Rent Bunk Beds

Rent Bunk Beds – In the Tenderloin, it’s $60 a night, or $1,200 a month. That’s what Southern California startup PodShare is charging for one of its first “pods” in the San Francisco area.

According to the company, “a pod is a handcrafted, high-end bunk bed complete with your own flat-screen TV and night light.”

Rent Bunk Beds

Renting with PodShare is essentially a bed in a building with a dorm-like layout and access to communal space – complete with a lack of privacy due to the wide-open, multi-pod layout of the rooms PodShare offers.

Full Over Twin & Twin Bunk Bed With 3 Drawers And Inclined Ladder, Triple Bunk Bed With Full Length Guardrail For Guest Room

Vice reported on the launch of PodShare in 2012, the product of a father-daughter entrepreneurial duo who said their customers were single people who “wanted a place to focus on their startups and experience something new.”

PodShare co-founder Elvina Beck tells Curbed that living in a “pod” is a way for renters to “experience a neighborhood or community before pulling the trigger on a long-term lease.”

The San Francisco expansion is the company’s first outside of Southern California. The Venice ($60 per night) ranks as the most expensive “pod” property.

Podshare’s Airbnb listing for the city promises 12 beds “and living […] behind a gate, Post and Hyde downtown.”

B University Tower 2, Espana / Wifi / Netflix

“We all sleep in one room, but we have three floors of breakout rooms,” the ad says.

Socketsight, which first expanded to Podshares 1, identifies the building as being located on Post Street.

The ad states that it costs $1,500 to rent the pods for a full month. However, Beck tells Curbed that the price should actually be $1,200.

Despite the publicity, Beck says PodShare won’t offer $60-a-night rentals for fear of violating the city’s rules on short-term rentals.

Bizarre Room To Rent Ad Offers A Bunk Bed Share

It’s hard to miss the dystopian implications of renting out an attached bed for $1,200 a month. According to the US Census, the national median rent for all unit types exceeded $1,000 in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, PodShare’s marketing materials try to put a bold face on the setup, branding it as part of the millennial lifestyle:

We are establishing “access points” because the future is “ownership, not access”. […] Millennials don’t have a home gym, they buy a membership. We don’t subscribe to cable TV, we watch Netflix. We don’t buy CDs, we stream music. American car sales are down because we Lyft or Uber. We can rent a bike, get an online degree, have our meals delivered to us, and document our entire lives on social media.

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Beck defended the company, saying, “I’ve never understood the dystopian ideas about our layout. We are one choice in a sea of ​​many choices. This is how we choose to live. “

Kids Double Bunk Bed

For comparison, Craigslist currently lists 27 one-bedroom or studio apartments in the Tenderloin, from $2,695 to $965 a month for an SRO, with the latter available for less than $1,200.

Hotpad lists 40 homes for rent for $1,200 or less, but only four of those are entire units. Bunk beds have been around for quite some time. Used by the military to save space and organize, bunk beds serve as one of America’s most functional and economical pieces of furniture. This trend quickly caught on in American homes, where sleeping arrangements for more than one child per room and lack of extra space help people cut costs and keep their small spaces well-organized and organized. At Children’s Furniture Store, we have curated a collection of children’s beds to suit any room, style or taste.

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San Francisco Tenants Spend $1,200 a Month for Beds in Co-Living Buildings to Avoid City’s High Rents — Here’s What They Get for Their Money

Renting Instead Of Owning, And Taking It To The Extreme

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Some San Francisco renters pay $1,200 a month for space — and sleep on bunk beds in a co-living building.

The co-living situation is a symptom of the city’s rising rents: The national average rent for a one-bedroom is $1,216 a month, compared to $3,600 in San Francisco.

That means the co-living solution offered by California-based Podshare costs $2,400 a month less than the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city. The only thing tenants have to give up is their privacy.

Dinsmore Twin/full Bunk Bed W/ladder

According to CNN Business Correspondent Anna Bani, tenants have access to beds, lockers and WiFi. Currently, there are seven PodShare locations: six in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.

The San Francisco location includes one floor of beds, three floors of lounge space and a communal kitchen. Tenants must stay in San Francisco for at least 30 nights, but can rent by the day or for months in the other six locations.

As Business Insider’s Megan Willett previously reported , podshare tenants share a community refrigerator, food, bathrooms, toilets and workspace areas.

Alvina Beck, founder of PodShare, explained to Bahni that affordable housing — even at the expense of privacy — is hard to come by in the middle of the city. Tenants are generally in their 20s and 30s, he said. He said some tenants are new to the city, while others are

San Francisco Rent Is So High That Bunk Beds Are Going For $1,200

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