How To Repair A Laptop Battery

How To Repair A Laptop Battery – Laptop batteries and the smart chips in them bother me, they often fail for no reason and the computer refuses to charge or recharge. After the battery died for my HP G62 I tried to fix it after I forgot the computer on RAM suspension…

First I made a hole in the end and the cell voltage was about 9, 8V, so more than 3, 2V per cell. This should be sufficient to avoid undervoltage locking I also tried charging the cell but it doesn’t reactivate the internal circuit.

How To Repair A Laptop Battery

The only chip I can see so far is the bq20Z45 (data file) as it is connected to the mosfet (F8736) and SMBus cells, according to the datasheet, there are no other relevant ICs that lock that package.

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I measured the muffins, they were closed and the fuse was there Because the connection between the pack and the laptop won’t open by leaving only the moffet, so no charging, I have to confirm the bq IC to reset the battery.

I searched for hours, from specific search terms to many general terms about my battery model and the actual control IC. I didn’t find anything useful until I saw a PDF about hacking into Apple’s battery firmware I just looked at the document but didn’t read it completely I later found Defcon’s discussion on the same topic:

After posting this forum, I connected the battery to the I²C interface of my VGA port. I²C graphics pinouts for VGA, HDMI and DVI are available here

FET failure is determined if the current flow >20 mA is detected when the mosfet is closed, but I measured the feet and they are fine…

How To Repair Hp Laptop Battery Jc04 With Bq4050 Chip

To clear a persistent failure flag, you need to change from shutdown mode to non-shutdown mode It requires a 32-bit code, which HP must have changed because the default code doesn’t work.

I may try to get a new IC and solder it to the board I can then use the default non-lock key to make any changes that use battery. Since this particular chip costs around EUR 9, I also thought about finding a cheap battery management IC using it on my own board.

This will work as the SMBus specification is standardized and the command to find out the remaining processing time is the same for all controllers conforming to SMBus v1.1.

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On the other hand, the custom firmware running on the internal microcontroller may have some form of authentication that would prevent me from using another chip or a new chip that would fail authentication. I doubt HP did this to the laptop, but I found a case for the Lenovo ThinkPad.

How To Repair Acer Laptop Battery? By Ketty Luise

The latter doesn’t seem to be the case, as I can apply 12V to the laptop’s battery terminals and run it from there without the BIOS complaining. I had to start it on the master because it wouldn’t turn on without the correct SMBus speaker on the bus. I also found a schematic for my laptop and can modify the charging controller if needed.

According to customer reviews for about 20-60 euros the battery seems very bad and fails after a few months… Originally started at 100 euros, so wait for the article about stealing more batteries and controllers. Change to my laptop … About: You love nature, astronomy and a warm evening in front of the wood stove More about Protriton »

We all know Suddenly, your laptop battery stops working It won’t charge and the laptop will turn off when you remove the charger You have a dead battery I have a fix that will revive it

Battery If you have a “bad” battery that only carries a small load for a few minutes of work, it’s not right for you. If your battery is completely dead, read on!

How To Repair A Laptop Battery

Oh and by the way.. I am not responsible for any problems you face like damaged battery cells, fire, explosion and other damages. Proceed at your own risk

Laptop batteries usually have three pairs of batteries Each pair is two battery cells placed side by side in parallel When you connect battery cells in parallel, the voltage stays the same, but you increase the capacity of the whole package (you can draw “more amps” from them, more electrons).

Typically each battery cell (and in pairs) is 7.7 V.

Why not charge it now? This is because one pair does not have the same voltage as the other pair, making it impossible for the computer to charge at once.

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How To Fix Dead Lithium Ion Batteries That Won’t Hold A Charge Anymore « Hacks, Mods & Circuitry :: Gadget Hacks

We will check each “pair” by turning on the laptop battery They must have the same voltage Otherwise we will charge the battery with low voltage to 3.7 V

May have two buttons like mine One is the lock, keep it away from the battery Now press the other button and remove the battery

Now flip it again You will see a section with text What you see is a thick piece of paper We can safely remove it with a small cutting tool or any sharp object You really only have to start drawing with a cutting tool and continue with your fingers

You may need to use a screwdriver to place it in the “creve”, twist it and turn it that way. When it pops, simply remove it with your finger as shown

How To Repair Laptop Battery That Is Not Charging?

Gently lift the stone from one end, then the other, making sure it doesn’t settle Now rotate it and let the battery fall into your hand Make sure the chip also comes out with the battery

Break up the three pairs of cells a bit so we can measure them Also, get your multimeter

As you can see they are sold together in pairs so it doesn’t matter where you place your multimeter tips. You have to measure the voltage of the pair

Get your charger Determine which line is positive and which is negative A wire usually has a white or gray wire Otherwise, just use a little tape Now measure with your multimeter If the displayed voltage is a positive number, the red tip is positive and the black tip is negative

How To Repair A Laptop Battery (replacing The Cells) And Unlock / Reset The Chip Bq9000

Yes I’m measuring 11.9 V. This is because I don’t have a low voltage charger, but if you do you can damage your cells. I didn’t pay much attention and I didn’t notice any damage even though I did it a couple of times.

Place your positive wire on the positive end of the battery and the negative on the negative Charge the battery for one minute Then wait 10-20 seconds before measuring This is because when you stop charging the battery the voltage in the cell will drop Here I have increased the voltage a bit

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When you think you’ve finally hit the correct voltage, wait half a minute and re-measure to see if it’s no longer needed.

Push back the cell and replace the battery cover as shown Make sure the chip is all the way up (you can’t go wrong).

How To Know When To Replace Your Devices’ Batteries

Put the cover back on, it will pop out Replace the sticker and if it doesn’t stick (it really should) just use clear tape or glue.

Slide it back onto the laptop and slide the lock toward the battery to the locked position.

Now grab a cord and tie it to the bracket, but don’t cut it Types of insulation removal You may need to use your fingers to remove it completely Rotate the cable Repeat for the other strings and you’re good to go!

Here’s How To Repair Your Laptop Battery In Half An Hour! You can think of cell transformation as death

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Way is an indicator of bad cells So good for that But for now, enjoy some surprises and self-repairs (and save $50)! And who knows, maybe it will work forever?

I went to work half a year before needing a new treatment, but hey how to spend a Saturday evening?

Create Buggy UV Tracking – Using IoT and Weather Data API by Hey Jude on Arduino Since there weren’t many instructions on removing the battery and rewriting the chip, I decided to create one that would help from scratch.

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