How To Read Palms For Beginners

How To Read Palms For Beginners – Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the symbols on their hands and what they mean. Over the past centuries, it has evolved into the belief that the size, shape and lines of a person’s hands and fingers indicate their personality and lifestyle, and who they may be compatible with (sPoOoOooky). !). This is called palmistry, aka palmistry and TBH, you can learn how to do it in five easy steps. All you need are hands and eyes.

So find someone you want to know about their whole life and start by placing in their powerful hands the character and path of the present and future of the person. Then try these strategies:

How To Read Palms For Beginners

Earth hands have square hands and short fingers. This proves that the person is honest, traditional, conscientious and down to earth. These people have a realistic view of life and prefer material reality to the pursuit of wisdom or daydreaming. Ironically, many artists have clay hands.

Which Hand Do I Read When Reading Palms?

A fire hand has long hands and short fingers. They are energetic, free-spirited, kind and energetic. Like the starlight, these people are natural-born leaders, adventurers and adventurers. They love to be the center of attention, but sometimes they can be frustrating. (Don’t blame the messenger!)

Water hands have long hands and long beautiful fingers. These people have thoughts, feelings and are sensitive. People with wet hands are dreamers in your group. They are gentle and others always trust. Whether they’re romantic or sensitive (you’ll struggle a bit), their intelligence and charm have won people over.

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Airy hands have square hands and long fingers. This type of hand means that a person is wise, intelligent, logical and intelligent. Think of these people as being good at creating new ideas and realizing their desires. However, they tend to think too much, which can confuse them at times.

Fun fact: When you read your latest Tinder arm, compare their looks to yours to see if you match. Use this chart to determine your compatibility:

Understanding Palmistry And What Your Hands Say About You

If their fingers are too stiff, they can show a closed personality and natural suspicion of others.

If they have a big gap between their fingers, it means the opposite, that they are open, confident and maybe stupid to others.

If the big gap is between the thumb and the second finger, it shows independent thinking. This person cannot be “stupid”, so don’t try!

If there is a big gap between the second and third finger it shows that they tend to be careless. They have absolutely no fear of the future. People with such fingers are easy company and always happy (called good adventure friends).

Learn Palm Reading Lines & Read Your Own Palm

If the gap is large between the third and fourth toes, then this person will be a real thinker – even a little amazing. They make their own.

If the gap between the fourth finger and the pinky is very visible, the person is probably very shy and prefers his own company to a large group, forest group or group. It needs to be handled carefully.

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The thumb is thought to be directly connected to the brain, so its position reflects where a person’s head is and their automatic thoughts. (BTW: When judging the length of the toes, note that the “normal” toe will end at the bottom of the big toe.)

Long thumbs: thumbs that are longer than the individual, are clear and confident. These people tend to be good, dedicated and judgmental leaders. But if the thumbs are too long, watch out for restraint behavior. Yes!

A Palm Reading Chart You’ll Want To Refer To Over And Over Again

Short thumbs: Short thumbs can mean that people are very passionate and emotional. They may tend to be vague and ambiguous.

The heart line runs horizontally across the top of your palm, starting at the outer edge. It affects emotions and sex (you will gain weight and speed up later).

You also have a head line that runs down and starts from the inner thumb to the edge of the palm. This refers to wisdom (far means you are wise).

When these two lines meet, it is called a joining or folding line. It is rare to thank God because it means that person is uncompromising, cruel, focused, and sometimes deceitful. Translation: All kinds of problems.

Palm Reading Kit

Look at the fleshy area under your pinky. You may see one or more horizontal folds from the palm of your hand (if you don’t, move your hands closer together for clarity). Most people have between one and five relationships, which may represent your previous serious relationship. Check these points when trying to determine if your current wallet has a history.

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