How To Recondition Prius Battery

How To Recondition Prius Battery – If you heed the advice of your local hybrid dealer, most will say that your only hybrid battery repair option in Phoenix is ​​to replace the full hybrid battery which will cost up to $4000 or more if your hybrid battery is missing. guaranteed!

While they won’t necessarily lie to you and a replacement will solve your hybrid battery repair problem, the reality is that most independent service centers and dealers don’t have the training and tools to service hybrids. analyze the maintenance of your hybrid battery, nor do they have the infrastructure to facilitate advanced maintenance of hybrid batteries. So in most cases the battery is replaced when it is cheaper to repair the hybrid battery.

How To Recondition Prius Battery

Our hybrid battery repair center in Phoenix is ​​certified, experienced and equipped to meet all your hybrid and hybrid repair needs. Our hybrid technicians will use the most advanced equipment and hybrid diagnostic methods to analyze your hybrid vehicle and battery needs.

Sarasota Fl Hybrid Battery Repair And Service

With many hybrid batteries, we have found that there may be a small serviceable part that has failed, and when that part has been isolated and replaced, the battery will work just fine. For other hybrid batteries, the simple hybrid battery balancing method can be applied to achieve success. But in other cases of hybrid batteries, a full hybrid battery reconditioning service is required. Hybrid battery reconditioning restores your hybrid battery to 95% of its original condition, giving you the power and mileage you once enjoyed. This hybrid battery repair and replacement service will save you a fortune at a Phoenix hybrid battery reconditioning dealer (replacement)!

Phoenix Hybrid Battery Repair offers a variety of hybrid repairs and services, from basic services such as oil changes and spark plugs to complex hybrid battery repair and cooling. While many service centers may say they work on hybrid cars, you should only choose a hybrid repair shop in Phoenix. Toyota is the industry leader in hybrid vehicle manufacturing and the leading certified independent repairer of hybrid vehicles in Phoenix! We maintain the highest training standards available in the hybrid vehicle repair industry and provide affordable and environmentally friendly battery service.

We can service most makes and models including the popular Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Highlander hybrid, Lexus CT hybrid, Lexus NX hybrid, Lexus RX hybrid, Lexus ES hybrid, Lexus GS hybrid, Lexus LS hybrid, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid , Chevrolet Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Honda Accord Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid to name a few. Usually replacing a car battery is not a problem. However, electric and hybrid vehicles are very different. Larger batteries are used in hybrid and electric vehicles. These batteries contain many cells that work together to provide electricity. Should one or more of these units fail, repair or replacement may be required to restore full performance to your hybrid/electric vehicle.

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The Toyota Prius contains 28 different batteries. When the problem occurs it is usually due to one or two battery components rather than all of them. Battery reconditioning is the process of replacing individual cells when a problem occurs. Sometimes it is useful because it prevents the car owner from having to replace the battery completely.

How To Recondition Old Batteries At Home (never Buy A New Battery Again !)

Cell mapping is a process of checking the individual cells of a hybrid/EV battery for errors or problems. This allows technicians to replace the correct cells when charging a car battery. At Grimmer Motors we are continuously working on powerful diagnostic tools to speed up these kinds of processes.

The main reason why people choose to refurbish the battery is that it is much cheaper. Instead of spending several thousand dollars installing a new battery, fewer cells may need to be replaced. This makes it a handy option in many cases, especially if you have an older hybrid model. Please do not do this, because most cells left in cars with high voltage hybrid batteries are the same age as the car, so the warranty period is often considerably shorter compared to installing a new battery.

Problems with your electrical system are not always caused by the battery. Sometimes this can be caused by damaged cables.

A problem with your electric or hybrid car battery? If so, we can help. At Grimmer Motors, our mechanics are experts in maintaining and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles. Our powerful diagnostic tools also enable us to quickly identify and repair defects in your vehicle’s power pack. Contact Grimmer Motors today for hybrid and electric battery repair in Hamilton!

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Battery Refurbish In Process

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For most car owners, battery replacement isn’t much of a problem. It’s not something drivers have to do often, but when they do, it’s a simple task that won’t put a foot in the pocket. Car batteries can cost up to $30, while more expensive premium models can cost between $80 and $120. While it’s smart to take good care of your battery, there are certainly bigger things to worry about in a car, like the transmission, which can cost upwards of $3,000 to replace.

For the hybrid car owner, on the other hand, the battery is an integral part of the vehicle’s operation, just as important (and expensive) as the transmission. In fact, it is not just one battery, but a whole pack of battery modules. The battery pack in hybrid vehicles provides at least some of the power needed to propel the vehicle — it supplies its electrical power at low speeds. Without battery packs, drivers wouldn’t be able to get the kind of fuel-efficiency and low-emission hybrid cars they’re aiming for in the first place.

But uncertainty has held back hybrid cars for some time, and claims that hybrid battery packs are unreliable are among the biggest concerns. Currently, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are an expensive part of a hybrid car make-up, costing up to $3,000 to replace. But previous reports of defective batteries in hybrid vehicles turned out to be false. Most hybrid car manufacturers guarantee their batteries for the life of the car, which usually ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 miles (128,748 to 160,934 kilometers) or 10 years, sometimes even longer. This means that if something actually happens to the battery within the warranty period, the company will replace the battery free of charge.

Hybrid Battery Replacement By Az Hybrid Repair Phoenix

However, if a hybrid vehicle experiences a battery failure outside of that warranty, the owner will be on their own when it comes to replacing the battery. But that alternative may not be necessary in all cases. Toyota has developed a way to extend the life of the Prius battery beyond the company’s warranty by retrofitting it. So, what is a battery reconditioning kit and how much does it cost? Find out on the next page.

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Toyota Prius batteries usually last a long time. As we mentioned on the previous page, the company guarantees the longevity of the car, and drivers have registered at least two models of the 2001 Toyota Prius, the first Prius model to hit the road in North America, with a distance of more than 200,000 miles. (321,869 kilometers) without replacing the battery. That’s more than double the length of the manufacturer’s warranty [source:].

In the rare event that a driver experiences a battery problem before the hybrid reaches 10 years or 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers), Toyota will replace the package with a new one. However, instead of scraping the old package off, they stick with it. This is because the battery pack built for the Prius is made up of 28 different components, and any battery problem is likely due to one of those components, not all of them.

Toyota also has a large recycling center that collects packaging from scrap yards. In fact, there is a toll-free number on every Prius battery that informs callers that a $150 reward awaits if they take the package to a Toyota or Lexus dealer. Instead of throwing the batteries in a landfill, Toyota offers them to thieves to retrieve them.

My P0a080 Fault Code And Battery Rebuild

So even though Toyota will not be able to replace the battery when the Prius warranty expires, it may recommend overhauling the battery as an automatic replacement. If something goes wrong with a unit after 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers), Toyota can find one of the 28 parts causing the problem and replace it.

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