Renewable Energy Group Stock Price

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The portfolio manager who breaks the S&P 500 explains why renewable energy stocks are defying bear markets and winning long — and shares his top 8 picks.

Renewable Energy Group Stock Price

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Are Oil And Gas Companies Serious About The Renewable Energy Transition? Here’s What The Evidence Says.

Energy stocks sold off in early May, reflecting Wall Street’s fears of a recession and growing regulatory and environmental risks. However, now, with the accumulation of green products again, Michel Sznajer emphasized that investors should not ignore an important part of the sector: renewable energy sources.

Sznajer serves as a portfolio manager at sustainable investment firm Ecofin, which manages approximately $1.7 billion in assets and is a subsidiary of the $8.7 billion TortoiseEcofin company. On July 25, Sznajer’s fund, the Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure Fund (ECOIX), which invests in low-carbon power generation assets, is down 6.4% year to date, outperforming the S&P 500 – broadly, it which is a discount of 16.77%. at the same time.

In the past, sustainable energy sectors did not receive much attention from investors, but Sznajer emphasized that, given the current bear market, it makes sense to buy such names.

“The concern with the broader market is that it’s in a situation where growth is slowing because of reduced mobility. This tends to take purchasing power away from companies, putting pressure on margins and earnings, which makes for the share price to drop.” Director. in a recent interview, “But for renewable resources, demand is not cyclical, it’s really organized – so it’s there and it’s increasing, regardless of what’s happening around you.”

What’s The State Of Renewable Energy In 2022?

This structural change, explains Sznajer, is driven by a clear shift to clean energy, whether corporate or government-led. Utility companies have begun switching to renewable energy sources because they are cheaper to operate than traditional coal or gas-fired power, he added.

“You’re investing in a sector where there’s continued growth and price strength, so your earnings are growing steadily, so you’re still having very good opportunities and earnings growth, instead and the broader market,” Sznajer said. Focused on low-cost products with strong pricing power and stable demand, 71% of the companies in the ECOIX portfolio have revised their revenue forecasts correctly at the end of the first quarter of this year, while compared to about 54% of companies in the S&P. . 500,” he continued.

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According to Morningstar, inflows to fixed income listed in the US set a new annual record when it reached $70 billion in 2021, up 35% from 2020. Although however, Sznajer believes investors have tapped into the potential of the revitalized sector.

“In the next 20 to 30 years, the way we produce and use energy will change dramatically, from fossil fuels to electricity, and therefore from molecules,” he said. ‘pull to electronics,’ he said.

Renewable Energy Stocks On The Tsx (updated 2022)

About 79% of energy in the US market today comes from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, while nuclear and renewables make up the remaining 21%, according to Snajer. He firmly believes this percentage will change in the future, citing recent research that found 50% of car buyers under the age of 30 say their next purchase will be a new car. electricity. He sees the US electric car market eventually catching up with those in China and Europe as consumers have more affordable models to choose from.

According to Sznajer, highly advanced technology and improved scale are two key factors in reducing the cost of renewable energy sources. Although the new turbine blades are longer and longer than previous models and thus cost more to manufacture, the amount of power produced per unit makes them much cheaper overall. , Sznajer estimates that the cost of ships and offshore wind farms has been reduced by 50%. 10 years ago.

In addition, energy independence has become a more urgent issue in the context of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Snajer added.

“Europe suddenly realized that it urgently needs energy independence to get rid of its dependence on Russian gas, and the alternative can be revived,” he explained. “The difference between the oil and gas business and the renewables business is that the latter is a regional type of business – the advantage is that you are not dependent on buying raw materials. Many countries have such resources, either it’s solar, biomass, geothermal or wind.”

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Pdf) Conditional Dependence Between Oil Price And Stock Prices Of Renewable Energy: Vine Copula Approach

According to Snajer, the introduction of more renewable energy sources will be very beneficial for countries such as Germany and Japan, which are joint natural gas explorers. And because natural resources like wind are not 100% reliable, he predicts that in the future, networks of countries will become more interconnected in terms of sharing and transferring resources.

Renewable energy stocks may have a bad reputation, but according to Sznajer, part of their volatility can be attributed to what investors have classified within the “sector of For example, developers of equipment for renewable energy sources such as wind farms or solar farms are struggling to balance supply and demand in a volatile industry fighting for market share. , not profits. These stocks, Sznajer said, typically follow a boom pattern with little or no value added.

Because of this, Sznajer wants to invest in the developers and users behind these machines, which he says are better than the device manufacturers.

“If they don’t pay attention to the poor performance of the equipment, they are the ones who benefit from reducing the cost of the equipment,” he explained. “These companies are very popular because they install solar farms and wind farms and they do long-term fixed contracts or 10 to 20 years. So they have a lot of exposure to existing assets and then they put money in. cash flow. in development.”

Renewable Energy Stocks To Buy That Will Beat The Bear Market

This strategy, which Sznajer has been following personally since 2015, gives investors an annual return of 13 percent, he added.

Renewables companies are also able to provide an unusual combination of return and growth, because they ensure that half of their profits are renewed through growth, while the other half is distributed to shareholders. The strategy is more sustainable than the high numbers of traditional oil and gas companies, which have drastically reduced innovation in their businesses to help pay off investors, Sznajer added. ECOIX’s average dividend yield is around 3.5% even though renewable companies invest half of their profits in their underlying growth, which it says beats the S&P 500 average of less than 2%.

To that end, Sznajer has selected eight of the best products in the renewable energy sector, which are listed below, along with each company’s name, market niche and proper description.

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“The best high-level performance and growth prospects, giving your company’s executives flexibility, economies of scale and rewards.”

Energy Resource Guide

“Rapidly rising costs, uncertainty in anti-dumping and non-dumping (AD/CVD) activities and CEO activity make stocks volatile, the best opportunity to improve Your long-term guidance and advice is powerful.”

“By implementing renewable resources, they allow growth and create value with recycled materials (half of the wind turbines double the power and produce electricity three times).”

“Temporary negative impact of turbine failure requiring temporary shutdown of wind farm. Restart + new equipment expected to accelerate growth.”

“We can expect growth to accelerate as rising fossil fuel prices make renewables even more attractive.”

Most Promising Renewable Energy Stocks Of 2022

Description: “The electricity network organized in Belgium and Germany serves 30 million end users; the cable between Belgium and the United Kingdom.”

“This is an indirect benefit to the growth of German resources, which benefits from the increasing demand for connections between European countries and access to renewable resources.

Description: “Drax Group is a biomass company with an advantage called ‘baseload’. It does not stop like wind and solar, so they can produce electricity 100% of the time, which is a very attractive feature for renewables for power. . resources.”

“We think it’s an amazing company with great potential. It’s probably going to be the first big carbon and branding company in the world. So it’s something to watch; that’s what they really are.” active. a large measure.”

Rbc Signs Second Long Term Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement

Comment: “Sunrun is a risky business model, but Sunrun is the market leader in rooftop solar in the US. So if you want to put solar panels on your roof at home or on a business trip, they will do yes. You can rent them for $20.00 a year, or you can buy them outright, including the battery.”

“They made a deal with Ford. Ford introduced the F-150 Lightning, an electric version of their most successful car, so they had a partnership.

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