Reinventing Power America’s Renewable Energy Boom

Reinventing Power America’s Renewable Energy Boom – Neighborhood News Sierra Club LA celebrates new documentary with LA screens ‘Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom’ Explores Clean Energy

On World Environment Day – June 5 – Sierra Club and Transit Pictures are holding a special screening and reception for the new documentary,

Reinventing Power America’s Renewable Energy Boom

The film introduces viewers to people in eight countries whose lives have been transformed by the renewable energy industry, while also exploring different aspects of the clean energy industry from innovation to installation. These stories are proof that America doesn’t have to choose between keeping our lights on and protecting our communities.

Pdf) Power To The People: Electric Utility Restructuring And The Commitment To Renewable Energy

Amber Valletta, model, actress, activist and co-executive producer of the film, said: “I signed on to be the executive producer of this film because I believe in the power of people. I grew up in Oklahoma and watched my mother help prevent a nuclear power plant from being built in our community . Every day, people like you and I help bring a clean energy economy our way. We take meaningful steps to implement our values. We save energy. We buy electric vehicles. We are voting for candidates who believe in science. We support and work on clean energy. We also support organizations like the Sierra Club, which brings people together for climate action in almost every community in America.

Added Michael Braun, Executive Director of the Sierra Club: “Good stories can change minds, they can change laws, and they can change the world. This film is Sierra Club’s effort to create disruption. To Break – Our effort to tell stories that are being told in silence around the world country … a story that shows that we can and will create a world powered by renewable and 100% clean energy. This is a story of strength. It’s about what we have together. When we’re together, we’re invincible.”

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In addition to the documentary screening, the evening featured a cocktail reception, with libations provided by Sufferfest Beer and Hobo Wine, and a panel discussion on clean energy in America, moderated by Tony Valentino, executive director Jeff Shaw of the San Sierra Club. . Moderated by producer Brenn Edwards and Marta Stoepker of the Sierra Club as panelists. Show this Thursday (11/6) at 6:00pm in the Sykes Theater at Westchester University. The documentary “shows the background of clean energy from innovation to installation.

The film will focus on clean energy, but will cover other topics such as workplace safety, innovation, community benefits, workforce diversity and more. If you’re planning to attend the event, or if you want to learn more about clean energy, check out some fast facts about renewable energy!

Electricity Is Infrastructure: Why The Grid Matters More Than Ever

Many people worry about the cost of switching to clean energy – but the reality is that, in many areas, renewable energy is cheaper than coal and liquefied gas (Lazard). Additionally, the cost of wind and solar energy is falling rapidly.

People also worry that the transition to clean energy will hurt jobs in the coal and gas industries. However, wind turbine technician jobs are projected to grow 108 percent from 2014 to 2024, the fastest growth rate of any occupation in the country and double the second fastest rate of employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Not only does clean energy create jobs, but clean energy jobs can be created anywhere!

A big reason why we need to switch to clean energy is because fossil fuels are polluting our air and water. Large populations of people are affected by fossil fuel pollution, especially in low-income areas or communities of color. Once we switch to clean energy, everyone will benefit from clean air and water.

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Today’s energy sources are not always reliable. Rapid fluctuations in the cost of coal, liquefied natural gas and nuclear power. Many power plants are decades old and have since become a liability in the industry. What else is there to worry about? Coal, liquefied natural gas and nuclear can fail during heat waves because they require too much water to produce. And as climate change increases, we will see more extreme weather, and possibly even hotter summers. But when we switch, we will use more reliable power.

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If you want to learn more about clean energy and how to make it 100% clean, please join us for the movie tomorrow! Again, it’s Friday 11/6 at Westchester University Sykes Theater, 6:00 p.m. And here’s a quick trailer for the documentary:

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Progressive Policy Institute Wind, Solar, And Gas: Managing The Risks Of America’s Clean Energy Transition

Don’t spray me! For help with planning and funding in 2015-19, and especially for the Grassroots Network Grant that paid for the first summer, the Sierra Club’s Southeast PA Caucus ( in 2018. DSM working on the Sierra Club Ready for 100% Renewable Energy campaign.

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