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How do you determine the height of floating kitchen cabinets? How high should kitchen shelves be above the countertop? What are standard kitchen wall shelf measurements etc? Keep reading for floating shelving ideas and more!

Over Sink Shelves

I love this view looking out from my dining room behind the cupboards. Check out my home tour for more photos of how our place is set up.

Home Basics Over The Sink Shelf In The Sink Caddies Department At Lowes.com

Seriously, the list goes on and on. Today, I hope to help you with part of your dilemma: how to hang a kitchen shelf by walking you through the different options for what height you should place the floating shelves.

After reading today’s post, if you want even more information, inspiration, and how-to details, check out my Heavy Duty Open Shelving Guide. It has links to all the posts I’ve done on a floating kitchen shelf.

I find that when I’m trying to decide on specific sizes, finishes, etc., it’s always very helpful when I can find a tutorial that lists exactly what I’m looking for. I really hope this post with examples of kitchen counter heights enlightens you about your options and helps you decide what will work best in your space.

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If you haven’t decided on the hardware for your shelves, you may also want to see how we installed heavy duty floating shelves.

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The first photo was taken by Aniko of My Taste Place. Her shelf placement on the wall is slightly higher than some of the other inspirations. Since she placed her DIY shelves slightly higher than the countertop, she has plenty of counter space for tall items.

The space between the shelves is 15″ which allows for a large vase, cutting board and still gives you the illusion of negative space, which can be valuable.

These two lovely shelves are from Megan’s Every Davis Moments and have more of a coffee bar shelving feel. Megan’s kitchen counter cabinets have open brackets with hanging brackets close to the countertop.

Megan’s Place has a very cool representation of a buffet with shelves above it. You can mimic this look if you want to add a shelf to the dining room. Two floating shelves add visual impact to the space.

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If you love the look of a low countertop shelf, check out this one from Casey Durbin. One thing I did for this kitchen was that the wooden kitchen cabinets were thinner, which gives the kitchen a balanced feel overall.

If you notice, the kitchen window is centered in the space and the wooden cupboards are to the right of the window. The only open wall to the left of the window is covered with tiles. If she had made thick wooden cupboards, I think the overall space could have felt unbalanced.

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I think it’s great that her espresso machine fits under her cabinets! It’s definitely something to consider when you’re trying to decide what height to place your cabinets.

I love how her open shelves look! If you have high ceilings like hers, adding three hanging shelves is a great option.

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I’m sure you realize that the inspiration for this last DIY kitchen shelves comes from my own kitchen (Check out my kitchen if you want to see all the previous pictures!).

I love playing with styling open shelves and also, they make it easy to grab dishes every day. If we were back to the point where we were deciding whether to do floating shelves in the kitchen or upper cabinets, we would 100% get them again.

If your shelf height is too high for everyday use, you need to consider how you want to style your shelves, for functionality and design, before installing them.

For me, if I have high ceilings and a floating shelf at a high height, I would plan to use that shelf for artwork, glass pitchers, or other serving items that weren’t used every day.

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See the blog post for six kitchens with various dimensions for shelves with dimensions for each shelf in the kitchen listed.

I hope this post has really given you a lot of valuable information on how far above the counter to place your floating shelves and how far on the wall to place your shelves. I didn’t share inspiration for a shelf on a kitchen windowsill, but this is another option if you like that look.

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If you want more resources on installing floating shelves, be sure to check out my floating shelves guide!

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