How To Read Palms Easily

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Palmistry is an ancient form of divination, also known as palmistry, palmistry was widely practiced in Mesopotamian cultures, ancient Egypt, ancient Persia, Tibet, Greece and elsewhere. It was spread throughout Europe by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is said that hands can tell a lot about a person’s character.

How To Read Palms Easily

Like many forms of the occult, it has a reputation for being fatalistic or scary, and many people are afraid to have their fortunes read for fear of what they might find, but don’t worry! It’s more of a chance to see what your potential is and what your main character traits are (in your non-dominant hand) versus what your actual life experience is (in your dominant hand).

Palmistry Basics: Exploring Lines On Your Palm

They say the lines on our palms change in just three months! By contrasting the hand you use more (which will see more experience in your life) against the hand you use less (which will not be as affected by the surrounding circumstances), palmists can appreciate the untapped opportunity for growth. potential.

Last year we visited palmistry in Bali for the first time and it was amazing! We were very nervous when we entered, but then we left completely transformed. This inspired me to further study this ancient practice and study it. This is a detailed and complex topic, but here’s a quick overview so you too can read the lines on your palm:

All lines are read from right to left if you are right-handed, and from left to right if you are left-handed. As a general rule, you first look at your dominant hand to understand who you really are, and then at your non-dominant hand to understand your innate character and missed opportunities. Palmists also believe that itchy hands predict changes that are about to happen in your life, so be aware!

You won’t necessarily have all the lines listed (and there are a few more), although some of them may appear later in life, but you will most likely have at least one heart line, one head line, and one tail line. which are the most important, and the line of fate.

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How To Draw Hands

This line, also known as the love line or sky line, shows the kind of love relationships and connections you will have throughout your life, both with yourself and with others. This is the first line, located under the fingers.

This line, also called the wisdom line, shows your curiosity and intellectual pursuits. Located in the center of the palm, this center line can also indicate what you will learn in this life. The long line shows the breadth of your subject, while the depth represents the complexity of your mind. The straight line shows a more traditional approach, while the wavy line suggests that you are more forward thinking. If it reaches the edge of the palm of the Moon Mountain, you are said to have psychic abilities.

This line does NOT indicate the length of your life, but rather the amount of vitality you will experience during your lifetime. Thus, instead of showing how many years of life he will live, he shows how much life he will live in those years. It is also known as the “ground line” and runs around the thumb towards the wrist. The depth of the line indicates the richness of your experience, while the length shows the influence of other people on your life path. The short line is said to show independence plus:

This line, also known as the career or destiny line, is said to change the most throughout our lives (in just 3 months). It starts at the base of the wrist and goes straight to the fingers, spreading higher up the palm with age. He dictates the extent to which things will happen to us that are beyond our control.

The Complete Palm Reading Guide To Reading Between The Lines (2020)

Not all palms have this line, but if it does, it runs parallel to the fate line from the wrist, but diverges further to the little finger. It indicates the strength of your cheerfulness, vitality and general ability to bounce back from hardships. This line is most often found in Chinese palmistry, where a wavy line warns you of potential health problems in the digestive system and deterioration of liver or gallbladder function. If you do not have this line, it is said that you are unlikely to develop serious health problems.

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It is said that not only the lines are important, but also the fleshy shapes of the palm. Usually,

The more pronounced the part, the stronger these characteristics will be. The less developed they are, the more developed these aspects are.

Located at the base of the thumb, it is associated with love, sensuality and attraction. It also indicates our level of passion, indulgence and appreciation of the finer things in life.

What Your Palm Lines Say About You — Two Wander X Elysium Rituals

The area of ​​Mars can be divided into three parts and is the space that covers the middle of the hand. They personify aggression, endurance and temperament. Inner Mars, also known as Inferior Mars, located above the thumb, represents physical strength and courage. Outer Mars, or higher Mars, represents persistence and courage. The plain of Mars is a flat part in the center of the palm and is characterized by lines that cross it.

Located at the base of the index finger, it represents our spirituality, generosity, confidence, ambition and leadership qualities.

Found under the ring finger, it shows our optimism, vitality and the essence of our nature. It can also signal artistic inclinations, happiness and overall success.

Also known as the Moon Mountain, it symbolizes intuition, imagination and psychic abilities. Located in the lower part of the palm on the little finger side, it represents our emotional strength, empathy and compassion.

How To Read Your Own Palm Easily?

The general shape of the palm is also said to have certain characteristics. The square palm with short fingers is called the earth hand. People with this hand shape are said to be practical and down to earth. Fiery hands have a long palm with short fingers, people with such hands are said to be, you guessed it,

The air hands are bony, with prominent knuckles, square palms, and long fingers; they belong to intellectually curious people. Water hands have long palms and long fingers, are exposed to moisture, the owners of these hands are in touch with their emotions.

The fingers consist of three parts called phalanges, where the joints meet. The length of each of them means different things and they also have astrological associations. Since this can get quite complex and there is already a lot of information to learn from the palms alone, for the purposes of this article I will just list an overview of the fingers; If you need more information, I suggest this handbook, which really opened my eyes!

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A short mercury finger means that you may lack the ability to make quick decisions and are not that good with money, a long little finger indicates otherwise. When pointed it shows eloquence, tact and diplomacy, when squared it can be useful for learning and business.

Hand Symptoms That Indicate Bigger Health Problems

It represents artistic and musical abilities, your propensity for leisure and pleasure, and your level of devotion. If your other fingers tend to curl towards the Apollo finger, you have a strong sense of self and good self-confidence: you do well in public!

This finger shows your wisdom, judgment and tendency to take life seriously (or not). If it is long, you have common sense; if it is short, you may be stubborn or devoid of vitality.

Jupiter’s middle finger is said to indicate love of life and leadership qualities. If your index finger is much longer than the middle of the first joint of the Saturn finger, then you are said to be dominant.

The thumb is ruled by Venus. They say that the top part of the thumb with a nail, the first phalanx, is an indicator of our will. If it is well developed, you have a strong will, a short upper thumb can indicate that you are impulsive. The lower part indicates our desires and things that we really strive for. The longer the thumb as a whole, the more confident the person will be (watch out if it’s very long!). A short thumb indicates an impressionable person, a thick thumb may belong to a stubborn person, a square tip indicates pragmatism, and a point indicates impulsiveness. Smooth joints indicate that a person is full of vitality, while gnarled joints indicate more unstable energy.

Beginners Palmistry Book

This is an overview of what the lines on your hand mean and how to read your own palm. This is a very interesting topic to study.

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