Narrow Base Cabinet

Narrow Base Cabinet

Narrow Base Cabinet – If your home has an average floor plan, here are some creative design ideas to optimize your small kitchen space!

If your home has a below-average floor plan, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cramped kitchen and crowded cupboards. At Western Products, our Crystal Cabinets design team is ready to use creative solutions to optimize your small kitchen space. We will transform your home into a new space that is open and inviting!

Narrow Base Cabinet

Here are some creative design ideas to optimize your space courtesy of Crystal Cabinets to get you in the right frame of mind when meeting with our design team:

Optimizing Small Kitchen Spaces With Crystal Cabinets

How to fit extra counter space and seating for two into a small kitchen? For our design team, the answer is simple: add a peninsula. If the counters are wrapped instead of a large island, it optimizes your small kitchen space by stretching the work area. Plus, it allows even more shelves for storage!

Crystal cabinets offer more customization than regular cabinet companies. They make everything unique to your space, needs and desired style. An optimization solution for small spaces is to offer shelves that are as small as three inches. In rooms like bathrooms, it’s sometimes difficult to fit regular 12- or 24-inch cabinets without cluttering the space. But with crystal cabinets, small cabinets can provide a surprising amount of storage space without limiting the space.

In good design, all possible elements such as material, shape, style and even color work together. Color is often overlooked as a means of making a room feel open and fresh, but it makes a big difference. Crystal Cabinets offers its products in a variety of colors and can even create open back cabinets to showcase the colors and patterns of your home’s walls.

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Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can greatly increase your storage space. And with tall shelves, it draws the eye upwards, giving the illusion of a high ceiling.

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One of the reasons Western Products is so proud of our design team is that they know how to find surprising solutions in unexpected places for any remodeling challenge you face. With crystal shelves, you not only get quality and customized products. You also get quality knowledge and guidance provided by experienced experts from our design team.

If you want to know more about what Crystal Cabinets has to say to optimize your small kitchen space, please check out their blog.

Our home improvement experts are committed to helping turn your home renovation dreams into reality! Visit one of our showroom locations in Fargo or Bismarck or call us at (800) 743-3632 to set up a free in-home or virtual consultation. We can talk to you wherever you are with our virtual consultation service. A tall, slim pull-out cabinet is a smart solution for a tight space next to the refrigerator.

3. Place one side piece of the cabinet frame on the table and install the four drawer glides, making sure they are evenly spaced and level.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Add Ons You Can Diy

4. Assemble the cabinet frame, attaching the top, bottom and back with wood glue and brad nails. Then attach the other side piece to the frame. Because the frame is so tall, be careful not to bend the sides when you attach them.

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5. Pull out the drawer slides all the way and place the bamboo plywood panel on the slides. Install the panel on the drawer slides. Attach the face to the interior panel with wood glue and brad nails. Add trim to the top and bottom of the interior panel.

7. Finish the cabinet surface as needed and add cabinet hardware. We painted ours white and added decorative trim.

8. Place the cabinet vertically. If necessary, seal the bottom and make sure the cabinet is rectangular. Secure the back of the cabinet to the wall, making sure to pull through the studs.

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Need extra work space in your kitchen? Create a sliding island for added functionality and style. One side has a stand mixer, sheet pan, cutting board and more, while the other side has extra seating. Perfect for small spaces, this portable kitchen island easily pulls out when you need it and folds away neatly when you don’t.

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