Behind Cabinet Door Storage

Behind Cabinet Door Storage – Maximize storage space in your home by utilizing every possible space and cranny, including cabinet backs and closet doors. With inexpensive materials and basic tools, you can easily and quickly make these smart final enhancements.

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Behind Cabinet Door Storage

You can size this knife rack to fit any cabinet door and any number of kitchen cabinet storage knives. To build this upside down cutting board, all you need is a table saw and some scrap wood.

Canvas Olsen Wood Top Sliding Door Kitchen Storage Island With Folding Leaf, Grey

Run the scraps with an edge saw to cut the gaps. Adjust the blade height to match the blade width of the knife. You need to remove the saw blade guard for this cut, so be very careful. And cut a thin line to serve as the end cap. Glue and join the cut pieces and sand the knife rack until the joints are finished. To mount it, use two 1-1/4-in. screws and end washers.

The back of a door that opens to a utility room or closet makes a portable hanging space. The problem is that most doors don’t provide a good place to install hardware. The solution is to fold a 3/4 inch piece. plywood behind the door. Add construction adhesive to the blank doors.

Cut the plywood three or four inches from the edge of the door to avoid conflicts with the door handle or hinges. Now you can mount as many hooks, pulls and other storage devices as you like.

To store cutting boards, install a rack on the cabinet door. Use a 1/4-inch-thick sheet of acrylic plastic; Plywood will also work. You can cut acrylic with a table saw or a circular saw as long as you cut less. Remove the sharp edges with sandpaper. Round the bottom corners with a belt sander. Spacers use #14-8 bushings and any type of pipe or even blocks of wood will work.

Diy Inside Cabinet Door Shelf

What’s hiding under your kitchen sink? If the space under your sink is anything like ours, it’s a dense mess of cleaning supplies, sponges, and plastic bags. Here’s a great way to store those items on the sink cabinet door.

Cut the last plastic tub in half with a utility knife and nail it to the inside of the cabinet door with the plastic lip on top of the tub. Just make sure you place it so you can close the closet door when all your bags and other things are in the bin.

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Tool aprons can be adapted to store almost any household item. Simply sew pockets of different widths to the aprons, then join the aprons by placing a strip of wood on top of each other and at the neck. For hollow interior doors, use hollow anchor fasteners to hold the screws securely in the door.

Here’s a simple project to bring order to the chaos: a storage shed that can be accomplished with some basic carpentry skills and a few hand tools. You can change this basic idea to organize other cabinets.

South Shore Farnel 4 Door Storage Cabinet Pure White

If you don’t have radiators, finding a good place to dry wet hats and gloves can be difficult. Throwing them in a plastic container gets them out of the way, but it’s never fun to put on wet gloves in the morning. This simple glove and hat that fits on the back of the door allows wet items to dry and keeps easily lost items organized.

Just tie the clothespins to the aluminum wire (it won’t rust) and stretch it between the screws on the back of the cabinet door. This also works well in the garage to dry the garden and work gloves.

Simple clothes hooks on the back of the closet door keep the ironing board out of the way but close when you need it.

Metal sheeting and dry erase board can turn any cabinet door into a useful message center. You will find a 2 x 2-ft. a length of plastic-coated board (often called a “whiteboard”) and sheet metal at a hardware store or home center. Major hardware stores will cut sheet metal to your specifications. Make sure you get metal instead of aluminum so the magnets stick.

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If you are cutting metal yourself, wear gloves to protect your hands and use tin snips carefully. Use a metal file to smooth the rough edges. If you don’t have a table saw to cut the whiteboard, turn it over, mark your measurements, and use a jigsaw to cut the back side to prevent cracking or splitting. To get a straight cut, use the frame square as a guide (picture on the left).

To install the metal sheet and whiteboard inside the door, remove the door from its posts, lay it horizontally, and carefully cover the area where you want to spray the glue. Follow the directions on the box to apply glue to the door, metal, and whiteboard (pictured right). Combine the parts, press firmly and allow to dry.

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You can make this cute, inexpensive rack and place it on a cabinet door to hide your cutting boards out of sight. It assembles in no time as it only needs 6 feet. 1 × 2 and two L bars.

Measure between the door jambs to find the maximum width of the rack. Make sure the grate is wide enough for your cutting board (or spring for a new one). You’ll also need to mount the rack low enough that it won’t bump into the cabinet shelf when the door closes. Cut the bottom and face rails to match the space between the cabinet door jambs. Cut the sides 7-1/4-in. long.

Closetmaid Adjustable Organizer Rack With Baskets Wall Or Over Door Mount, For Kitchen, Pantry, Utility Room, Closet, 18 In. W, White Finish, Inch

Pay attention to the sides of the base. Next, nail the two face pieces to the top and bottom to complete the rack (picture on the left). The easiest way to install a rack is to take the cabinet door off its hinges and replace it. Pre-drill the screw holes for the L-bracket and mount the rack to the cabinet door using the center L-bracket inch on each side of the rack.

The vacuum seems to end up in one drawer and the vacuum bags in another and the attachments are either tucked under the bed or lost forever. Here’s a simple tip that will keep everything organized and out of your way.

Run a hook on the door of the closet and hang a mesh or canvas bag on it. You can keep all your vacuum bags and attachments in one place, and the bag allows you to carry everything you need from one room to another or up and down the stairs in one trip.

Pull-out towel racks are usually designed for kitchens, but they are also perfect for solid bathrooms. They keep damp hand towels and washcloths out on the counter to dry on the side.

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Here is a solution to save space in the bathroom waste can be a problem. Screw the wire shelf brackets into the inside of the door and hang the edge of the small waste bin right on the hooks. It’s easy to use, hides unwanted debris and frees up valuable bathroom space.

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Hate the messy look of the guides sitting on top of the toilet or tank? Here’s your tip. Use hook and loop tape to attach a five-inch length to the 2-inch. A PVC pipe to the toilet door to hold the roll bar. Do the same with the three-inch pieces of 1-1/2-inch pipe to hold the wires. Just measure your folding bell to see how long your “holsters” should be. Allow your curling irons to cool before putting them away.

To make it easier to put away and reuse plastic bags, make a yolk out of a discarded two-liter soda bottle. Cut the top and bottom with a razor blade. Cut off any rough ends so you don’t tear the bags when you take them out, then tape the lock to a cupboard door or pantry wall (or tape it to the floor).

Tired of rummaging through drawers and boxes trying to find the right cables and chargers for all your electronic gadgets? One solution is to use a clear vinyl shoe organizer over the door. Make labels for each package and put each item in a different place. Now you can get everything you need without getting frustrated.

Diy: Wood Spice Rack

Free up storage space in the pantry by hanging measuring cups in a kitchen cabinet. Place and insert a wooden strip so that the glasses hang between the shelves and allow the door to close completely. Insert the second strap of your measuring spoons, and wrap the cup hooks on both straps.

Pegboard is perfect for organizing kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathroom cabinets. Make a groove in the 1 × 2 frame using a tenon, attach the pegboard with glue and tenons, and place it on the door. The frame helps support the edges of the peg and creates a 1/2-in. space behind the board to place pegs.

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