Large Wooden Pallets For Sale

Large Wooden Pallets For Sale – Products & Services Crates – Standard/Industrial Crates – Reusable Platforms & Pallets Export ISPM-15 Heavy Duty Packaging & Delivery Services

Great for our everyday general heavy duty frames/pallets, machines, machine parts or other general equipment. 1-1/2 inch decking (plywood or 2×12) is great for securing items that can be bolted to the pallet.

Large Wooden Pallets For Sale

A strong pallet designed to accommodate several cylindrical cargo pieces. For example: pipes, pipelines, gas cylinders, steel rods etc.

Second Hand Wooden Pallets For Sale

There are special notches on the sides for securely tying the stack of cylinders to the skids and then placing the angled timbers, yes, keep them there!

This is the base we use for our motorcycle boxes. Trust me, your car will arrive safely sitting on this well-engineered, heavy-duty pallet with front pads and mounts installed.

Our giant planks have at least one layer of 1-1/2″ thick boards made from 2×12’s. The carriers that support the decking are 4×6’s and are bolted to 4×4 skids on which the entire load sits. Great for very large, very heavy loads such as industrial equipment or heavy machinery.

This particular skid mount is designed to carry a large and very heavy piece of machinery. We developed a custom steel frame that added strength and made the system quick and easy to load and unload in difficult areas in the field.

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Please note: We do not make the typical standard warehouse pallets that you would get from a typical pallet manufacturer. We create wooden pallets in a variety of sizes and finishes – all reusable and stackable, making them suitable for multiple uses. We can assist with any packaging required to store items on site. Alternatively, if you require wooden boxes for your shop window, we can ‘dress’ them for you by creating smooth edges. Or check out our wooden pallet garden furniture page to see some amazing and unique ways to use wooden pallets.

Barnes & Woodhouse sells custom made wood planks to the trade and public. For 50 years we have perfected and developed our processes, becoming a leading manufacturer in the process. At our warehouse in Middlesbrough, we can design and manufacture wooden pallets in any size to suit your requirements.

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Send us a message or call us on 01642 224092 to find out how we can help you today.

Our craftsmen have been creating custom wood pallets and hundreds of other custom wood products, wood fences and wood boxes for decades. Their talent and experience is second to none. Combined with our convenient warehouse (near air and sea terminals), we are the best choice for your wood pallet needs.

Buy & Sell Pallets In Erlanger, Kentucky

We can create any number of wooden pallets to your exact specifications. Whether you plan to use them for packaging, storage or as alternative garden furniture, we can offer expertly crafted wooden pallets to suit your needs. Tell us what you plan to use your pallets for and we can provide size and material suggestions so you can get the product for your needs.

Our timber planks can be manufactured in a number of ways including heat treating, finishing, finishing or sawing to ISPM 15 standards. If you’re not sure what that means, read:

Treated wood is wood that has been impregnated with a special type of preservative solution and subjected to a pressure treatment. It provides long-term protection against insects, rot and fungal decay, and is resistant to leaching. Treated wood typically lasts 30 years and 60 years indoors.

Finished lumber is lumber that has been passed through a planer, resulting in smooth surfaces on any or all sides.

Standard Wood Pallet Dimensions And Sizes (diagrams And Charts)

Sawn lumber refers to the process of turning logs into usable wood. The wood may be sawn, where the log is cut without adjusting its position, or it may be quarter-sawn or sawn, where the annual rings of the wood lie perpendicular to the sides of the wood.

Finally, our timber is ISPM 15 heat treated and suitable for international transport. Wherever possible, we purchase wood from renewable sources.

Our process begins when you send us an inquiry. Call us on 01642 224092 or send us a message and let us know how many pallets you want, in what size and where you want them delivered. We calculate the amounts and provide you with a competitive price and estimated time to complete the job. If you’re not sure what exactly you need – just ask! We can draw on 50 years of trading experience to advise you on the best materials and designs to suit your objectives.

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Once we know what you need, we can carefully select the right materials for you. We use both hardwoods and softwoods (from renewable sources where possible) in the manufacture of our pallets and always ensure the highest quality. Whether you use your pallets for international shipping or indoor storage, we have the best lumber for you.

Stack Of Wooden Pallets At Warehouse. Pallets Are Used Extensively In Goods Merchandise Transportation Logistic Industry. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 122203157

Not all wood planks are created equal. We can create and design wooden pallets to suit your needs perfectly. Before we go into production, we make sure our designs will work in your environment. We are happy to make any changes to our standard designs, including special notes for use with forklifts or pallet jacks.

Once the design is complete and we have our materials on hand, we can begin fulfilling your order. The time it takes to make the wooden pallets will depend on the order quantity, we will definitely give you an estimated lead time so you can plan around us.

We have over 50 years experience delivering large orders for businesses across the UK and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality products on time. If you wish to arrange for your order to be collected, you can do so knowing that your products are safely stored in our secure warehouse.

As a national company with over 50 years of successful trading, we understand the value of good business relationships. From the first inquiry to the final invoice, we pride ourselves on our efficient processes, accomplished through hard work and dedication. While our wooden pallets may seem like simple products, we know that companies rely on their manufacturing to do their best, so each new pallet we make is as high quality as the last.

Florida Used Pallets

Contact us today on 01642 224092 or send us a message, let us know your requirements and we’ll give you a competitive quote.

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Used pallets may cost less than brand new pallets, but the quality of the material and the projected lifespan of the product will always be lower. Although some companies sell used pallets in large quantities, the source of these pallets can rarely be verified, and their service history is usually unknown. This can make the buyer doubt the level of quality they are buying and the durability of the wooden pallet.

The average size of a wooden pallet is 800 mm wide, 1200 mm long and 144 mm high.

The size of the pallets is kept constant worldwide to ensure that the same industry-standard equipment can be used at each stop in the supply chain. While this is considered the standard pallet size, there are other non-standard pallet sizes used to handle larger loads.

Pallets For Sale

The standard height of wooden planks is 144mm, however custom made wooden planks can have different heights depending on the purpose they are designed for. Each pallet contains parts known as “stringers” to maintain uniformity and ensure universal use. Each of these stringers is 22 to 24 mm in size.

A typical wooden pallet is 800 mm wide, but there are other sizes that can be made. Wooden planks were that size from the beginning because that width was used for most doors, especially railroad car doors, which at one point were the most common mode of transportation for freight.

Not all wooden pallets are the same size, but a standard size is used throughout the import/export industry to ensure smooth movement of goods. By keeping wooden pallets the same size, those involved in the transportation and storage of the materials they use can use the same tools to move them and estimate the space they need to work with.

A typical wooden pallet weighs between 15kg and 22kg, although the exact weight will depend on the purpose for which it was created, its construction and the type of wood used to make it. For example, softwood planks are lighter than hardwood planks

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