Renewable Energy Companies Philadelphia

Renewable Energy Companies Philadelphia – On Wednesday, Rinaldi announced the formation of a new company, Philadelphia Energy Industries, to buy 1,300 acres in South Philadelphia and reopen the Point Breeze and Girard Point refineries and hire former PES employees.

After a major fire and explosion in late June, they damaged parts of the refinery and laid off many union workers. PES enters bankruptcy proceedings for the second time in more than 11 years.

Renewable Energy Companies Philadelphia

“I look at PES like my baby and right now he’s on the floor with a bloody nose,” he said in an interview Wednesday afternoon. “The aim is to own, rehabilitate the oil refinery and make this site a truly must-see industrial gem in the region.”

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Rinaldi said he could not give his business plan, but it would include keeping the refineries, changing some products to meet changing demand in the region and focusing more on chemical production.

The new company last year signed a partnership agreement with RNG Energy Solutions to obtain permits for a proposed $120 million anaerobic digestion facility. If successful, the facility will produce 1,100 tonnes of renewable natural gas for buses and trucks from regional commercial food waste on a 23-hectare site at the PES site.

RNG’s plan includes a 78-acre, 10-megawatt solar project and a facility to produce 100 million gallons per year of renewable diesel fuel from oils, fats and oils.

“The plant is in good working order and the facilities we have to invest in, develop and operate there will complement the refinery,” said James Potter, president of RNG Energy. “When we use solar energy for the energy needs of an anaerobic digestion project, we significantly improve our carbon footprint and get more value for the fuel we produce.”

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“In the long term, people will switch to more renewable fuels and we think this is a good transitional project that combines refinery operations and a sustainable renewable solution,” he said.

Rinaldi said he was “supportive and encouraging” of these developments, but said he would not push RNG’s desire to buy the PES complex or form a new company.

“It’s nice to have green energy, we want to do it, but we’re in business and we do what makes business sense,” he said. “These projects make sense, but they remain the tail, not the dog. It’s just a small part of what the future of work will look like. “

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On Tuesday night, environmental experts and activists called on the city to move away from fossil fuels and create a clean energy center at the PES complex. The advice was given at the fourth meeting of the Refinery Advisory Committee held by the city after the fire to discuss the impact of the refinery closure on the local economy, environment and public health. Security.

Philadelphia Energy Authority, City Officials Kick Off Fourth Annual Solar Week With Impressive Clean Energy Milestones From The Last Year

Environmental issues — pollution from the refinery and damage to neighbors’ health — have dominated the four council meetings so far, with the refinery closing costing nearly 1,000 union members.

Last week, Philadelphia-based biofuels company SG. Preston said the company would like to take over operations of a refinery to produce renewable diesel, marine diesel and jet fuel.

S. G. Representatives for Preston did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The company will use part of the plant to produce renewable fuels from oils, fats and oils, sources told Reuters. Biofuels can be produced from agricultural crops and existing organic materials, including trees, wood, plants, grasses, manure and municipal waste.

But the purchase of the PES refinery by anyone, including two entities that are now self-proclaimed bankruptcy trustees, is subject to approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington.

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“I think Mr. Rinaldi doesn’t know what green means, what clean energy means, and I don’t think he’s going to move forward with anything that’s socially acceptable and good for the environment in the Philadelphia area,” Minott said.

“It’s a really bad idea to do anything with an old refinery,” Phil Rinaldi said. “When he was head of PES I think he completely destroyed the company and created the mess it is now.”

Christina Simeon, a senior fellow at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of several reports on the PES refinery, said Rinaldi’s plans to recognize industry and consumers are moving toward cleaner energy.

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“However, upgrading the refinery is very expensive and depends on expensive raw material, market volatility. “I don’t know if he wants to invest enough to implement these grand plans,” he said.

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Ryan O’Callaghan, president of United Steelworkers Local 10-1, which represents union representatives at the plant, said he had spoken extensively with Rinaldi and that his offer was promising.

“We know Phil, he’s a good guy. “He saw it last time [when he was creating PES], it’s like he saw it this time,” he said.

Rinaldi stepped down as CEO of Philadelphia Energy Solutions in 2017. He was the company’s chairman when private equity firm Carlyle Group bought the refineries from Sunoco.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions, the largest and oldest oil refinery on the East Coast, announced in June 2019 that it was closing after a fire.

Black Leaders On The Forefront Of Clean Energy

As gas prices have risen in the Philadelphia area, bills for jet fuel, diesel and heating oil have risen.

The six plots cover half a million acres of ocean off the coast of Jersey and New York, generating enough wind energy to power 2 million homes.

Greater catches and improved water quality will attract recreational and commercial fishing, which will have economic benefits, including increased property values ​​along the river. A solar panel will allow a Chester County company to use solar power at night and help alleviate that situation. The climate crisis.

Sycamore International Inc., Chester County electronics recycler and repairer. Wanting to use renewable energy 24 hours a day, he installed a state-of-the-art battery system with a 115-kilowatt rooftop solar system. The iron flow battery storage system built by ESS Tech is housed in a white canister at the front. Read more at TerraSol Energies

B Central Texas Solar Project Unveiled By Chem Energy

At a warehouse in Chester County, Sycamore International Inc. Recycles electronics, including reselling 30,000,000 old laptops per month. Sycamore CEO Stephen Figgatt said the West Grove company is committed to the circular economy.

In keeping with its sustainability mission, Sycamore installed a rooftop solar system earlier this year to convert its operations to renewable energy. But Figet, 36, announced his company’s electrical independence in late August by introducing an innovative battery storage system that ensures solar power is available even when the sun isn’t shining.

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Figet went one step further by choosing the first steel battery system on the East Coast to use energy saving technology.

Iron flux batteries are one of many promising energy storage technologies competing for use in the rapidly expanding renewable energy market to replace energy sources that emit greenhouse gases.

Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes

As renewable generation becomes important, the market for energy storage systems is expected to play an important role. Wind and solar systems produce intermittent electricity depending on weather conditions, and grid operators say they will need more storage systems as renewables take up a larger share of the electricity generation market.

Battery storage device makers are expecting an increase in the inflation relief law signed by President Joe Biden on August 16. The law includes tax credits for those who purchase energy storage equipment.

An iron discharge battery is very different from a lithium-ion battery, a device widely used in electric vehicles, mobile devices and some commercial applications.

The biggest selling point of the iron flow battery is that the electrolyte, the material that carries the electrical charge, is not some metal mined in an unfriendly country. Instead, the electrolyte consists of abundant ferrous chloride, which is mainly iron, salt, and water. Unlike lithium, it is non-toxic and does not overheat or explode.

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Sycamore’s long-lasting battery can last 12 hours, about three times longer than a lithium battery, or the same amount of time the sun shines. It can store about 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which can supply electricity to about 28 homes for a period of 12 hours.

A solid state battery can withstand up to 25 years of charge and discharge cycles of degradation. It promises to work after Energizer for a long time

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