How To Restore Laptop Battery

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How To Restore Laptop Battery

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Laptop Battery

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Who wants to turn on emergency to save laptop battery? This is no fun, especially if your family works and studies at home these days in various parts of the house that may not have a convenient outlet nearby. Fortunately, modern laptops are much better than their predecessors. Today, even the cheapest laptops are being replaced by laptops, with some behemothscans lasting more than eight hours for the same price. Utraportablesoften lasts 14 hours or more.

However, the unfortunate truth is that a PC or Mac laptop battery won’t last as long as the manufacturer advertises unless you pay attention to a few important things: your power settings, how many apps you’re using, and the temperature of the room you’re working in. The good news is that none of these require much customization effort once you know which settings to adjust. Let’s take a look at the most productive, low-power ways to get the most out of your laptop battery.

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The first stop on our wellness journey is the Windows Performance Management Tool. In Windows 10, it’s a slide on the battery icon in the taskbar. In Windows 11, you’ll find it under Settings > System > Power and battery > Power mode. It aims to consolidate all the settings that affect battery life into a few easy-to-understand sections.

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The company that manufactured your computer controls the battery settings. But in general, keep these guidelines in mind:

The latest Mac laptops with the latest version of macOS have larger batteries and more manageable power. In macOS Monterey, open the System app and click Battery.

Make sure “Slow down display while on battery power” is checked and “Enable Power Nap while on battery” is unchecked. . 75% when you connect the computer to power if you have “Slow down when on battery”.

Depending on your MacBook and version of macOS, you may find other options in the Power Saver section. These include Battery Video Optimization to disable HDR video playback and Charger Optimization. Some Macs have a power management tool, very similar to the Windows performance management tool described above. If you see the power mode under the Battery section of your favorite system, you have the following options:

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If you spend a lot of time online, it’s a good habit to switch your laptop to more battery-saving modes, such as staying in one app at a time and closing everything else when you’re not using it. It’s as good as turning off the lights when the room is lit. If you regularly go between the kitchen and the library, or between Firefox and Microsoft Word, be sure to keep both lights (and apps) on (and open). But if you’re just cooking or just watching YouTube videos, you’ll be better off turning everything else off and on.

In addition to closing other apps while doing the same thing, consider turning on airplane mode in Windows or turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in macOS if you know you’ll be editing text without needing to connect to the web. In addition to reducing distractions, airplane mode eliminates a major source of battery drain: not just wireless radios, but also background apps and activities that regularly use them, such as updates and push notifications.

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Running multiple programs and system tasks at the same time will drain your battery life quickly, and you may not be using much of everything on your computer. In Windows, program settings are the first step to finding out which programs are using power.

Type “Show apps that affect battery life” in the Windows 10 search bar to get a list of apps that use the most power. In Windows 11, you can access this list in the Power and battery settings under the Battery section. If you find an app that you don’t use often, make sure to close it. Often, these are apps you opened in the past and forgot about, like Spotify or Adobe Reader.

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Then type “View processes that start automatically when Windows starts” in the search box or open the Task Manager program. On the Startup tab, you’ll see all the tools that run when your computer starts up. Anything with a name like “Download Assistant” or “Assistant” is usually safe to disable. For example, if you don’t often open Spotify playlists, tracks or albums from your web browser, you can disable Spotify Web Helper.

To run a similar program on macOS, search for Users & Groups, then click the Connections tab, where you’ll find a list of programs designed to run in the background when your Mac starts up.

If you have a powerful graphics program on your laptop, you can be sure that games or other graphics-intensive applications will have to use it, while everything else can be taken using the efficient silicon in the CPU to process the graphics. If your system uses Nvidia GeForce graphics, open the GeForce Control Panel (usually located in the Windows notification area on the right side of the taskbar) and click the Program Settings tab to assign each program to a specific graphics chip. . Allocate the GeForce chip to games and apps—and video editors like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere—while allocating everything else to graphics.

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To do a similar task on a Mac, open some of the battery settings above and make sure “Auto-switch graphics” is enabled, as shown in the above screenshot from macOS Big Sur. You don’t have the same fine-tuned control over every program as you do with a GeForce card, so you have to trust macOS’s judgment when it comes to which programs should use the fastest graphics card.

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Most laptops now have lithium-polymer batteries that require less maintenance than batteries did a decade ago, thanks both to advances in software and hardware and to innovations in battery technology itself. You don’t have to build a complete product in the usual way to change it, you don’t even have to worry about removing the battery that will damage your computer.

You have to be careful with the temperature though, it will drain the battery. Serious problems arise from the body’s breathing ports. Dust accumulation is a problem, which you can deal with by cleaning the laptop fan. . out of system. Avoid this by only using your laptop on a surface like a desk or table that can’t tilt and block wind or cooling.

All batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Taking better care of your battery life now is a good idea.

On an Apple MacBook laptop, to see if your battery is nearing the end of its life, hold down the Option key and click the battery icon in the menu bar to display the battery status. If you see “Replace

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