Rolling Bed Desk

Rolling Bed Desk – The room under the stairs or the adjoining room of a Real Housewives style big house, we can all do it with one of these rolling tables! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an overbed table on your own!

Not because I believe (or dislike) Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, I’m open to the idea that this process is probably where most portable desks are “born”. Really just a thought.

Rolling Bed Desk

For this project, I decided to shoot the photos in my new studio (I’ll share more details about that space soon), because my bedroom is too small to take decent shots of this rolling table. And I want you to see it in all its glory.

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This nightstand is ideal for ALL rooms. It can be used not only above the bed, but also as a side table or shelf behind the sofa in a narrow hallway. Just don’t forget to skip the wheels. Now this project is as easy as the hairpin tutorial that many of you know and love!

I mean, when should I NOT use Ronseal products in my DIY projects? (Of course, it’s a purely rhetorical question – I don’t expect you to scour my blog archives for an answer). I promise for that. I use this brand a lot.

1. Please note that this bed is made for a king size bed without a base. Exact measurements are shown below.

When making your own bedside table, you will need to measure the width of the bed so that it is wide enough for you to sit comfortably on the desk. You should also measure the height of the bed, taking into account how far you (or anyone else) will be from the floor when sitting.

Rolling Over Bed Desk Hospital Medical Table With Wheels Pc Laptop Trolley Table

Size the wood to these measurements. The easiest way to do this is with a miter saw.

2. Cut two planks of the same length to create a tabletop (always wear safety glasses when sawing wood). And the remaining two pieces of wood will need to be cut in half to make the edges of the table above the bed.

After sawing, sand the edges and edges of the wood (always remember to wear a suitable face mask to avoid breathing sawdust when sanding).

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3. Put the two longest boards together. Apply wood glue to one side of the wood bonding board

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Clamps are recommended at this stage to help the wood bond better, but I went without them as I didn’t have them.

4. While the glue dries, attach straight brackets to the underside of the table. Place the square brackets evenly as shown below

Assemble the two pieces of wood with wood glue (like you did for making the table top above), tamp, and let dry for the recommended time. The sides will be much shorter than the table top, so no support is needed for this step.

Drill two holes with a drill bit (smaller than the size of the screws) in the top and sides of the wood. (this will prevent the wood from cracking)

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8. Screw the non-turn wheels under both sides. This allows the table to slide back and forth in a straight line over your bed, not sideways, unlike using a swivel.

9. Lightly sand the surface of the table – this will help the varnish to adhere. Wipe off any dust or residue

10. Now to polish the piece. Ronseal recommends applying the nail polish with a brush, but I find using a cloth to be just as effective. After opening, mix the varnish well. Then rub in the direction of the wood. Gloves are recommended!

So I decided to apply a darker shade of nail polish for a more rustic look. I chose Ronseal Interior Walnut varnish

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Now turn the table into your bed and enjoy! Please note that this floor lamp can be purchased here.

I love the side view of this nightstand! As you can see, it’s extremely thin!

I’m so happy you’re here! Have we officially met? My name is Medina and I am an IKEA recycler, passionate DIY home decorator, mom and wife. Is your mouth full?

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Enter the width of the bed frame at its widest point and the height of the mattress from the ground (or step if higher). This allows us to make your nightstand the size you need!

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Stand Steady Joy Bedster Overbed Table With Wheels

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**S’il vous plaît, send me a message to guarantee you the right sizes! When you first want to adjust, it can be difficult to do exactly after your favorite. Often times, clients’ commands and table attributes become unresponsive after they’ve been burned. You have suggestions to request an 8″ table with high light (or light and plus large) and a 6.5″ plus large light table. This provides good space for legs as well as space for the legs of the hose on the sides of the bed and room for rolling .If there are various kinds, make it suitable for yourself.

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This table is a plato en bois massive qui a été poncé en douceur and sera tint dans la couleur de votre choix (shown on Espresso). For $35, we can add polyurethane sealant, please choose the appropriate option when ordering (82.5Gx37Long + Poly). Pour King, Queen, Full and Twin beds. Contact us for a custom size or height! The base is made of black iron pipes and there are wheels at the bottom for easy operation.

Over Bed Desk Sturdy Rolling Wheel Laptop Desk Portable Over Bed/sofa

* TOUS LES LITS NE SONT PAS CREÉÉS ÉGAUX !! S’il vous plaît guarantees the function of inscriptions, especially for burning votes. New adapter adapters with faster dimensions!

37» or 40» de haut (au sommet de la surface du bois) VOUS DEVEZ DEMAND 40» LORS DE LA COMMANDE, SINON 37» SERONT ENVOYÉS.

Often times, clients’ commands and table attributes become unresponsive after they’ve been burned. You have suggestions to request an 8″ table with high light (or light and plus large) and a 6.5″ plus large light table. This provides good space for legs as well as space for the legs of the tube on the sides of the bed and room for rolling .If there are various kinds, make it suitable for yourself.

Lorsque, the electoral roll, les pieds du pieds and le plato en bois seront séparés. Pas besoin de sortir votre perceuse, always. Simply slide the pipes through the pre-drilled holes in the wood surface and then tighten the pipe plugs with your hands. Super simple and unnecessary. See the photo sample!

Overbed Tables At

*Remark: Due to the nature of the material, you may develop small zones of air pollution in humid climates or weather conditions. Make sure you have an industrial look, put more effort to increase your customers’ interest by 100%. Also, if you live in a humid climate, you can ask us to apply a polyurethane coating to the wood.

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