clothes in and out of your home.

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Especially if you have limited space in your home or apartment, you may feel like you don’t have room for a washer and dryer. However, this is not the case at all. We hope these ideas show you how to add a laundry room or inspire you to give your current laundry area a laundry room look.

Before & After: Small Laundry Room Completely Transformed

As with any small space, a small laundry room presents a certain challenge. From fabric softener to drying racks, it’s important to have a place for everything related to clothing care. If possible, the washer and dryer can be mounted above the unit to store laundry behind closed doors.

A floating or wire shelf can make the most of wall space for storage. The lower rod rack has a laundry room to hang clothes that need to be tumble dried or ironed. Consider an ironing board that hangs from the wall instead of a separate board that will take up valuable space.

If you have a front-loading washing machine, you can place a board over the washer and dryer. This gives you space to fold clothes and space to store your laundry basket. This type of project is easy for anyone with basic DIY and woodworking skills. Watch this video to learn how:

Contemporary laundry room ideas take a “less is more” approach to your laundry space. The modern design has a great, clean feel for laundry rooms. In fact, a laundry room can be larger with a neutral color palette and overall simplicity of modern design.

Before + After Laundry Room Makeover

Metal laundry room cabinets or shelves add a modern touch to your small laundry room. Their reflective surfaces visually expand even a small laundry space. If you need to store essentials on an open shelf, empty your laundry containers into the decorative storage. A dark basement laundry room can easily be brightened up with modern laundry room decor.

Subway tile is a laundry room idea that adds a modern touch, as well as horizontal lines that visually expand the room. Even a small laundry room can be transformed into a great workspace with the right type of tile and flooring. Add a simple window treatment and hang some black and white pictures to update your laundry room.

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Most laundry rooms, even simple laundry closets, usually have one or two closets for storing cleaning supplies. If you don’t have a cabinet in your laundry room, you can purchase a small floor cabinet to store your supplies.

If you have some DIY skills, it’s easy enough to build a laundry room wall cabinet yourself. Watch this video to learn how:

Laundry Room Cabinets & Storage Ideas

There is another handy space for a laundry room cupboard under the utility unit. Whether your laundry room closets are large or small, maximizing efficiency is key. Use baskets or containers to store small items and keep laundry essentials organized. For example, put all your stain removers away one week and your sewing machine another.

Ideally, keep all of your clothing care essentials in a closed closet door. This creates a clean, uncluttered atmosphere in your laundry room. Utilizing closet space frees up valuable space. Open floor space is a design element that makes a laundry room feel larger.

The washer is the star of every laundry room, but it can take up a significant portion of your laundry room’s floor space. Fortunately, some types of washers are perfect for small laundry rooms. A front-loading washing machine is a convenient place to do laundry because it can double as a flat-top work surface.

A front load washer and dryer can be easier if on a raised platform. You can buy laundry room platforms. These are usually places where you can store items under washers and dryers.

The Top 64 Small Laundry Room Ideas

If you have enough vertical space in your small laundry room, get a washer and dryer. If not, you can forego the tumble dryer and use a drying rack or clothesline instead. For a truly laundry room, look for a compact washing machine. These small washers take up very little room, but they can help you wash one or two small loads a day to keep your dirty clothes under control.

Laundry room ideas call for simplicity. The last thing you want for a small laundry room is to feel claustrophobic. Keep clutter to a minimum and keep the room in focus with a simple, clean laundry room design.

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A drying rack and ironing board are two large items that can clutter up a laundry room. If you can, keep these items in your bedroom closet, living room, or garage. , or install a folding drying rack on the wall. You can also build a model with a drop-down ceiling when needed.

Subway tile, herringbone, and horizontal stripes make a great laundry room. Each of these expands the visual space without adding unnecessary detail.

Laundry Room Design Hacks For Small Spaces

Keep the color palette simple and neutral. If you want to use a lighter color, that’s fine—avoid busy patterns that distract from the overall simple tones.

White is the ideal color for any room dedicated to cleanliness. It is especially welcome in a small laundry room for its ability to brighten and expand the space. Even a small laundry room feels clean and welcoming with white walls, white cabinets, and a white washer and dryer.

Even the smallest of laundry rooms doesn’t have to be boring. Use textured white wallpaper or white beading to add light, neutral details. Follow the farmhouse style and contrast natural wood shelves, wicker baskets and dark cabinetry with a white background.

White and white is a classic combination that works well in a laundry room. A small laundry room is a great place to install an expensive hand-hewn tile or white-and-white tile floor. Black metal signs painted with framed white pictures and laundry room slogans round out this classic design scheme.

Stylish But Cheap Laundry Room Design Ideas

Baskets are great for organizing laundry rooms. Use the same style and material for the laundry basket and basket for continuity of look. Or mix textures and materials for a more eclectic, bohemian feel.

Organize your cleaning products into attractive containers. For example, put powdered laundry detergent in a glass mason jar with an antique metal spoon. Store laundry detergent containers in a galvanized metal container with a sealed or ceramic lid. Liquid laundry detergent can be poured into unbreakable acrylic bottles and lined up on a shelf.

If you have a small laundry room, it’s important to use every square inch of storage space. Hang the ironing board behind the door or between the washer and the wall. Do the laundry

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