Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas

Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas – After years of struggling with the curtains we had, I finally came up with a simple window treatment for the sliding glass doors. The trick is a special curtain rod that can extend the entire length of the door without any brackets or hinges. In this way, the curtains can be moved without any hindrance. I also found it for a very affordable price with a good length and bonus, it’s not sewn in! (Post contains affiliate links, see disclosure)

Our sliding glass doors are approximately 8 feet wide, so any regular curtain rod will require brackets on the inside. This stem is nearly 10 feet long. I wanted it to be longer than the door so that when the curtains were drawn, all the light would still come through the patio door.

Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas

The curtains are a little more beige than white, so I put them in the OxiClean tub to brighten them up. Then wash and dry. Then I assembled the pallets. I did it by hand and by eye. Each tab is about the width of my hand, about 4-5 inches. I tried counting the title tape, but it was much easier to see. I then marked each tab with a fine pint marker for future use and inserted the hooks.

Patio & Sliding Glass Door Décor: Window Curtains & More

I then attached the curtains to the rod with clips and used a total of four curtain panels. I found it easy to hang the curtains first and then mark and cut the fabric where it needed to be played. I like my curtains to barely touch the floor. Ikea’s hemming tape is easy to use and only requires a warm iron. After the hemming was finished, I reattached the hooks and reattached the curtains.

Thanks to the cross bar, these curtains slide back and forth so smoothly. Which is great because they are almost 9 feet tall. The secret is brackets that don’t block the track and allow the clips to slide. With the front curtains, we were constantly pulling and pulling trying to get them to move and of course there was no way to move them because of the center supports.

I love that we can move the curtains to one side for maximum light. That way it also doesn’t obscure the cane chair or the view of the bookshelves. Curtains can also be trained so that the pleats fall beautifully every time. Since we open and close these curtains daily, this was not my concern. I really like the casual atmosphere.

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Honestly, this cross rod is the only rod I will use every time I need to put up curtains. I love it so much that I also used it in our guest makeover by hanging the shower curtain at ceiling height. It is much more elegant than conventional ceiling rails and is an easy window decoration for sliding glass doors. If you want to cover your sliding glass door, how do you know which window treatment will work best? While almost any Hunter Douglas window treatment can be installed to cover sliding glass doors, some styles are better suited to large window areas because they slide horizontally, making them easier to handle in these applications. In addition to traditional vertical blinds, we have many other innovative window treatments for sliding doors.

Warm Home Designs 1 Ivory (cream) Color Extra Wide 102 X 84 Inch Long Sheer Patio Door Size Grommet Curtain Panel. Cover Sliding Glass Doors, Extra Large Windows Or Open Spaces. Wa

Known for their superior energy efficiency, cellular shades are ideal for patio and sliding glass doors – especially if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate. Duet

Honeycomb Shades have a unique honeycomb design that traps air in distinct pockets, creating an extra layer of insulation in the window. For even more energy efficiency, choose Duette Architella

Honeycomb shades in honeycomb. The honeycomb pleats of both products fit tightly when the curtain is open, providing a clean, unobstructed view.

Duo shades are available in different fold sizes, colors, patterns and textures. And most fabrics will be white on the back, giving you a uniform look on the outside. Thanks to the Vertiglide™ operating system, designed specifically for vertical applications, you have the option of using one blind to cover the entire window surface or two independently operating blinds with different degrees of transparency for greater control over lighting.

Patio Door Curtain Ideas For Different Needs And Tastes

If your sliding glass door is in an area like a media room where you want more darkness, choose the LightLock™ system with an innovative side channel designed to trap and absorb almost all incoming light.

• Their excellent energy efficiency is invaluable for large window areas such as patios and sliding glass doors in extremely hot or cold climates.

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• The flexibility of using independent light filtering and room darkening fabrics in the same shade gives you more options for natural light control.

Although vertical blinds are among the most common types of window treatments for sliding doors, they are by no means the most common. They can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and panel styles, as well as materials including vinyl, fabric, and aluminum.

Window Treatments Patio & Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding window panels offer a sleek, modern look that allows for maximum visibility. Made from flat, vertical fabric panels that slide sideways, Skyline panels are easy to use and available in over 600 colors and numerous textures, lightness and transparency ratios.

Soft vertical blinds have beautifully curved blades that give the appearance of curtain pleats. The curved design provides excellent sound absorption and the patented top rail ensures smooth operation. Cadence blinds are also available in many colors, textures and balance styles to complement your decor.

• With so many fabric options and styles to choose from, they are one of the most versatile solutions for your sliding glass doors.

Privacy Sheers are a combination of sheer curtains and vertical blinds with soft fabric blades attached to a sheer fabric face. When the blinds are closed, the natural light is perfectly diffused. Sheer shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, textures and colours, all available with room dimming options. And since you can get any fabric cut to length, it’s easy to coordinate with other accessories in your home. Luminette Sheers can be placed up to 192″ wide and 120″ tall, making them ideal for patio doors and other wide window spaces.

How To Make Valance For A Sliding Glass Door

• With hundreds of colors, patterns and textures to choose from, vertical displays work well with almost any decor.

Made from natural wood, bamboo, cane and grass, bonded wood shades for sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular for both their environmental benefits and their unique window appearance. And because natural wood can withstand a variety of weather conditions, it is less likely to deteriorate over the years. origin

Woven wood shades are versatile enough to suit many home styles, from island to traditional Mediterranean, and are available in both horizontal and vertical applications.

• Natural wood is durable enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions and retain its shape.

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Sun Zero Hayden Patio Extra Wide Blackout Grommet Sliding Patio Door Curtain Panel, Single Panel

Shutters may not be the first window treatment you think of for sliding doors, but their durability, energy efficiency, and classic style make them a great choice.

In areas with high temperatures or humidity, consider hybrid or non-wood shutters for sliding glass doors. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ blinds are the most durable option. They look like beautifully painted blinds but are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, peel, peel or discolor despite extreme heat and humidity.

Curtains and side panels add a soft, elegant feel to the sliding glass door. And while they look great on their own, consider pairing them with another window finish for more privacy, temperature and light control.

So how do you know what will be best? Since it is much easier to change the curtains, choose the window decoration first. After that, it is easy to match it with the curtain. Each Hunter Douglas window finish comes with a free Design Studio™ side panel or curtain that closes perfectly. The collection of distinctive fabrics ranges from subtle sheen and silk blends to jacquards and velvets.

Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors: Ideas For Inspired Design

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