Kitchen Remodeling Louisville Ky

Kitchen Remodeling Louisville Ky – Are you ready to start designing the kitchen of your dreams? Kitchen Tune-Up offers five different ways to update your kitchen within different levels of investment. Our franchisees can change the color or style of your cabinets, or both – and often for just $99 – $249 total per month. Find a franchise location near you or fill out the form to request a free design consultation and quote.

Our mission is to create the highest quality space and service that our customers have always dreamed of, while showing that all renovations don’t have to be a headache and a mess. We strive to be good neighbors in the community and treat all customers, partners and employees as part of our family. – Chase and Elizabeth Vincent, husband

Kitchen Remodeling Louisville Ky

Welcome to Kitchen Tune-Up Louisville, KY offers five ways to update your kitchen. When you decide to update or repair, the company you trust is an important decision. Our customer service credentials are applied to every kitchen project to ensure our team always listen carefully and provide solutions that are tailored to your home’s needs.

Hand Planed Walnut Kitchen Island Top In King Of Prussia, Pa

Our team of trained experts, known as our Tunifiers, are ready to work safely to give you a kitchen update that meets your desires and investment. Locally owned and operated, our team lives in your community and understands the needs of owners in our community. We are backed and backed by our national franchise program, so whatever your style or needs, Kitchen Tune-Up Louisville, KY is equipped to help you find solutions that will make your kitchen complete and functional.

Specializing in 1-5 day updates, we offer 1 day wood restoration, cabinet painting, cabinet repainting, remodeling and custom cabinets. Our partnerships with some of the top commercial companies in the country allow us to offer low interest rates and flexible payment terms, and many projects can be completed for as little as $99-$249 a month.

Whether your wood cabinets need a tune-up, you’re looking for a new door style or upgrade, or you need a whole new foundation and remodel, our kitchen tune-up team makes the process of updating your kitchen fun and hassle-free. .

Call or click today to schedule a free, in-home or virtual consultation to learn more about Kitchen Tune-Up’s methods of kitchen and appliance repair.

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Daniels & Daniels Home Remodeling Reviews

All the projects you see here are real home renovation projects like yours. They are not fancy images of designer showrooms – these are kitchens that families use every day. These projects, from Tune-Up kitchens across the country, show how remodeling can be done to fit homeowners’ unique needs and realistic budgets!

Wood to white kitchen minisitasarea popular question that always comes up surprising, and this kitchen was no different. The original wood doors with recessed panels were replaced with shaker white, along with a subway tile backsplash and new door handles. The space instantly becomes brighter and makes you look much more visible.

Our popular cabinet painting service corrects this, changing the original light of natural wood cabinets to a nice, clean white. We adjusted the counters to the glass doors to display the Pyrex bowls and additional dish combinations. Our customers are delighted with their renovated vintage kitchen.

The white-on-white review effectively brings this kitchen into the 21st century. Switch to white shaker doors and a subway tile backsplash go hand-in-hand with black granite countertops and red decor. The homeowner can’t believe how clean and modern this pair of updates makes her kitchen!

Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery

Quick, easy and efficient kitchen updates are our priority. This kitchen could be remodeled in days! The plain white flat doors were replaced with white fixed panel doors to give more depth to the space. Concealed covers and polished full finish and matt black material are the perfect contrast to the glossy doors.

We love getting the chance to remodel kitchens and give them more personality! The main kitchen was spacious and well lit, with unlimited options. The first step in this transformation was changing from clunky pink paneled wooden doors to haglundridge recessed white paneled doors with matte black hardware. The island was remodeled with a soft pop of denim-colored paneling and matching subway tile. We love the final show!

The owners of this kitchen are happy with the bright white in their kitchen, but want to keep it simple and clean. We also made cabinets with white door covers and drawer tops, with some changes to the cabinet heights to add some depth. Floating shelves and under-cabinet lighting were also added to complete this beautiful remodel.

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A professional coat of paint can do wonders to transform your kitchen! Satisfied with their current cabinets, these Louisville, Kentucky homeowners wanted to remodel their kitchen with a color change. The original white panel doors are great candidates for cabinet paint, and the addition of matte black hardware and new granite countertops complete the stunning new look. We’re excited to see our customers’ reaction to this latest show!

Louisville Basement & Home Remodeling |

New cabinets along with other additions bring this dream kitchen to life. The original and dated black cabinets have been upgraded to a new white mood. The backsplash and countertops go from construction to marble tile and marble. The roof was modified to allow for a new stainless steel cover. Finally, much more space has been added with the addition of a new island with a matching poster. Our customers are very excited to use their new site!

Explore our virtual kitchen design tool and design your dream kitchen from top to bottom and everything in between; you can move things around, try different cabinet styles and finishes, choose countertop and floor options, and more. Paint the walls with one click and design the kitchen in your favorite style.

Chase, Corey and crew did a fantastic job painting the 20 year old oak cabinets and installing the backsplash and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We will recommend them to our friends and family who won’t even go there but the service is very good. Thanks for setting up the kitchen! – James B. Louisville, Kentucky

Responsive, helpful, friendly and patient!! I love my new kitchen. I highly recommend! – Amy C. Louisville, Kentucky

Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen tune-up does a great job of keeping my old, worn out kitchen. It looks like a brand new modern kitchen with replaced cabinet doors and drawer panels, new backsplash and new quartz countertops. This is a professional and efficient team that I highly recommend. – Stephanie A. Louisville, Kentucky

Your kitchen project, your style and design are most important to us at Kitchen Tune-Up. To make sure we do our best to deliver for you, we’ve created our customer service trust. Our local franchise owners and their teams of Tunifiers apply these trusted points to every kitchen project to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. These standards ensure that you have complete confidence in our ability to care for you and your home.

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We offer solutions. If something comes up that we can’t expect, we work out a satisfactory solution.

Cabinet Remodeling Plus can also be a great option if you want to give your kitchen a new look. We can help you replace your cabinet doors to give them a fresh, stylish makeover.

Bailey Remodeling: Kentucky’s Award Winning Choice

As the name suggests, the main patio is a standard kitchen built on an open patio. They usually include a grill, a sink, and a built-in refrigerator.

Introducing fireworks for these projects! Kitchen Tune-Up released its winners project for the month of June.

Interior kitchens are useful in all homes, focusing on practicality. In contrast, outdoor kitchens are repurposed as an addition to the home for recreation. This means you can design them with more focus on fun and entertainment.

Another month has passed, and the projects continue to surprise. Here are the May project of the month winners. Contemporary kitchen design is always a popular way. The elegant minimalist layout is an elegant and impressive artistic design. We can make your guests imagine a bright and clean look for your kitchen cabinets. If you have custom kitchen remodeling ideas in Denver, bring them to our experts at Wedgewood Cabinetry. We can help you turn kitchen remodeling ideas and designs into the kitchen of your dreams. No matter what ideas you have for remodeling your traditional kitchen, Wedgewood in the Denver area can help.

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If you’re looking for a simple, elegant look, then a contemporary kitchen design is the way to go. Our Denver experts know exactly how to design and decorate your kitchen space to make it look stylish and artistic. Navigating a style can often be confusing, but ultimately what matters is whether you’re happy with the result; that’s why we are able to create with the materials you desire to achieve the styles you need. We help you create the exact modern style you want

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