Renewable Energy Conferences 2019

Renewable Energy Conferences 2019 – The 2019 International Green Energy Expo Korea has successfully concluded, highlighting technologies and businesses in the solar energy industry.

After three days of productive activity, the IGEE, Korea PV, ESS renewable energy exhibition has come to an end. This year’s event was a significant opportunity to draw attention to the present and future of the renewable energy sector. More than 300 exhibitors from 27 countries around the world participated in this exhibition to showcase their technologies that help advance the fourth industrial revolution.

Renewable Energy Conferences 2019

Green Energy Expo has been recognized as a global marketplace for people’s solar businesses, offering valuable business opportunities, and has proven to be the largest PV trade show in Korea. This year’s exhibition features eight of the world’s top 10 solar cell and module companies, including Hanwha Q cells, LONGi, JA Solar, Trina Solar, Yingli Solar, Suntech Power, AIKO Solar, etc. presented In the field of solar inverters, the top five companies that entered the market in 2017, including Huawei, Sungrow, SMA, ABB and Sineng, participated in this exhibition together with Solis, GoodWe, Fronius, Refusol. In addition, the event was celebrated with the participation of the best solar energy producing countries, such as China, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Frontiers In Green And Sustainable Energy

As GEE acts as a photovoltaic hub for companies to enter new markets and generate profits, the trade show is a platform for the launch of large companies such as Hyundai Green Energy, OCI Power & KACO New Energy and Shinsung E&G, but new SMEs, and products and technologies brought to market by SMEs Local companies such as Dasstech, Rezzler, Hepsiba, Dongyang E&P, Haezoom and others have introduced their new products and technologies Solar Inverter, Energy Storage, SmartGrid to compete globally with their peers.

13 percent of exhibitors came from the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions, including HN Solar, CS Tech, Seochang Electric Communication, Kyung Won Power, Tantan Structures Engineering, Taewoong Energy, Ajin Solartec, ID Information System, and Sinil E&C. The trade fair has expanded to include 100 stores of thirty Daegu companies, which is a 20% increase compared to last year. It was also marked by the presence of ten companies from the Gyeongbuk region, including Ebisu Industry, Keukdong Energy and Sehan Solar, at 20 exhibition stands.

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These companies operating in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions attracted visitors with their superior technology, market competitiveness and innovative design. Visitors paid special attention to several Daesung Energy companies, such as Daesung, which innovated the energy technology of Duksan Cotran, which presented its ESS chiller and air compressor for the first time at the exhibition. In addition, companies from the Gyeongbuk region showcased various technologies and innovative technologies. For example, Hyuksin ENC showed geothermal energy products, Sandong Metal Industry showed a small wind power generator, and JDH showed a hydrogen heat exchanger.

Shin Jong-wu of Duksan Cotran said, “Sales of our thermo-hygrostats are expected to increase. Orders for the ESS system are expected to be canceled due to fires in the ESS system.” Jo Gyeong-yeon, head of HN Solar, is the company. the SMA inverter said, “I haven’t seen so many people watching the show in the last five years. I was impressed with the performers who visited the show this week” and hopefully the show will continue to grow.

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The number of local companies exhibiting at the exhibition increased, and they managed to attract visitors with the latest technology. Seochang Electric Communication developed its watt-hour meter at the exhibition three years ago with the support of Daegu Metropolitan City and the Nano Convergence Center for Practical Application. This year, the company exhibited in four of its own tents. Sales have increased recently. STX Heavy Industries, which has developed a solid-state fuel cell (SOFC) based on their technology, presented with the support of Daegu Metropolitan City and the Nano Convergence Center for Practical Application.

The number of visitors increased by 10.9% compared to the previous year and significant potential acquisition from local and overseas buyers.

It was well attended by businessmen who sought to develop photovoltaic and energy storage technologies and solutions and to open new markets. A total of 32,500 visitors came to the show over the three days, which is a 10.9% increase compared to last year. This year, more than 100 overseas real power buyers visited the exhibition, proving that Green Energy Expo is globally recognized and an important gateway to the Korean solar and energy storage market. The 2,000 people from the Korean electricity industry who previously visited the 2019 Electrical Works Expo, which was also attended by the Korea Electrical Contractors Association on April 4, showed that the industry is a great place to visit.

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In order to promote the expansion of Korean companies to overseas markets and the export competitiveness of SMEs, KOTRA and EXCO hosted an invitation-only and export consultation for foreign buyers on the first day of the exhibition, April 3. More than 100 overseas buyers from 27 countries, including the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, India and the amazing buying power of the Middle East, joined the export consultation. This is a 23% increase (81 companies in 2018) compared to the previous year.

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Likewise, the fair offered 1:1 export consulting services between exhibitors and buyers, where potential buyers enter the exhibition booth and experience the products and technologies of the exhibition, thereby helping buyers gain hands-on experience and knowledge. presentation of products and techniques. 1:1 export consultation is a vital part for businessmen to conduct successful trade negotiations and then achieve their business goals (e.g. making a profit and opening new markets).

Salam Petroleum from Qatar, Vertex Solutions from India and Mobilinfo from Morocco came to the exhibition to find a partner for the 500 MW PV generation project. More than 391 PV consultations were held at the exhibition, and many overseas companies will continue to consult with machine developers after the exhibition, which will create a good platform for the growth of exhibitors. sales and profits.

As a platform to share the market strategy and development direction of the 2019 International Green Energy Conference

More than 60 global leaders in the solar and renewable energy industry from seven countries, including Germany, China, Japan, Israel and Malaysia, were invited as special guests to discuss global market trends, design and technology, now and in the light of the future. renewal of the energy industry.

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Attended by more than six hundred people, the Green Energy Conference held sessions in areas such as PV, hydrogen, fuel cell, secondary cell and ESS. At the PVMI & GGEITC 2019 (Global Green Energy Innovation and Technology Collaboration) conference on PV, solar energy and floating agriculture, we are talking about PV system – tomorrow. This year, Hanwha Q Cell, SolarEdge Technologies, Solar Farm, Paru and Scotra shared their vision of advanced technology designed for all industry sectors, capturing the attention of conference attendees. Additionally, speakers from Fraunhofer, a global research group, Japan’s Fukushima construction site, and Korea’s Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Plant spoke about their studies and had a great conversation about their market prospects.

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Meanwhile, with the hydrogen economy work plan created by the Korean government, they actively discussed the development of the next hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, the trends of international standards, and the distribution of hydrogen filling stations for Hydrogen and Food Cell. 2019. Forum. As ESS security has become an increasing priority these days, the Conference on Other Battlefield Security and ESS was attended by more professionals and stakeholders than expected and was very successful.

Aiming to promote new products and technologies at a special level, the Innovation Program on April 3 and 4 was a platform for visitors to gain knowledge and information about the latest technical issues. This year, a dozen companies (tripling the number from last year), including Hanwha Q Cell, Shinsung E&G, Razzler, and Haezoom, presented to meet the growing needs of visitors in specialized fields. Therefore, the exhibition is an important platform for visitors to see and learn about these technologies.

According to the majority of the participating exhibitors, “the exhibition organized in the large facility was very elegantly maintained”. “It also provided plenty of attractions and opportunities to engage directly with potential overseas buyers. Many of the companies exhibiting this year promised to be the event of the year. In particular, an official from Hanwha Q Cell expressed his satisfaction with the participation in the event, saying, “So many visitors visited our booth and showed interest in our company that we had to supplement them.”

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Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “Many visitors came to the exhibition to create new opportunities against RE 3020, and the Green Energy Expo paved the way.

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