How To Store Fresh Basil

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Basil, especially sweet basil or Genoese basil, which is very popular in Italian cuisine and used in pesto, can be very difficult to keep fresh. It is full black and dries amazingly fast. However, there are many ways to get new leaves after the stems have been harvested. The fresher the basil you buy, of course, the longer it will last.

How To Store Fresh Basil

The best way to store basil is to put it in a glass or jar of water like a flower.

How To Store Fresh Cut Basil Leaves

Cut the ends, put the group in a cup, jar or vase of water that will fit in the refrigerator and cover everything, or at least basil leaves, with a plastic bag. Put everything in the fridge. Basil stored this way will stay fresh and green for up to a week.

Does it hurt a little? Of course. Isn’t it super-duper comfortable? Fair point. Does it take up a lot of space in the fridge? No one will oppose this idea. Also, does it keep basil fresh for as long as possible? It can be done.

We have found that the best way is not always as effective as we would like. Fortunately, there is a second-best, but still effective, option.

The second best way to store basil is to store it like a salad: remove the leaves from the stem and put them in more or less a layer of paper towels or towels dishes in the kitchen, wrap towels around the leaves and leave them. roll in a plastic bag. This method keeps the leaves moist, but not wet and wet.

How To Keep Supermarket Basil Alive

Want to store basil for more than a few days? freeze it! There are many ways to do this effectively.

For the greenest, freshest basil: Blanch the basil in boiling salted water for 15 seconds, drain and plunge into ice to cool quickly (this gives it its green color), then put it in a blender . a little olive oil. You can pour the puree into ice water, freeze and transfer to the oven in resealable plastic bags where they will be stored for up to a year.

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Of course, this method requires a level of work. Alternatively, you can place the dried leaves on a baking sheet, freeze them until frozen (about an hour is enough) and transfer them to the plastic bag again. Basil frozen in this way will turn a dark, almost black color, but will retain a lot of basil flavor. To keep it green, you have to blanch it, dry it, and then lay it flat to freeze. When you get to blanching basil, it’s worth pureeing and freezing it, as it retains much of its flavor this way. Chop dried herbs very quickly, especially basil! Do you want to extend the life of your lawn? There is a way to keep basil fresh.

Have you ever brought fresh herbs in only to have them wilt after a few hours? I took basil from our garden and put it in a glass of water, it was all wilted in just 1 hour! Luckily, I found a trick to fresh basil: and all you need is a container. A good way of canning to keep basil fresh for 3-5 days! How to store fresh basil at home to prolong its life.

How To Grow Basil

First of all, this method of storing fresh basil is for the basil leaves, not for cutting the basil leaves. Can you pick fresh basil leaves? Unfortunately, not really. Basil leaves removed from the roots do not store well. We recommend using basil leaves on harvest days. Make a batch of leftover pesto!

For this method, you will need basil sprigs with leaves still attached to the stem. All you need is a large container with a lid, such as a mason jar or mason jar. How to:

Store bought herb preserves work just as well for preserving fresh basil and other herbs! We have been using it for years and love it. Purchased herbicides work best for tall herbs such as cilantro and parsley. The pot method is the same idea, but works perfectly for basil because it gives a little more room for the sprigs.

Do you grow your own basil at home? If not, you should be! Basil is easy to grow and all you need is a pot and a sunny spot. Here are all our tips for growing basil. Also check out our quick guide to Basil.

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This Tiktok Hack Will Let You Grow Basil From What You Buy At The Store

Need a better way to store other herbs? How to store cilantro, how to store parsley, how to store mint or how to store fresh herbs.

Basil is the best herb for me and Alex to grow and cook with! It could be because we love to cook Italian style recipes and basil is the key to Italian cooking! But basil works in all kinds of different foods. Some of our favorite basil recipes:

Meet Sonja and Alex Overhiser: husband and wife. Experience cooking at home. People who write recipes you want to make again and again. How to keep basil from fading or turning black? We’ve got you covered with the best, No-Fail Hack!

Fresh basil is the most commonly used herb in Mediterranean cuisine, and almost everyone I know loves its sweet, sweet, slightly minty flavor. It may be an ingredient that adds flavor and color to your meals!

Basil Plant Care

We all know it’s hard to survive a few days without fresh basil leaves wilting and turning black on you. One of my favorite ways to quickly use and preserve fresh basil is with homemade pesto! A jar of pesto will last a good week in my fridge and I use it as a spread on pasta, pesto chicken or sea bass with cooked peppers.

One of my favorite ways to store fresh basil is to store the cut basil in a pot or glass of water and store it with a plastic bag, just like you would a flower. Works like a charm! (I use a similar method to pick other fresh herbs.) I’ve shared my hack on instagram before and have had so many questions that I thought I’d post exactly how I pick basil and it Lasts for 1-2 weeks. on the kitchen counter.

In the following easy steps, I will show you how to store basil so that it lasts for up to 2 weeks! You will need a glass half filled with water, two scissors and a reusable bag. Follow these simple steps to get your fresh basil leaves:

If you follow my method above and store fresh basil properly in a bowl of water loosely covered with plastic wrap, it should stay fresh for 1-2 weeks.

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Basil Recipes For The Season

That’s right! If you have a lot of basil and want it to last longer, freezing is a good option. It will keep in the fridge for months and you can use it all year round! There are many ways to freeze basil, and some include diced basil preserved in extra virgin olive oil, but here is the easiest way to freeze basil leaves:

I am Suzy; He was born and raised on the Mediterranean coast. I’m all about easy, healthy recipes with great Mediterranean flavors. Three things guide me in cooking: eating seasonally; use whole foods; and above all share! You’re in luck here… If you have more basil in your garden than you can use when it’s fresh, the answer is to throw it in the freezer and enjoy fresh basil every time. year. There are three ways to freeze it for year-round use.

Wash and dry the basil leaves. Then discard the stems. Place them on a cookie sheet and freeze. Transfer the frozen basil to a freezer bag and use as needed.

Blanch the washed basil leaves for 15 seconds and put them in ice water to stop the cooking process. Dry the leaves thoroughly, then freeze and transfer to the freezer bag as described in option 1.

How To Preserve & Store Fresh Basil

Use a food processor to coarsely chop the washed basil leaves. Add olive oil and pulse to coat lightly with oil; This will prevent the basil from turning dark in the freezer. Pour the resulting mixture into ice cubes and freeze. Transfer the finished cubes to a freezer bag and use as needed. One cube is usually equal to two tablespoons of fresh basil. Measure your icebox to find out how many you have.

If you need a larger cube, use a two-inch cube

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