Marble Countertop Paint Kit

Marble Countertop Paint Kit

Marble Countertop Paint Kit – The Giani Marble features large deposits of classical and monumental stone in the Carrara Plateau of Tuscany, Italy. Broad white limestone cut with thin, delicate veins and gray quartz feathers are unique features that make this particular surface a valuable asset. The simplicity of color and pattern adds a bright touch to any kitchen or bathroom. Brighten up any classic, traditional or contemporary space with a polished marble look.

Giani Countertop Paint is a simple three-step application that transforms Formica®, laminates, Corian®, ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble and traditional granite in a weekend. Each kit comes with all the tools you need and covers an average kitchen surface area of ​​35 square feet.

Marble Countertop Paint Kit

Giani countertop paints are safe to use indoors, have very low odor and are VOC free. A special primer hides existing tarnish, burns, stains and small scratches, while the mineral color creates the character of marble quartz. Each kit comes with a durable, high-gloss crystal-clear epoxy resin finish that finishes and protects the application from daily use on the panel.

Giani Black Marble Countertop Epoxy Kit

It was very easy to use and looked very real! We are very satisfied with this product. Now we are trying to find more that can use it. Don’t be afraid to try! surprising!

I was so worried about how it would come out, but it’s really cool! Now I want to make my own bathroom vanity!

Great project and so much fun! Our kitchen was in desperate need of a makeover! After painting the cabinets and walls, I decided it was time to paint the countertops. What’s the difference!! Thanks, Jan!

I don’t leave reviews, but I must for this product. I covered 30 and 43 using the Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit. Laminate Countertop of the Year. I’m not an artist and thought it looked complicated, but since I couldn’t make it any worse, I thought I’d give it a shot. When I tell you it was so easy and they look great – that’s a huge understatement. The ultimate product that can transform your kitchen in a matter of hours. great!

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This huge kit made everything super easy and included everything you need. I replaced the **** green table with a beautiful white marble and stayed within budget. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to build a countertop without spending a lot of money.

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I hated granite countertops and thought I had nothing to lose so I tried the marble set and I can’t tell you how much I love them! Instructions and videos were very clear and helpful. The process was intimidating at first, but once I started, it was really, really easy! Highly recommend this product!

Amazing!!!! I can’t get past how fantastic it is. Thank you so much for making this amazing product! I’ve always wanted to try one of these faux marble DIY sets. Especially after a (budget-friendly) kitchen remodel and the addition of a faux tile backsplash.

So I bought a faux marble countertop kit and spent two days working on it.

Full Giani Countertop Paint Instructions + Diy Video

In this post, we share everything you need to paint your own countertops, marble paint tips, and a list of the pros and cons of this project. Spoiler alert: I’m very happy with the results!

When I moved into the house, the island counter was one of the main things that stood out to me as “not my style.” But years after remodeling the kitchen, it didn’t make sense to pay for new counters that we wouldn’t even include in the final design.

After my first Christmas at home, my mind started turning to DIY decisions. Can you do something that’s cheap and will keep your family stuck in traffic?

Anyway, I finally bought this faux marble countertop set and it was the perfect solution I was looking for. I like the way it looks now. It puts a smile on your face every time you enter the room. It’s also easy to clean. I’m so happy to try it!

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I like my results, but I promise to be brutally honest because I know it’s not necessarily a good choice for every household.

A lot of people ask me if I should be an artist or a great artist. I don’t think so. I’d say be patient and detail oriented, but it’s better not to be a perfectionist.

I’m not a perfectionist (and frankly, I’m not even a good artist), so I had a lot of fun playing around with mimicking the look of real marble in my saved photos.

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I was amazed at how much fun it was. In all my DIY years, this has probably been my favorite DIY I’ve ever made. I had so much fun doing this and was amazed at how easy it was.

Countertop Paint & Coatings At

Spent about 3 hours working on the counter marble. Eventually I started to think they looked really bad. Then left for an hour and when I came back I was happy with them again! So if you start feeling stuffy, it’s a good idea to take a break.

Before starting the counter, I watched an 18-minute YouTube video. Made by kit builders and highly detailed in every step. You should watch the entire video before starting.

He will probably answer any questions you may have. We followed their instructions. Besides the kit, all we needed were tweezers and painter’s tape.

The most important tip to make your marble look real is to keep a few pictures of your favorite real marble and copy the look as you paint.

How To Paint Cultured Marble Countertops

Trying to get a good level of imperfection helped. If you haven’t kept looking at pictures of real marble, it’s probably more fake.

What I did differently with the one video was that it was easier to do the edges along the way. I think it’s very important to keep the edges consistent so that each vein looks continuous. I would still follow this advice if there was a backsplash.

I had never thought of doing it, but the fear of not being good at facsimile painting was a major stumbling block for me. So, here’s a low-risk method you can try!

No. It was one of the most asked questions! At least I was surprised to not have a hot pot on my counter without it. If you want to do that, I don’t recommend this counter.

Diy Marble Countertop With Giani

It doesn’t have to be granite. In my opinion, doing this on a laminate surface would be more ideal. Because that would be a 100% upgrade.

It has a valid claim to cost less than granite (you could say it cuts down to some extent), but in our house, we didn’t like the granite and planned to replace it anyway, so it wasn’t. Not a factor for me.

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According to Giani’s website, it can be used on virtually any type of countertop, including vinyl, wood, and a variety of real and faux stone.

No, I was pleasantly surprised. A primer coat of paint is probably the strongest smell and matches regular wall paint. We left the windows open all day and it was amazing that there was no noticeable smell at all. The epoxy didn’t smell.

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit 2.0 100% Acrylic (white Diamond) Fg G2 Wht Di 54 Fluid Ounces (combined), House Paint

If you’re covering laminate counters in poor condition, I’d say yes! If you’re like me covering granite, I’d stop and really think if it’s worth it to you. The surface is no longer heat resistant (eg granite).

Yes. Small hairs fell off the brush while I was painting, and when I picked it up, it was scratched (use tweezers instead!). While the epoxy is applied, the paintwork is very delicate. To fix it, I applied some more paint before it was sealed.

Another mistake we made was that there were a few small holes in the epoxy coating around the seams. So the next day we poured just enough to fill the hole.

We have a lot of supplies left (about half of the paint and epoxy). So save it in case you need to repair it later.

Giani Marble Easy Epoxy Countertop Kit, Carrara White

It is glossy and soft. Imagine a counter or table, bar or restaurant. Most of these tables are epoxy coated. Similar to this one, but not as thick.

Colin and I teamed up to do the base coat and epoxy, and I did the faux marble. all

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