Laminated Placemats Diy

Laminated Placemats Diy – There is always something else to sew in my house. I don’t think I’ve done this much sewing in years. I’ve probably sewn more in the last 6 weeks than in the past 6 years. Sewing is a great hobby and something I really enjoy, but long projects are tiring. So, I love a quick project that starts to finish in a few hours.

When I finished our Pop Up Camper, I decided I couldn’t live without matching placemats. Yes. You read it. I pretty much gave it my all on this project, so there’s no going back at this point!

Laminated Placemats Diy

I had some fabric left over, so it was easy to justify this project. Since coasters are essentially fabric cut into standard shapes and hemmed, it’s one of the easiest projects for beginners. Standard coaster size is 12 x 18 inches. I made a simple stencil/pattern out of wax paper. I use freezer paper and newspaper to make templates for projects like this.

Woven Paper Placemats

I cut a piece of fabric for the front and back using this pattern. I made 4 coasters. This required 4 pieces of each fabric to make the coasters.

Placemats can be easily made by just sewing and washing. However, I decided to iron-on laminate the fabric to vinyl so we could just wipe and go. Because of this decision, I purchased a roll of Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Iron-On Vinyl -17″X5 Yards Gloss

Thermoweb comes in a roll and was more than I needed for this project. Now I’ll have some leftovers for some extra projects.

Thermoweb should be cut to the same size as the front and back. For this project I cut 8 pieces of Thermoweb just like the front and back pieces.

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Now I ironed on Thermoweb. This is the easy part of the project. I recommend doing this on a solid surface. An ironing board would be difficult to operate due to the amount of pressure required to seal well. I did this on the kitchen counter with a towel on top. You could probably do this on a metal dryer or washing machine. But I would still like at least a place

The vinyl is applied to the right side of the fabric and iron with the paper on it and removed after it cools.

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After ironing on the Thermoweb, join the right sides of the front and back pieces and pin on three sides. Sew the three sides together. Then drop out. Before I did this, I cut the corners a bit to make it easier to turn the corners.

This was the hardest part. The fabric is stiff on the laminated sides and wants to crease and wrinkle a bit. Be as gentle as possible.

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Pin the top inward to close the top. Sew all the way around to close the top and create a topstitch for the other three sides.

Tuck the tip in and pin. Sew with a thin or narrow stitch all the way around, including the pinned side for closing and topstitching.

From start to finish, this project took less than 3 hours. This is definitely an afternoon sewing project. It feels good to actually start and finish something in one day without my house being wrecked for weeks!

Laminate floor mats have a nice look and will be easy to maintain in our camper.

Personalized Placemat {free Printable}

If I were making them for my home, I would skip the lamination and just make them machine washable.

Thermoweb is an easy way to make easy-to-wipe laminated baby beads. Laminated fabric can also be used to make lunch bags, cosmetic bags and more. Be sure to check out the other articles on my blog later this year. While I was finishing up this project for my camper, I was brainstorming all kinds of gift ideas for next Christmas. I have lots of fabric scraps and pieces that will make some great gifts.

Beginning sewers should try to make a simple set of coasters. This project would allow for practice in stitching, turning fabric, and quilting. And this would make a great gift. Lamination is completely optional and not recommended for beginners.

Be creative. Projects like this are a lot of fun because they are so simple and very easy to dress up and add other details without a lot of work or fuss. And they’re not just for campers. Create a set for your home!

Personalised Children's Laminated Table Placemat

If you want to see how these coasters will fit in with the rest of the color scheme for my Pop Up Camper, check out my Pop Up Camper Reveal. Soon I will show our table we made and our dishes to go with this look.

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Have you made coasters before? If so, what kind did you make? And, have you used iron-on vinyl before? I’d love to hear more about your craft and sewing projects. Comment and share your experiences. If you are using my mobile site view, you may need to switch to the web-based version of my blog to leave comments. But it’s easy to do. Just look for the web version link below. Have a nice week!


This tutorial will show you how to make a laminated coaster that doubles as a coaster for kids (on the one hand) and a creative table coaster for adults (on the other). It’s easy.

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Suitable for the house: We are currently renting the house, so I can’t just paint the walls or change the wallpaper at will. But I can definitely change the coasters. Toddler-friendly: When I’m ready, I can use one side of the coaster to train my toddler to help me set the table for dinner. Right now he’s learning not to throw away his fork when he’s done eating. Affordable and adult-friendly: Flip it over and viola! I can use the other side of the coaster when I wine and dine our grown up friends and family. Inspirational: I need decorating ideas for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. I can be that cute mom who does it with placemats. Utilitarian: Best of all, I can easily clean up the mess because it’s laminated.

Time Commitment: Depends. If you’re doing it yourself and you already have all the ideas in your head, I’d say treat yourself to a good creative class.

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However, I find that this project is more fun when you do it with others: on a date, with a couple of friends, with your kids, etc. Both adults and children can have fun creating something for the house together!

For example, I was recently on a date with my cousin and her two children. I had the paper. She had crayons. It’s time to make a do-it-yourself coaster. We had a great time creating together. Her three-year-old daughter’s face lit up as she chose her favorite colors and cut out paper flowers for the coaster. She was proud of the fact that this was her coaster. I can see her in the near future helping mom set the table—especially when it comes to placemats. For the grown-up side of the placemat, my cousin chose a sophisticated yet charming paper scheme. As for me, I was able to create and break out with 4 coasters that afternoon. Our younger sons were not interested, but they played with the toys side by side without any fuss. It became a win-win craft project. What you’ll need: Pretty paper: construction paper, scrapbook paper, whatever you’ve been keeping in your craft box waiting to use, etc. Markers or crayons Scissors Glue or tape Optional: any decorations such as stickers, ribbons, family photos, etc. Step 1: Decide on the size of the coaster. Here are some typical sizes for placemats: – Toddler rectangular placemat: 9 x 12 or 12 x 12 inches – Adult size rectangular placemat: 13 x 17 or 11 x 17 inches – Round placemat: 14 ½ inches diameter To keep it simple (not cutting) and to make it toddler-sized, use construction paper. However, if you want a grown-up coaster, you’ll need a larger paper size to start with, or you can get creative with adding more paper to what you already have to achieve an 11 x 17 inch rectangle. For me, I decided to use a piece

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