Latch Hook Wall Hanging Kits

Latch Hook Wall Hanging Kits – You guys, I have a new obsession. Take it! It all started with a beautiful palette of inspiring color combinations that have been anchored to my desk – another new addiction. I want to turn it into a 3D piece of art for our bedroom, what better way than to turn it into a wall hanging! Blocking is something I’ve been trying to teach myself, thanks in part to the amazing weaving of tapestry artist Judit Just. So this amazing palette of blues, reds, rusts and ocher finally led me to do a series of YouTube tutorials on Latch Hook 101. I was amazed at how easy the process is and even better, how many tools and supplies were required! Honestly, it can be boring, but the results are worth it. PRO TIP: Time flies when you’re on Netflix and relaxing.

You will need: Tapestry canvas (cut to size) Scissors with locking hooks Various threads (I like to use a mix of acrylic and wool in different textures and colors) 3/8″ tab (cut 1-2″ longer than the width of the canvas)

Latch Hook Wall Hanging Kits

I like to buy yarn for this project, not yarn. Because it really cuts down the process tremendously! You will use threads of uniform length. a lot So with a piece of yarn, all you have to do is pull it out and cut the circle in half. For the bottom braid, I like to leave it long. But for longer pieces I divide the halves into quarters or eighths. Also, it’s important to only cut what you think you can. You can always cut more. I like to start with the rope and go from there.

Wonderart Latch Hook Wall Hanging Kit Kid’s World 20

The key to connecting screws is the hook of the screw. what This cool gadget uses a hinge hook to make contact in seconds.

Start by folding a piece of yarn (I like to use two at a time for a thicker, fuller look) in half. Slide the hook through the middle and pull the bottom fold line of the locking hook.

Push the locking hook under the first square you want to wire. Continue pushing the hook until the hook is above the bottom line of the square. Pull left line – keep line

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Pull the thread to the right between the clip and the hook and wrap it around the back of the hook.

Mh Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging Kit Snow White Cat 18

Gently pull the key on the tool and the mechanism will close. Continue pulling, pulling the rope a little tighter with the other hand.

Keep pulling and the button will slide over the square and your link will be set. It may take a few tries to get it right, but trust me, once it clicks the action will be faster and easier!

I like to create a uniform base where all the squares on the bottom border are filled. Then, since I’m still working with longer pieces, I like to randomly add pieces. It looks nice and pretty and actually saves money on threads! With jumper cables you can use fewer things and no one will ever know.

After completing a few sections, you can trim the edges. I love clipping each section to the bottom – it accentuates the beautiful look again!

Rug Hooking Kits

When and if you need to switch to a shorter section, make sure the thread starts with a line that will cover all the white space.

Since I didn’t plan the layout in advance, I like to jump back and forth from left and right to get a feel for the composition. I like to cut it too!

If you’re interested in super short stacks, you’ll need to tick all the boxes. You don’t need super long wire – a 2 1/2″ wire will do. In fact, you can even buy pre-cut wire online, which makes it a lot easier.

Push the locking hook under the first square you want to wire. Continue pushing the hook until the hook is above the bottom line of the square. Pull the line to the left, keeping the line

Best Latch Hook Kits For Adults

Take and pull the yarn between the clip and the hook to the right, and wrap it around the back of the hook.

Gently pull the locking hook tool until the latch closes. Continue pulling, pulling the wire straight with the other hand, until the trigger slides all the way and the wire is knotted.

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Next, take a pair of sharp scissors and trim the top until you have a short, even pile.

Be sure to leave at least one strip of fabric to finish your piece. If you’ve finished before reaching the top, cut off the excess canvas, leaving an empty row.

Natura Caron Latch Hook Rug/wall Hanging Kit #p460

Fold the row to the back. Cut 10-12 pieces of 4″ wire. Slip one piece through the top row square before the braid, through the folded back, and then through the next square.

Tie the ends into a knot and pull the tie over the back. Continue adding knots, making sure they are evenly spaced. If you’re not really interested in learning how to knit, but love the textured walls you see on the internet, then I’ve got the perfect knitting project for you. With this hook you can use canvases and tapestries for the same furry wall hanging style. It won’t necessarily be faster, but it doesn’t require some of the tools and skills you need if you want to knit the same thing. Also, you can customize the size of the wall mount very quickly.

If you knit or crochet, this is a great way to get rid of piles of yarn, and you can use this tutorial to skip the wall hanging and make your own rug! I love my furry wall and all the soft texture it adds to my studio space. Get the details to make yours below.

Supplies: – 24″ x 30″ canvas with snap hooks – snap hooks – seven or eight different colored threads. I have used various thicknesses, including wool and cotton.

Best Latch Hook Kits: Make Your Own Rug At Home (2022)

You can sketch your design first, or you can draw it freehand. You can also trace the shape of your color block with a fabric marker to make it easier! Once you are happy with your design, start cutting the yarn. The lines at the bottom of the canvas should be the longest, then you can trim them to a more consistent length. My bases vary in length from 14″ to 24″ and I use 7″ to 12″ cardboard for the bases and wrap my yarn over and over and then cut at one end. Continue cutting the thread as you go. The rest of the yarn is about 5 inches long and I cut them when I added them all to the canvas.

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Step 1: Cut the hook canvas to your preferred size. Mine is 14″ x 28″. The larger the size, the more yarn you will need. Then place two strands under the hook.

Step 2: Use one hand to hold the four ends of the strands so that they are roughly at the bend of the chain. Then slip the hook under a line of canvas and let it rise again. Make sure you swipe on the key.

Step 4: Gently pull the handle towards the body and close the clasp with the wire inside the hook.

Latch Hook Kit By Caron Wonderart 27×40 Leopard

Step 6: This is what it will look like when you’re done. One down, one million! I’m kidding. But not really.

I usually work on fiber projects from the bottom up, but I knew I wanted to use a lot of bricks in this project. I added three colored dots as my focus and then filled things in from there. I gather the thread and cut as I go instead of counting ahead. No one needs that kind of pressure.

Work on the color blocks one at a time, or mix and match and fill from one side to the other. Adding different shades of the same color can help mix up your designs, but contrasting colors work well too.

If you fill a large space like this, the project may take a few hours to complete, but you can easily cut the canvas to 6″ x 10″ and make a smaller version.

Lab Puppies Rug Latch Hook Kit

After you advance to within 2 inches of the top, stop there. you need that space to fold the bottom

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